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Teehee anythings better then Style~

Cartman and Kyle are copyright to Matt and Trey (whom I wish to be soooo bad it would make me sooooo happy)

If you want to know what episode this is just ask xD
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🧎🏌️killing me softly with his soooong (if you know what this reference is from, you’re a legend.)
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the bat is cheap. it was not strong enough to even hurt a small dog.well kinda. so yeah. kyle did not get knocked out
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Coughcoughcoughcoughcoughobviouscough cartman downs Kenny coughcoughcoughcoughcough
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Cool btw does anyone know what episode this is?
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Wait, what's wrong with style? Kyman seems to be abusive and not a healthy relationship, but on the other hand I belive style is nice because both keep eachother in line and are there for eachother through so much, I mean! Ship whatever you want! I'm just saying, don't hate on it, accept any ship ^v^ because love can be interpreted in many ways
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*claps* you are my favourite dude mate, you're the Martin Luther King of ships
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I think I know what will happen........The bat will bounce off Kyle's head
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So many perverts in the comments
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They're gonna bang 😜 Kyman=OTP style=BROTP
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Let me guess he banged Kyle...-_-
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What's with all the, "LOLOLOL RAEP!!11" comments? :stare:
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*coughing* RAPE *coughing intensifies*
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Is there supposed to be a hidden meaning ?
Sorry if I misunderstood something that is perfectly obvious *sigh*
 Cat fail jump 
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sephirothrapesitplz Yokoi Rape Face Icon Rape Face Miz spongebob rape face Pinke RAPE face Meowth Uh Oh Darkar-rape face (VALV) PsychoAceSmile Kanna Rape Face Icon  yep thats what will happen
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Hm... I don't know what'll happen, I just-RAAAAPE-*cough* sorry about that, I think I'm sick or something...
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What episode and season?
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"Toilet Paper" Season seven.
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So true, anythings better than Style :I
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Just brilliant :iconcartylehigh5plz:
What episode is this again? I've seen so many I can't remember XD
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