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KimmiJe's Ball Tutorial

By KimmiJe
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Step 10 can use any stitch as long as you've left the appropriate seam allowance

You only need to draw the gradual curved line on one quarter of it in Step 6, so when you fold it and cut it out along that line the piece will be symmetrical in both directions

An explanation on how your ball can turn into a cube…

Balls of awesome ->… by :iconkitty910:… by :iconartoveli: by :iconanni63:… by :iconschakalakataka:
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This has been a life saver, thank you!
Schakalakataka's avatar
I used your tutorial to make my Luna P Plushie! This was exactly what I was searching for and it's so nicely explained! Thank you so much! ^_^… <- x)
Sabjic's avatar
this was exactly what I needed, you were very accurate, thanks! :D

what is the best material to use for this?
KimmiJe's avatar
I've always used felt but any stretchy material works as well
IptuBlu's avatar
Thank you, now I can try making some plushies :D
SwireMau5's avatar
When I stuff this, It looks more like a cube. Any suggestions?
KimmiJe's avatar
.... I would love to know how you managed that...
no wait i got it, less strait line more curve. however long the strait line is at the point and the side that will come out as a flat spot on your finished ball, I wish I could sketch in comments:(, eh ill post something tomorrow if that's still confusing
SwireMau5's avatar
A little confusing yet... that would be nice!:iconhappymeowplz:
butters742's avatar
I messed up on the math and made a football XD
Hey still a ball technically ;p
KimmiJe's avatar
hehe definately=)
butters742's avatar
I'm new to making plushies, so ill keep trying lol.
Thanks for the tutorial tho. Helps a bunch :D
arsyparsy's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! Even though I dont understand the math geekage thing :(
I've finally been able to make a bear head!!! Hehe
pic: [link]
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inaligrimalkin's avatar
This shall become pokeballs!
SilverWhirl's avatar
Aha! That makes so much sense!

I've been trying to figure out how to make a hat for a Toadstool costume, and this is so helpful. :)
ladykaryann's avatar
I've been looking for this forEVER! Thanks so really really much! This is going to be helpful as hell :dummy:
Rainbowbubbles's avatar
thank you sooooo much!!! I've been looking for something like this for so long, hope that I can pull this off! >o<;
eternal-song's avatar
now i can tell my math teacher that i applied math to my art projects.
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