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Umbreon La icon

after espeon is umbreon in the dex
It is not a plz account, therefore cannot be used in comments.

so here is umbreon as a la icon
also shiny umbreon…

this is the first thing of mine that has been put into a group. yay o/
thanks to GoldFlareon's tutorial
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Nightru is gonna love this


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Hehe, water type puns :3
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as the second line in the description says, it cannot be used in comments. while the description is old, it is true for people who do not have a premium account. Only people who have a premium account have access to the Add Media option that allows them to use other peoples art in the comments.
Sorry about that.
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it has updated! so you can o3o
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Umbreon has always been my favourite pokemon and i have to say... That is one funny bro XD GREAT JOB! :D
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How about a Sylveon?
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okay, it's cute...but how would one go about using it in a chat text on here? there is no form of the :icon : to use for it without getting the original one, :iconumbreonlaplz:
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some of my emoticons cant be used in chat. for the ones that can be, i try and put 117 at the end of the pokemon's name. I think there is one or two I have made that dont have 117 in the username.

I dont have a normal umbreon plz account, i do however have shiny umbreon. :iconshinyumbreon117laplz:
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Aw!!!!!!! It's adoooraaaable!!!! :love:
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