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ACME Delivery - Escher

An ACME Delivery basically works on the premise that the stork delivered the WRONG basket to each of them -- Wile E. Coyote received a basket of roadrunner chicks, and Road Runner got a basket of coyote pups (possibly prior to the time Porky and Daffy were in care of the service, episode Baby Bottleneck). By the time either realized it, they had already bonded with their respective children and don't switch it back. It's more seen from Wile's POV, because he's really the star of the cartoons and he'd have a more difficult/humorous time, but Road has a few scenes. The comic would show the changing relationship between the stars and new parenthood, such as Wile getting a job as a sheep-stealer (explaining the Ralph Wolf cartoons). I have the idea of a side story for Bugs and Daffy to visit (to explain the Wile/Bugs cartoons), and then possibly Bugs offering them a job at ACME Looniversity (explaining Tiny Toons).

More info at [link]


Good old ACME products. Somehow or another, they will *hurt* someone.

In case it can't be read:
Wile (thinking): I know I followed these correctly
Road: That ... "playhouse" makes my brain hurt
Road: No offense, but is it even safe?
Wile: It's by ACME
Road: That's *not* reassuring.

You have to love Wile's brand-loyalty, while Road is a bit more savvy. It's probably his outsider vantage point.

Obviously, *heavily* relied on MC Escher's "Belvedere" in drawing this. And if it hurts to look at, it hurts twice as much to draw it.

Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote (c) Warner Brothers
Belvedere (c) MC Escher
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With ACME should beware!