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By kimkim10
super street fighter iv - arcade edition-MODs
Bust:Resize big bust
hip:Resize big hip
foot: Resize small foot
texture:Original realistic texture
Based on sloth85's mods. Thanks for all mod artists!
Published:   |  Mature
© 2012 - 2021 kimkim10
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ChristyMorrigan's avatar
Awesome work loved it.
houndead's avatar
Awesome work loved it.
sigel81's avatar
okay, i got it to work but shadows looks dfferent compare to these pictures. these pictures shown here have much better shadows
Coolrahman's avatar
can someone make a long hair for this ?
Coolrahman's avatar
well it works. but also crashes in USF4 when you chosse a color number 11 and 12
crixitron's avatar
After an hour! I just figure it out! This is for SFIV and I have SFxT ROFLMFAO! I think I've fainted. 
AVGNJr1985's avatar
I love this Juri Nude Mod! I could go with Chun-Li x Juri Nude Mod! :love: If only Juri's breasts would be smaller.
so... where can I download this ? anyone? looks amazing btw
How did i install this mod?
juri is the best
thank you for sharing! Want a bigger bust version with high heels!
Teron-Gorefiend's avatar
where can I download this mod?
Teron-Gorefiend's avatar

Can't wait for a video or a downlaodable linke for the mod for both SSF-IV, SSF-IV:ARCADE, & SFxTKN
highwaymaina's avatar
Juri eyes too fancy, but it's pretty even body!
GodCrow999's avatar
Backport to sfxt pleeeeease
Can ypu backport it to sfxt please?
Diraulus's avatar
Oh man Juri looks so fine here!!! Amazing job! Wish I had the PC version so I could see this in action!!!!
all-around-gamer's avatar
Awesome work. I never imagined Juri could be this hot.
TennHammer's avatar
Great Mod! Looks Really Cool!
thanks, she's very hot.
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