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First thing I’ve drawn in years. Not incredibly happy with the colors but it took me years to get some colored pencils haha


Jojo Hendrix
United States
Okay, so I'm in Texas right now, visiting my dad and stepmom, when my mom calls me. It went kinda like this:

Mom: Hi, what're you doing?
Me: Watching a movie.
Mom: Okay, well I just wanted to let you know what's going on.
Me: which is, what?
Mom: Well, you know where Francine (woman at church) and Sylvia (two-year-old who i love to DEATH and babysit a lot) live?  
          We found a house around there.
Me: mean, we're...moving?
Mom: Yes. Probably by the end of this month.
Me: The end of...*tear falls*
Mom: Yes. It's a pretty house, too. and you can go see Sylvia all the time, and you get to paint your room...are you crying??
Me: Do i have to move schools?
Mom: Yes, you'll be going to Mustang schools, but you'll know Monica (cousin) and Alexis (middle sister), though!
Me: ...every time you mention...moving...i turn away from you...and ignore you. You knew...that i didn't...want to move.
Mom: Well, honey, i didn't expect you to get upset...
Me: Yes, you did! You realize i will never see most of my friends again! You know that, right? I'm going to be the loser that sits
       with her sister and her cousin and never talks to them because they don't talk to her!
Mom: Honey, calm down. It's alright. I really think you'll like it.
Me: Yeah, because everyone just LOVES spending their senior year alone and lost. Thanks a lot, Mom. My last year of high school, the big special fantastic year, and you're taking all the good out of it so it's just more work and money spending.
Mom: Well, sister, i didn't know it meant that much to you. You should have said something instead of just turning away.
Mom: I know it'll be hard, but you can just talk to Monica and alexis and their friends, can't you?
Mom: Please don't be upset with me, honey. you know this is better for us. You get to paint your room and we're closer to the church.
Mom: ...Hello?....
Me: *click*

so, yeah. I am no longer going to my own school, with my friends, and people that i love. When I get back to Oklahoma, I won't be going home, I'll be going to some totally new house that i won't be able to sleep in. I'll have to get used to a new school, new people, a new district, AND now I'm closer to the church. *vomits* No, really, I've been crying since yesterday, and i'm starting to throw up now.

Oh, yeah, let's just go on and paint that room, that'll make it all better!


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