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Hello everyone :wave:
Here is my commission info.
These are basic prices because if there will be many details the price will be higher.

:star: One tone Illustration :star:
Illustration with one plain color, no/or decorative background.
Halfbody - $45 + $30 additional character || Knee-up/Fullbody - $60 + $40 additional character.
Com Ex  by kimirra-art Commission: Dove by kimirra-art

:star: Monochrome Illustration :star:
Illustration with texture and simple monochrome gamma (only 2-3 shades of brown) no/or decorative background.
Halfbody - $65 + $50 additional character || Knee-up/Fullbody - $75 + $60 additional character.

To add complex background + $20 - $45

:star: CG drawing: :star:
Portrait - $60 || Halfbody - $80+ $60 additional character || Knee-up/Full body - $100 + $75 additional character (plain background included).
  DTIYS Adalia by kimirra-art Happy new year! by kimirra-art Black magic  by kimirra-art Dream girl by kimirra-art

Secret cave by kimirra-art
In the dragon's cave by kimirra-art
Request: Elya by kimirra-art Crown for the king by kimirra-art Character sheet: Vlad by kimirra-art Dragon tamer by kimirra-art 
To add complex background + $35 - $75

What I draw:
-Original characters, fan art, nudity, and soft sensual themes
*Please look at my gallery if you want to see what theme's I'm good at*

:star: COMMISSION FORM :star:
:bulletgreen: To order a commission just send me a Note or email to with title 'Commission' with the following content:
• commission type (CG drawing/ Monochrome etc. and format - halfbody/fullbody)
• character's name
• short description (5-10 sentences. Please be specific, English is not my native language)
• references/pictures: (with colors of eyes, hair, skin, etc)
• background: *forest, room, city*
• extra info

:bulletgreen: I'll note you back to let you know whether I accept the commission.
:bulletgreen: Payment method:
Paypal only. All prices are in USD

:bulletgreen: In case if you have no references/character sheets pictures (and want me to create a character without references, from the only description or from multiplay photo/art references with character hairstyle, outfit, etc. ) I will charge an extra price $10-$50 depending on complexity.
:bulletgreen: If your commission is rush, I may ask +50% for high priority. If your commission is private (you don't want me to showcase it in my gallery) I may ask %50 of the total price.
:bulletgreen: If your commission is rush, I may ask +25% for high priority.
:bulletgreen: After payment, I'll follow your direction and draw a preliminary sketch of the picture you want in pencil and show it to you. You can tell me if you like it or if you want some changes done. You can ask to edit some details. I won't fix anything after I start coloring.
:bulletgreen: When I finish with your work I'll send you a high res file via e-mail/note.
:bulletgreen:I maintain the copyright for all my artworks. I have right to post them in my gallery/socials. Customer can upload their commission into their personal gallery with credit.

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