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One of your best works yet. While yes, there are probably endless of possibilities for the Mandelbrot set; color-wise and structure-wis...

Wow, I like the explosion of colors and patterns in the left corner, the black empty space in the right corner is a bit off-putting but...

Det här är ett färgglatt mästerverk. Alla färgerna som har använts här fungerar med varandra och är njutbart för ögonen. Dock är jag in...

The colours and the shape are good overall, but you should zoom in on the complicated swirls instead of leaving the shape zoomed out. S...


Cyan 1: I desire nothing
Exellion is my home and it has always been.
I watch over all to ensure their safety and happiness.
Every Exellian is part of my family, yet I am alone.
I work for no one but myself and that is alright.
I do not need anyone else as long as I am able to do what I was created for.
As long as I can prevent an endless loop of misery then I will be fine.
I desire nothing than the wellbeing of the world and the lives inhabiting it.
Cyan 2: I desire everything
I am eternal and have been here since the beginning,
I should remember everything yet I remember nothing.
I remember my reason for existing but nothing more
I do not remember these people or the events they speak of.
I can tell they are lovely people though; soldiers, protectors, healers, and more.
I want my memories back, regain what I lost and get to know these people some more,
to be immortal could get lonely so maybe this will make me happy too?
Aaron: I want to live and feel alive
Ever since my birth I have been a bother to everyone I knew.
I donít know many but the people I knew didnít want me.
I did my best to be desired but it was sadly all for naught.
I was at the end of the rope and had nowhere else to go,
I had nothing left to find meaning in so I decided to end it all.
But then I met him on the roof, he changed me in the span of an hour or so.
He saved me from death and he probably doesnít even know about it yet.
Screech: I have to survive
My life has been nothing but pain and my every waking hour is torture.
Nobody else knows because they donít need to and they wouldnít understand anyway.
I canít trust anyone as no one has ever wanted to do me good.
All I need is solitude, a place to hide, and food to keep me alive.
And all I wish for is to finally understand what and who I am.
With the help of a certain someone who has taken me under his wing,
that ridiculous dream of mine that is as ridiculous as I am, can be fulfilled.
Bruce: I have to become the best
I needed to become the best; that was how I was raised.
Training to become stronger and inherit my parentsí dojo.
For a long time I thought that that was all I was meant to do.
Wake up - train - eat - study - train - eat - study - train - eat - sleep, rinse and repeat.
To be the best you have to be disciplined which Iím not, yet.
But soon I will be, for Iím next to the master of discipline himself.
Soon Iíll be my parents pride and joy and they will praise me for what Iíve become.
Swift: I have to be of as much help as I can be
The pioneers that first landed on Exellion, one of them was me.
I lasted the longest while inflicted with a lethal disease.
But when I was down for the count I was alone.
No one dared approach a victim in fear of contamination.
Then he came, gave me light and new energy to stand.
I stood by him to aid in his work any way I could because I wanted to.
But now, centuries later, heís gone, and I canít leave his side.
Steven: I want to be happy
I was average in every sense, had a good life overall, but I wanted more.
I wanted to find true happiness and helping others seemed to be my call.
A friend of mine and a master with the hammer made me my blades.
I wander around outside of town but come back every 10 days.
I like this lifestyle, but is it really what I am satisfied with?
On my latest visit home, I was asked a favor from someone I least expected.
Now Iíve joined someone elseís goal and I couldnít be happier.
Gast: I have to get control over my impulses
I was a pretty smart kid when I grew up and I did well in school.
Friends were something I didnít have and I didnít know what I was doing wrong.
Despite my parents best efforts I tried to come up with a plan B.
I found this store with firearms and bought before I thought.
On my own with murderous weapons, no one would accept me now.
I was an impulsive man but an unexpected individual approached me.
Now I have use of my weapons and I have the closest thing to friends Iíve ever had.
Kast: I want to have fun
I was the third out of five, the middle child, in a family of 7 people.
There were conflicts on a daily basis, from minor to major things.
I studied comedy and tried to ease the tension but nothing worked.
Iíd leave soon, and theyíd be too busy fighting to notice anyway.
I still loved them and maybe Iíd come back one day, maybe not.
Then he came out of nowhere, the opportunity I had waited for;
I left a note, joined my savior on his journey, and never looked back.
Hush: I want friends
I was born with the inability to speak and raised by assassins.
I was brought up to be a ninja, a spy and/or a silent killer.
Killing was no fun, and spying was such a dishonest job.
But even on Exellion bad people existed and had to be dealt with.
Iíve been wondering all my life why we all canít just be friends?
Then he came out of nowhere and asked for help to which I agreed.
I joined him and his other friends; I could never have been happier.
Mad: I want a family
I grew up with adults and children, who werenít related to me.
It wasnít so bad, I have to admit, but I wanted to feel whole;
A family of a mother, father, and siblings related by blood.
But beggars canít be choosers I have learned to accept,
and going from patient to staff on the orphanage was alright.
But then I was adopted by god himself and his family,
I had a new purpose and would cherish them with all I had.
Kanzlee: I want everyone to feel good
Adopted at 3 I donít remember much but Iím smart overall.
Being smart prevented me from being happy so I act dumb.
Ignorance truly is bliss and I will fake myself for as long as I have to.
I only use my intelligence to care for those who are bleeding.
I'm just a bit put down by the grief that my intelligence brings.
But then he came and took me in to make a real difference.
I'm happy with him and his friends, so; could I be smart now?
Enrique: As long as I have Amor
I became an orphan before I remember and was raised by my uncle.
I donít feel bad because I know my parents are still with me by my side.
Later in life I realized I wanted to be something more so I studied engines.
After getting my own truck my interest in mechanics was set for life.
Working at a car-factory was nothing; as long as I had my van Iíd be fine.
But then he came and asked for my help and I couldnít be a happier man.
Doing taxi-service for the god of balance and driving Amor all day is the best.
Diamond: I want my eye back
With only my mother to care for me since I was 6 Iíve been determined to leave.
Gambling with older people I lost my right eye but I won a million shards.
Donating it all to my mom maybe I could make her feel any better since dad died?
Us moving and getting new jobs seemed to do the trick and everything seemed fine.
But me making gambling a habit I found that one of the prices on the table was a man.
Saving the man from a cruel fate, who I found out, was associated with the god of balance.
After being asked to join godís quest I agreed but my primary goal is still to get my eye back.
Floyd: I want to be an agent/a spy
I grew up on the streets with my parents being homeless and died from thirst and starvation.
Living on a saltwater surrounded desert island, my parents gave me all the clean water to live.
Learning to beg and then to steal I managed to survive but had a few close calls with the law.
One day a kind woman came and gave me what my body needed and took me away.
I wondered if my time had come and this was an angel who was to take me to the afterlife.
Better yet; I was still alive and this lady took me to meet god who said that he needed my skills.
I wanted nothing but escape poverty so I agreed to the terms; I am now the left hand of god.
Zacharie: I want to be a woman
At the age of 12 I decided I wanted to become a female but I refused to do surgery.
Things I canít see terrifies me so I settle with the next best thing of playing pretend.
My real interest in cooking food began at my first job when I graduated high school.
I take my job very seriously, refuse to accept failure and take no bullshit from anyone.
Iím making my own recipe but I need to have an ingredient to make the formula unique.
One day I was presented with an honorable task and a way to search for that ingredient.
I jumped at the opportunity but I will still have to remember that duty comes first.
Chaos: I DeSiRe CHaoS
My BRoTHeR iS DuMB, THaT MuCH iS VeRy CLeaR, TRyiNG To PLeaSe eVeRyoNe; PoiNTLeSS.
IF oNe HaS The PoWeR aND a NeaR eNDLeSS SuPPLy oF ToyS; Why NoT Play a LiTTLe?
BuT My BRoTHeR iS The MoST FuN To Play WiTH ouT oF aLL oF THeSe CHeaP aND RuSTy MoRTaLS.
HoW CaN I PuSH My BRoTHeR To THe aBSoLuTe PeaK oF iNSaNiTy? WHaT WouLD THe ouTCoMe Be?
THaT HaS BeeN a PLaN IíVe HaD To ReWoRK a FeW TiMeS BuT I THiNK IíVe FiNaLLy GoT iT!
You WoNíT eVeN See iT CoMiNG LiTTLe BRoTHeR; IíLL MaKe you WiSH you CouLD Die.
TKOB - Poems (Possible spoilers)
AAARGH! I'm swamped up with both work, studies, and stress- I can't apologize enough and I'm really trying to get things done in the breaks but I'm doing pretty badly so far. I wanted this to be later and I tried to not include too heavy spoilers and I will not explain what I mean in these small texts, you can theorize and speculate all you want but I won't tell you anything.VICTORY SCREECH (chat friendly)
"Write a haiku about love and submit it as a deviation (with the tag #ShowYourHeart)"

I'm single, not sad.
Being alone isn't so bad.
Singles have more time.

More time to do things.
Things they love and care about.
Like art or music.

Me though; I study.
Study to drive heavy trucks.
My love for transport.

I failed at first,
but was given a new chance,
I won't lose this time.

I will still make art,
I'll just have less time for that,
I need to study.

So, yes, wish me luck.
In order to reach my dream;
I will need a lot.
Feb 13 - Love is in the air
Here's my entry for Wednesday, 13th of February 2019. To create something because you're obligated to is often hard for me and that's why making meaningful work takes time. But making a haiku of something I love is an easy one. While there are some things I love, I might as well write about my love for transport because while I haven't written a status about it yet; I GOT A NEW CHANCE FOR THIS EDUCATION AND THIS TIME I WAS ACCEPTED INTO THE PROGRAM! YAY!!!
Wow... Just 1 topic?... Er, ok... What do I love most though? Cars (cars in general, not only the PIXAR movies), yaoi, fractals, manga/anime- OH! YES! I GOT IT! There is one specific manga author that I love more than any other and the author is Junji Itou who does horror-themed manga!
Itou Junji Fan Art (13 stories) by Kotovaska
This ingenious thing: Itou Junji Fan Art (13 stories) by Kotovaska. I think I can recognize 6-7 of the imagery in this art-piece (but I don't remember the names of all of them). The lady with the cat is from Tomie and her hair is from Uzumaki (my favorite so far out of Itou Junji's work). The cat is from The Cat Diary. The guy with the black hair and the blue background I recognize too but I don't remember the name of the manga. The blonde I also recognize but I forgot the name. The eyes in the sky as well as the person hanging in a noose attached to a balloon shaped like their own head. The crucified girl I also recognize but don't remember the name, and also the people falling from the sky. The tree growing out of the cat-lady's left arm I have a faint memory of but I don't remember for certain. All in all, a great depiction of Itou's work.
Uzumaki spiral eye by raionxdesu
This little GIF was made by raionxdesu and it's from my favorite manga made by Itou and this is titled: Uzumaki spiral eye, I can do nothing else than recommend you read Uzumaki because it's one of the best mangas I have ever read! I don't want to spoil anything but Uzumaki means spiral (as I have understood it). You know Naruto? In the first generation; he wore a jacket with a spiral on its back I think that's where it came from.
I Love Junji Ito's: Uzumaki by InAGothamMinute
Another depiction of the spiral hair from Uzumaki, a seemingly quick sketch made by InAGothamMinute (who has deleted their account maybe? :C) titled I Love Junji Ito's: Uzumaki. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE! XD
Tomie by color-sekai
Aaaah, Tomie is a good one too. This one is titled; Tomie, made by color-sekai. Tomie is a beauty, I have to admit... But her personality is more rotten than anything could ever be. I recommend this one too, in fact: I recommend the entire Itou Junji collection! Read all of it!
Uzumaki by TalaMariee
And here is another picture from Uzumaki titled Uzumaki made by TaraMariee. I like this one a lot because not only is it well made but it has a sort of fractalesque feel to it so that's two favorite themes in one picture! Only god knows how much I love Itou Junji's work! (I don't think he gives a crap tho) But I can't praise Uzumaki or Itou Junji enough! You have to read his work for yourselves because only then will you realize the brilliance of his work. I'm not going to say that everyone will love it, but there is a genious in the macabre and terror-like stories he tells.
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I'm a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and if you are against the LGBTQ+ community, then what are you doing here? I'm not saying you have to love diversity, I'm saying that if you dislike LGBTQ+ then you are free to do so, I can fully respect that, but not if you express your discontent with the LGBTQ community in a harmful way. I briefly argued with a homophobe, and I'm going to paste my reply here because if you're a homophobe, please read this and reconsider. Try to understand what you hate/dislike:

(Arpil 21st 2018)
///Oh, great, a homophobe, it's been a while since I last saw one of you...

Ok, here's the deal girl, or dude, or whatever pronoun you want me to call you by; there are a couple of hundred species on earth that can be homosexual, homophobia exists only in one, can you guess which species it is? Yes, it's the human race, the human race is the only species on earth that can exhibit the trait of being homophobic.

Here are a few sites I found with a quick search in my URL:
1,500 Animal Species Practice Homosexuality (it's from 2011 so it's a bit outdated)
Do Animals Exhibit Homosexuality? (This page was last updated 2012)
List of animals displaying homosexual behavior (this page was just updated yesterday)
How many species on earth can be homosexual? (I don't know when this got updated last but here ya go)

Those were only 4 of the many pages I found and bothered to actually click on.

Homosexuality is natural.

I accept people who are homophobic, but I don't accept the way they express their disgust and/or hate towards homosexuals. And if you dislike Alex and Altair in a romantic relationship, then why did you bother replying to my comment? The picture does not display them being romantically interested with one another, I just ship them, you are free not to, but in that case; why did you bother replying to my comment?

Please do enlighten me, I am very curious.///

(The links I linked I cannot link here for some reason, but just believe me that those pages exist and I didn't even use google to find them, I used Ecosia) People all over the world get bullied, get mauled, get tortured, get killed, all because they are attracted to another gender other than the gender that is their opposite. Personally; I think humanity became so scared of homosexuality because some priest figured out that homosexuality would prevent people from reproducing and that could lead to the extinction of our species. Well, you know what? Straight people fuck and reproduce faster than rabbits do, we are not going to go extinct even if 50% of the planet's population suddenly becomes homosexual. Or it could simply be the power someone lacks in their life that they think they gain by bullying others because of their differences.

And another thing, homophobes/racists/nazis and all of those who think there are several types of different species within the human species: you are stupid. There are only one species of human, and just because someone else has a different skin color than yours is probably because of where their forefathers came from. People from central Africa or something like that have dark skin because of the sun; they have stronger skin because of the amount of sun and heat where they live that they are exposed to. If someone has a different sexuality than yours, it is probably because of a chemical difference in their bodies (more/less testosterone/estrogen).

I, myself, am a nazis' WORST nightmare. Their picture of a "clean" human is;
1) Christian
2) Heterosexual
3) No mental disorder
4) White skin and do not belong to any indigenous group

I break ALL of those 4 points!
1) I'm not Christian
2) I'm not heterosexual
3) I have mental disorder/-s
4) I, myself, am from an indigenous group, and I will tell anyone who's asking from which one I am if I trust them

And that was all I had to say. If you're the same gender as me and you don't want me to jump on you? Don't worry, that is most unlikely to happen. I am mentally/physically unable to feel romantic and/or sexual attraction at first sight. Sorry for the rant, I needed to get that off of my chest.


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