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Dipper and Mabel by Kimiikins Dipper and Mabel :iconkimiikins:Kimiikins 1 8 Yaya by Kimiikins Yaya :iconkimiikins:Kimiikins 2 4


Super Junior - WonKyu by kurokitty520 Super Junior - WonKyu :iconkurokitty520:kurokitty520 2 2 My First Ever Small Sketch Dump! by Kimsha235 My First Ever Small Sketch Dump! :iconkimsha235:Kimsha235 6 4
Separated, the prologue
London, 1945.
The Second World War has just ended and the soldiers are returning home. Everything is going to go back to normal, slowly but surely. It’ll take time to rebuild the city and to forget about the horrors and struggles but the worst is now over. Spouses of those taken to the war are preparing to meet their husbands and partners again, children are waiting to see their fathers, some for the first time in their lives.
It’s hard to believe that the bombings are now over and there is are no longer black letters to wait for in dread. It’s such a big relief to know that the soldiers are now safe and the weight of fear is being lifted of the entire nation. They survived and those who live now, shall live tomorrow. There will be no more battles but far in the east with the Japanese, but that’s irrelevant. That’s for the Americans.
Everything is going to be alright from now on.
…or that’s what you’d hope. For some, the horrors of the w
:iconroccari:Roccari 4 3
Pokemon! :D by Ryeochan1516 Pokemon! :D :iconryeochan1516:Ryeochan1516 7 9 R U Shitting Me?! by Cristal1994 R U Shitting Me?! :iconcristal1994:Cristal1994 28 11
Siwon X Reader - Sweet Sweetness
“We’re planning on going to Senzuru next Saturday with the girls,” your friend told you one day on Skype.
“Senzuru?” you asked, curious.
“Yeah, that new sushi restaurant.”
“Sushi! You’re so lucky!”
“Well, you could come too, but you’re so far… I mean, it’s not like Trois-Rivières is THAT far, but you know… it is. You’d have to come by car.”
“I know… it’s not fair.”
“Oh well, if you have the courage to drive in Montreal, you can try to come, it would be really cool if you were here too! Oh, I gotta go. Sorry. See you later!”
She hung up and you sighed. Montreal… so far away. You were not a bad driver, but not an expert one either, and you definitely couldn’t find any fun in driving. But maybe… for the sushi…
You decided to go.
On Saturday, you drove to Montreal, carefully avoiding the crazy other drivers in
:iconfurytigresse:FuryTigresse 46 14
Beautiful Night Prologue - QMi
It was a beautiful night. The moon was full, brighten up a little park near a rich residencial sector. A young man was walking in the park, an handsome and talented one, with a bright future ahead of him. He was living in the biggest house of the richest district of the town. He was sixteen, last year of secondary school in a rich and renowned town, near Montreal. He was of the best students, with the most prizes, and was loved by everyone, especially by the girls. He always had all he ever wanted, his life was one most of the common citizen dreamed about. His name was Kyuhyun Cho.
Even then, he wasn't happy. His life was to simple, to easy. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing extraordinaire to tell. His life was plain, he had everything, except he never really worked for it. He didn't felt like he was really that perfect. Something was missing, he just didn't know what yet.
He loved walking in this small park, especially at night, because he was alone with himself, at peace. He didn'
:iconhikio-chan:hikio-chan 3 9
High School Love
High school.
The place where your looks matter more than your personality, the place where fitting in is more important than being who you are, where you’re being judged more keenly than anywhere else, where popularity is the more valuable than academic success. You have to know your place and never, ever step out of your position.  
If you’re a nerd, you don’t hang out with the cool kids. If you’re a loser, you don’t hang out with the successful people. If you’re fat or ugly, you don’t go the parties with the skinny cheerleader girls.
We’ve all been there or we will soon be. It’s an ordeal we must put up with, even if it might kill us. And we’re all afraid of the high school years, at least in the beginning. If you’re a nerd, you might get bullied. If you’re popular, you’re afraid of losing that status. If you have no friends, you’re going to be miserable. If you have friends, you’re afraid
:iconroccari:Roccari 7 18
QMi - Can't forget about you (Ending vers. 1)
Zhou Mi's point of view
I waited.
I waited for a few more days before I slowly drove to the building in which Kui Xian's apartment was. I parked my car at the back before walking to the front and waiting near the door. Like I usually did. Like I also used to do, back then, when we were together…
I closed my eyes, trying to forget about the pain of Kui Xian leaving me. But I couldn't. His last words would repeat in my soul, hurting more and more every time. He hated me. He didn't care about me. He wanted me to forget about him by sleeping with someone else. What if I didn't want to forget? What if I still had hope that he would come back to me someday? I could only cry and cry, as I felt broken, abandoned. Alone.
Was it my fault that we were fighting so much lately? Was it my fault that we met too soon? What if we had met only when we were more than 25? Would it have been different? Would we have been able to live together without fighting everyday? Would we have only lov
:iconfurytigresse:FuryTigresse 8 15
Mature content
Han Geng x Depressed!Reader [Painkiller] Part 6 :iconj-e-w-e-l:J-E-W-E-L 9 33
.:I'm that cute:. by WhiteSpiritWolf .:I'm that cute:. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 5,393 298
April 19 -- KyuMi
Kyuhyun sagged against the wall of the room he'd been sharing with Zhou Mi for the past couple days, head bent and tucked against his chest, forehead pressing against his knees. An arm framed his head, balanced delicately on his knees, the other thrown over the back of his neck in an unconscious attempt to protect the soft skin there. Both fists were clenched, muscles tense and straining against the skin.
He sat like that for an immeasurable amount of time, the second and minutes slipping like sand through his fingers until, after what felt like hours, a knock at the door brought time slamming back into place with the force of a freight train.
"What?" Kyuhyun rasped, throat dry and voice hardly audible.
Another knock, more insistent this time, followed by a muffled voice. "Kyuhyun?"
Kyuhyun swallowed hard, summoning the strength to raise his head. "I'm here. Do you need something hyung?"
Kyuhyun mentally cursed himself. The verbal slip-up was practically unnoticeable to a
:iconfaelynwing:FaeLynWing 15 35
Secret Santa For: Ryeochan1516 by Japaneko Secret Santa For: Ryeochan1516 :iconjapaneko:Japaneko 2 11
The Academy- Prolouge
Kyuhyun ran in to his house, slamming the door. He didn't care that his younger brother was staring. He didn't care that he probably just broke the door of his family's small house. He didn't care about the fact that they wouldn't have enough money to replace it.
He didn't give a fuck.
Why do I even have to go to this stupid school?! Why the hell do I have to put up with these jackasses?
He went to his room, and slammed the door of that shut too.
I don't even want to go to your fucking school. My family doesn't own a huge ass company. I shouldn't be going to that damn school.
He threw his bag against his wall. Then plopped on his measly bed and buried his face into his pillow.
"Why?" he screamed into it. 
I hate The Academy...
:iconshuperjuniorelf13:ShuperJuniorELF13 14 14


I barely go on deviantart, or any website because I'm not the kind of person to go on the internet a lot..... . Anyways that's why i don't have that much art on my profile (has 1 art -_-) but I guess I 'll try making more...Merci everyone ^_^


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