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Remember how I said commissions were going to be closed? Well, I ended up not getting that second job (they let a bunch of people go last minute because they over hired basically), and my work hours got cut because business has been slow, so commissions are open for now.

Also, I'm currently going through my gallery and taking down a bunch of art. Old, old stuff that is just, not great, some less old stuff that just seems bland, things I've made that the photos are just, bad (because I was young and didn't know how to take good product photos), and just a ton of pony stuff, because there is so much of it. Everything is being stored and not permanently deleted, so if you have commissioned me in the past, and don't have a copy of your commission saved, I'll still have it, so if you need it, I can still send it to you. So no worries there.
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August 23, 2017


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