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Attorneys Protecting Your Rights in the State of Michigan, Throughout the United States, and Internationally

We are a full service litigation firm offering exceptional legal representation to our clients. Our accomplished attorneys represent a diverse clientele of businesses and individuals in a full range of interdisciplinary legal services throughout the State of Michigan, throughout the United States and internationally, including class action litigation, criminal defense, immigration, business law, family law, labor and employment, wage and hour, civil litigation, personal injury and more. Our attorneys are recognized as leaders not only in the legal profession but also in the communities where they live and serve.

We Are Experienced Negotiators and Trial Lawyers

If you have a legal problem, you want a team of experienced and creative attorneys who know how to protect your rights. We take a hard-nosed approach to fighting for you or your business’ best interests and rights. Our knack for finding creative solutions to complex challenges has been the primary strengths of our firm since its founding. We leverage our negotiation and litigation skills to be powerful advocates for our clients in all our varied areas of practices. We vigorously pursue relief for our clients and leave no stone unturned in our effort to achieve the best possible results for each client we serve. If that cannot be accomplished, we take your case to trial to fight for your rights. As experienced negotiators and trial lawyers, we will help you find solutions to your legal challenges.

We Focus on You and We Stand by Your Side Every Step of the Way

At Avanti Law Group we focus on you and your legal issues, not us. We care deeply about the clients we serve and we take the time to get to know you, your problems and legal concerns.

One piece of advice that is frequently passed from lawyer to lawyer is “Do not take your client’s case personally.” To us, this advice is useless. Why? Because if you have come to us for help, you trust us to do everything we can to get you the best possible results, rest assured that we will absolutely take your case personally. We put our own skin in the game and we will stand up for your rights every step of the way.

Avanti attorneys are passionate, committed, focused, empowered, creative, accountable and aggressive. Contact us today to put our winning approach work for you.
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