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October 12, 2011
"Emily is waiting for you" by ~KimiSz
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'Emily is waiting for you'

So I've been pretty busy lately with changing jobs and stuff but I managed to produce something in the meantime!

This idea came from a group of brazilian artists in facebook that creates monthly themes for the members to draw/paint or whatever. This month's theme was "Animation films." Normally I think most people will go for a traditional 2d or 3d animations from pixar or disney, but I always tend to do something different so my choice was Emily, from the movie "Corpse Bride", a great stop-motion animation from Tim Burton!

At first, I was tempted to re-stylize the character, but I opted for trying to be faithful to the style presented by Tim Burton, so I tried to take a careful approach to the lighting and composition of the scene. The scenario is quite simple as the intent was to focus more on Emily herself but I'm pleased with the overall look!

This fanart was painted in Photoshop CS4 with a Wacom Tablet Intuos4.

"Corpse Bride" and Emily are the property of Tim Burton and Warner Brothers.
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Absolutely Gorgeous !
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well, shoot.  I'm currently browsing dA for Corpse Bride art, because it's one of my favorite movies! x'D

Man the lighting here is so beautiful, and you really captured the style of the actual movie! :o

Just beautiful, that's all i have to say 'bout it ;v;
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Why thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed this one :)
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Stunningly beautiful!

Then again, she always is :)
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Indeed isn't it! :D
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Shes so well done :O
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Glad you enjoyed :D
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Creepy and beautiful at the same time Love 
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She is isn't it? :)
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You really make me speachless. I'm still shoked. It's really what we call perfection.
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I'm glad you're fond of it :)
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Absolutely perfect!!Trophy 
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Absolutely fantastic work here. The colors are just beautiful.
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I'm glad you're fond of it :D
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Oh you're art is simply beautiful it looks as it's a scene from the movie! ^^
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Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed this piece :)
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