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Keelin | Fawn | Point Splinter Herd Member



3.16.14: We're going to try this again, this time with a picture more suited to her age.  :) Say hello to Keelin!

Basic Information
Name:  Keelin (KEE-lin)
Gender:  Female
Age:  1 year,  born in 757 of the New Age
Height: Predicted Height: 8 hands
Build:  Light, slender build
Phenotype:  Blood Bay Restricted Fawn
Genotype:  Ee/AA/ff/fwfw/Rxrz
Eye Colour:  Brown
Design Sheet:
Sire: Baruch, Windborne, NPC
Dam: Imogen, Windborne, NPC
Bloodline: Windborne x Windborne
Magic Type: Wind
Skill Points

Speed:  7 (no level) 
Stamina:  3 (no level)
Strength:  0 (Build cap: 5 points max)
Magic:  0 (No level)
Herbs: 0 (No level)

Experience:  0

+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus

+2 speed - starter bonus
+2 stamina - starter bonus
+4 magic - starter bonus
+3 herbs - starter bonus

She will recieve these bonuses at the age of three.

Herd Information 

Herd:  Windborne, Point Splinter
Herd Position: Herd Member

 Keelin does her best to view the world in a positive light. As she is still young, she sees much of the world through innocent eyes.   A quiet but not completely shy fawn, Keelin is one who will usually stand on the side watching others unless she knows them well or is invited.  She is content to watch most of the time, but sometimes is just as content joining in whatever is going on.   Keelin is eager to learn and is grateful to anyone who takes their time to show her things and explain.
One of her favorite pastimes is doing nothing other than racing the wind against the bright blue waters of the sea, hoping to find some seals or dolphins ride the waves off of the shore.

 Keelin was born not far from Cockle Bay to her mother, Imogen.   She had never met her father.  Her mother was quite fond of the beach, and would often take Keelin there even as a newborn so that Keelin became quite used to it.  
There were a few times where Imogen had gone to the beach on her own when Keelin became a bit older and let Keelin sleep, and she would follow later.   Keelin thought nothing of this the morning she headed down the day there was rough surf.   She had noted the wind being quite strong, and the sea not as friendly.   Her mother's tracks had entered the water, which to her was nothing new; Imogen enjoyed taking a swim in the sea every now and then.   But she had misjudged the power of the ocean that day and it had swept her far from shore.  As she struggled with the current to head back, a Great White Shark had been patrolling the Bay, and found a perfect meal.  Imogen had no chance.
From the afternoon into the night Keelin cried out her mother's name to no avail.   Refusing to leave the spot where her mother's tracks had ended, she slept there, not moving for two days.   Covered in sand and debris, another doe had appeared on the beach on the second day, stumbling across Keelin who hadn't eaten nor drank.  Her name was Ellethwen, of the Point Splinter herd.
A new life would start now.

Design/#Fawnlings © =Ehetere
Art © me
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