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As the title suggests, there's going to be some changes coming up. I haven't really posted anything about this lately, but I actually no longer have Illustrator CS6. It was on my computer, which was gifted to me, but I recently had to start fresh as the computer was having major issues (still not sure what was wrong, and the issue still seems to exist, but not nearly as bad). So, now that I no longer have that, doing art in my usual style is.. well, hard. I still have access to CS3 on my fiance's computer, but his computer doesn't work all that well either.

So what does this mean? Well, I have an entirely new program to work on, something more along the lines of Photoshop. I also got a tablet a couple years ago and then never really used it (because I do mostly everything on Illustrator), but now that that's gone, I'm going to be working on using that. So, there's going to be a whole lot of learning on how to use this program, and how to use a tablet. So my art is going to look a bit unpolished for a while. I don't have the most steady hands, which is why I love Illustrator so I could make everything look so smooth. But hey, I always thought my hand-drawn sketches looked like they had some more personality, so maybe that'll come across better now.

Anyways, that being said, I will not be openly taking on commissions. I am debating taking on a very limited number for a discounted price while I work on improving my work in this new style, but I haven't fully decided on that yet. I'll hopefully get some examples posted soon of what my new art will start looking like, though I may re-do some drawings several times until I think they are just right!
Remember how I said commissions were going to be closed? Well, I ended up not getting that second job (they let a bunch of people go last minute because they over hired basically), and my work hours got cut because business has been slow, so commissions are open for now.

Also, I'm currently going through my gallery and taking down a bunch of art. Old, old stuff that is just, not great, some less old stuff that just seems bland, things I've made that the photos are just, bad (because I was young and didn't know how to take good product photos), and just a ton of pony stuff, because there is so much of it. Everything is being stored and not permanently deleted, so if you have commissioned me in the past, and don't have a copy of your commission saved, I'll still have it, so if you need it, I can still send it to you. So no worries there.
Commissions will be closed until late November, or later. I'm getting married on November 4th, and if wedding planning isn't enough, we are doing a lot of DIY for it (I'm even making my own dress), so I don't want to devote any time into outside projects. I will try to get some new art posted soon. I have a lot of other projects I want to work on outside of wedding related things, but I'll have to see when and if I'll have time for those things.
Here's my wishlist for my secret santas this year!

:bulletred: Username: Kimmorz
:bulletgreen: Traditional or digital illustration: Either
:bulletred: Preferred media that you would like to use: Digital
:bulletgreen: Character(s): This is going to be a big one..

Personality: Mischeivious and spunky
Details: Tongues and paw pads are the same green as her nose. I'm pretty picky about her design, so if you do draw her, if you could make sure to get her markings right, you would make my day (for some reason the 10 and 5 stripes somehow throw people off SOOO much). Preferred feral, but if you're pretty damn good at drawing humans, you can draw her as a human (…… )
(I'm terrible at designing clothes, so if you want to come up with something for her that fits her character, that'd be super
cool, I'd like the hair to be kept the same though).

Shear Luck
Personality: Spunky
Details: She has entire reference page, and though it's not quite completed, I think you have enough details you'll need for
her if you'd like.

Personality: Happy-go-lucky
Details: The bottom two pictures are by the original owner who I adopted him from. Thought I'd include if you wanted to go
with the brighter colors. Feel free to play with his palette a bit. You can change the tuff to, it's usually grey, but I
think a nice bright blue would look good? Whatever you want, have fun with it!

Personality: Carefree
Details: He can be any kind of dinosaur, but I prefer raptor-y looking dinos. (He's a Tianyulong in all the pics I have of

Details: I never use him, but I thought I'd include him. He's my attempt at a "sparkle dog" but as a lion (cause I needed a
lion character). He's just for fun.

:bulletred: Themes: You can do something that just fits the character, or something winter or Christmas themed! No religious
themes, please.
:bulletgreen: Anything that you would like to add?: Have fun!


Contest Entries

Contest Prizes
pinkiepiegasm - :star::star-half::star-empty:
VaneFox - :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

Shear Luck Reference Sheet - :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
Shear Luck Mane Styles Reference - 
Fiasco Reference Sheet - :star::star-empty::star-empty:
Amp Reference Sheet - 
Self Portrait - :star::star-empty::star-empty:
Dinosaur Couple - 
UPDATE: Finally going to announce the winners! Everyone did an AWESOME job! It really was hard to pick the winners, especially when there was something great about every entry! You guys are all awesome, and great artists! So, as a surprise, everyone is getting something! First place will be getting a fullbody, 2 and 3 will get each get a bust, and everyone else will get a headshot for participating! Please note me or comment here with a reference of the pony you would like for your prize!

Second and third place goes to!

The end of a long day by VaneFox & Shear luck by pinkiepiegasm

Drum roll! First place goes to..

Don't you dare by PatulianGray

Congrats to our winners, and thank you to everyone who entered! Please send me references of what you want for your prizes!

EDIT: Contest ends today! Although, I probably wont announce the winners until EQLA is over and done with so it's not in the way, so if you want to enter and need a couple days, you have until then to enter.

Kind of bored, so I thought, why not hold a contest?

Happy Contest Time, Woo!
What: Draw my OC, Shear Luck.…
Qualifications: 1 entry, and a journal about my contest (otherwise, I doubt anyone will actually enter :'D)
Deadline: April 30th

1st Place: One full body of any pony you want (can be from the show or an OC).

More prizes will be added if more people enter.
2nd place prize, one headshot, will be added with 20 entries.
3rd place prize, one headshot, will be added with 30 entries.
4th place prize will be added with 40 entries, plus one headshot will be added to first place.
5th place prize will be added with 50 entries, plus 2nd place will be upgraded to one full body, and 3rd place will be upgraded to one bust.

Full body examples:……
Bust examples:…
Headshot examples:…

Winners will have their choice between my lineless or my outlined style.

:iconpinkiepiegasm: -…
:iconpatuliangray: -…
:iconskypinpony: -…
:iconhunch89: -…
:icondragonybluestar: -…
:iconmythilas: -…
:iconkinjareta: -…
:iconvanefox: -…
:iconsunshinekokuten: -…
:iconzombigama: -…

Make sure to tell your friends! Because I don't think anybody would enter. T~T