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Hello there fellow artists and or art lovers!

The name is Kimlol and I’m an artist that draws stuff... mostly anthors/furries.

I have this story/world called “Wolfland“ and that’s were most of my characters are from.

Im also continuing my comic “Sergio’s Comeback” that I’m determined to finish haha!

(A little bit about my story/world lel)

Basically Wolfland is a place we’re furries live, they outlived humans due to humans being underpowered in their timeline. The main story follows Max the protagonist and his friends trying to solve injustices...

There is however plenty of other “spin-offs” like Sergio’s Comeback... Where Rat-dog (actually an Italian Greyhound but hey?) tries to make his plan of world destruction/domination work out... together with his stupid cult named “Novus Dies”

(If you ever were to make fanart... god I’d die of happiness then XD

You could tag it as #Kimlolfanart perhaps... or just tag me ^^)

I myself is a little gremlin/demon, and I’m still figuring out my gender... Pretty sure “Boy-flux” (look it up if ya wanna) fits me the most...

Pronouns: ... any I don’t mind :)

I am multitasking my studies (at an “art” school of sorts) whilst also making art.

Im the ripe age of 16 (turning 17 this year) and I’m big dum dum...

I try to express myself via text, but I kinda suck at it... but always know that I appreciate every single one of you!

(Sorry if I sometimes forget to reply etc... but I always appreciate comments... cause comments really make my day a whole lot better <3 )

I also have a YouTube, and Instagram (Both called KimlolTheArtist/kimloltheartist)

My YT is linked, I don’t really post much there yet. But I will soon.

I love video games, movies and books. And i am a pretty basic guy XD

Sooooo, i really hope you’ll enjoy your stay here... and I’ll see you soon, bye bye :D

Heres my ToyHouse btw!

Sergio's Comeback poster

(finally updated my bio heheh >: D)

(Also here’s Sergio’s Comeback poster)

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Artyjoyful, Neytirix, Bird blood, Remarin, Liktar, Psycho-Manchester, Foolish-Hearts, Creth-Alretan, Mizuki-T-A
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Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci code, Inferno , Kung fu panda 2, Avatar, Coraline, The Shining, Doctor sleep, Avengers 1, I robot, Spider man trilogy.
Favourite TV Shows
Pokemon, Wakfu, Midsummer murders,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Ghost, IAMX, MCR, Imagine dragons, Marina and the diamonds,
Favourite Books
Angels&Demons (the book version by Dan Brown) , The Lie Tree, The Shining/Misery
Favourite Games
Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Monster hunter, Bravley Defualt, Sonic, The Sims 4, Octopath traveler, Animal crossing,
Favourite Gaming Platform
3Ds, Wii... i had a Playstation 2 for a bilion years ago... And the Nintendo Switch!
Tools of the Trade
IDK Digital ?

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Holy avocados, I love your art so much!!!!!! Thank you for the watch!!!!!!!!!!

Haha thank you so so much ^^
And you’re very welcome, I like your art as well :D

say? have you ever read the book Redwall your style reminds me of it a lot. ^-^

Ah, I haven’t actually read those books. But I do have a slight memory of their existence^^
I’d like to read them someday, they seem very interesting. And thank you so much haha :D
(Like your art btw)

You should definitely try them out! (ty!)

Thanks for the fav!
You’re very welcome ^^