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NaNo '13 Day 8
Sighing, he tried to let the worries drift off again. As soon as he thought he was rid of one lot of worries and concerns, another crop sprouted and grew just as swiftly. Surprises lay around every twist and turn.  He wondered if he could ever get used to such a place. It was almost as though his desires and wishes came true not long after he thought of them. The idea was absurd. Ludicrous in fact. The very notion that oblique ideas could spring to life was beyond belief.  It wasn’t as though he could think of anything and it would occur, was it? If he imagined a great sparkly unicorn, shining so brightly he had to avert his gaze, it didn’t mean it was going to appear, did it? He snorted in derision at the nature of how absurd his idea was. Trying to remember how he started on the subject, he realised it was a plausible explanation.  He had thought of wildlife, and it had appeared.  He had thought of a river, and the stream became audible.  He thoug
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NaNo '13 Day 6 and 7
That night, Timothy’s dreams were peculiar. Moreso than many dreams tend to be. They kept jumping from one subject to the next, giving only brief glimpses of various objects, occasionally the face or a distinguishing tattoo of someone.  A couple times it became an ongoing viewpoint of something flying through the air.  Initially he had thought it a literal bird’s eye view, but when he thought about it after he woke up, he recalled the images had not been as he would have expected.  Besides the unknown terrain (which given he was knew to wherever this was, was a given), the colours were slightly different.  In some cases, slightly muted.  In others, much more vivid.  And at one point he thought he was flying into a pitch black cave, only to find inside the walls glittered and glowed with a faint bluey-green luminescence.  He recalled a part about flying over a plain near a stream in the dark of night, with a flame brightly standing out, wit
:iconkimgardarkwolf:kimgardarkwolf 2 0
NaNo '13 Day 5
“Uh… hi,” Was Tim’s rather feeble and hushed introduction.  The smiles on the two strangers, having never met him before, only served to appear creepy and not the normal happy and friendly gesture the purpose was for a smile. The two just smiled  some more.  Timothy really was nervous, and given how easily they had snuck up on him, and the strength the big guy had, there was no doubt they could overpower and kill him easily if they wanted. The big question though, was what did they want from him? They had pro-actively saved him (though he supposed that by saving himself, given they were in the area too, they probably only did what was necessary to save themselves). But given the lack of most wildlife here, and looking round, a distinct shortage of berries or nuts, Tim couldn’t help but wonder why they were her in the first place.  Hunting and foraging were out. Maybe they happened to be walking here, but it was quite a coincidence if t
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NaNo '13 Day 4
“Damned optimism” he muttered darkly to himself. He should be a tad more panicked than he was, but no. Instead his mind was almost cheerful at this unexpected turn of events. Seeing the positive aspects over the negatives. Sighing, at least he was able to put thoughts together coherently. Getting to his feet, slightly shakily, he surveyed the scene. Putting a hand to his brow to shield his eyes from the sunlight, he tried to spot any useful landmarks to even vaguely identify his location.  After a few minutes, of course he couldn’t find anything. Slapping his forehead and grimacing in frustration he of course realised a different time and place would of course be different, and devoid of ‘modern’ landmarks.  Though there was the gate… which meant he could with some (albeit faltering) logic determine this place as being where the plaza would be built at some eventual point in time in the future. Or possibly was where it had been built in th
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NaNo '13 Day 3
Timothy stood still for a couple of minutes, as the realisation of what this could all mean, were it true, hit home. However, this was still all theoretical.  There was no conclusive ‘proof’ or evidence any of this were actually happening. Supposition and fantasies were not substantial evidence for anything. He tried to shrug off the fear that had momentarily gripped him in the wake of possibility of life changing events.  They hadn’t happened yet, and likely wouldn’t, so needless worrying was pointless. If any of it definitely happened, then he could start to worry with justification. Until then, he just had to let it be.  Shaking his head and sighing, as though that would actually change anything, he tried his best to let the newfound stresses go. Carrying on his walk, he tried to absorb himself in the natural beauty around – the fires of the falling leaves, the majesty of the growing oaks and ashes around him.  He could hear the twit
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NaNo '13 Day 2
In the morning, the man stirred from his dreamful slumber slowly.  He had a day off, so he had nowhere to be urgently, and the chill in the room meant the cosy warm bed was not exactly something he wanted to leave. Indeed as his mind woke further, the cold hit him harder on the exposed face, and he pulled the covers up tighter, trying in vain to stay warm.  He really regretted not having night heating on, and having not yet unpacked and fitted his electric blanket. Though he also realised as soon as the blanket was fitted, he would definitely struggle to get out of the warmer bed. Still, he was now awake. Dreams were fading fast, along with any warnings or messages they may (or may not) have contained. Like it or not, he would have to get out of bed and face the chilly day.
As he finally threw back the covers and sat up, he shivered briefly. Glancing at the temperature reading on his thermometer, he grimaced. Barely thirteen degrees. No wonder it felt so cold. Picking up
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NaNo '13 Day 1
The rain pitter-pattered as it hit the windows of various buildings lining the streets. Not quite a full on down pour, but more than an annoying drizzle. It penetrated clothing with ease, and an umbrella was more or less useless given the angle of descent. The bitter autumnal wind whipped long coats and scarfs up and about, adding to commuter misery wherever they went.
One figure in particular was having less than a fun time.  Having taken an umbrella thinking it would help, he had been proved wrong, and was now struggling to carry it alongside the various errands and groceries filling his hands.  Indeed, such was his regular fussing to adjust his grip he failed to notice his veering towards an obstacle. That is until he walked smack, bang right into the lamp post.  Staggering slightly, and dropping the umbrella, he cursed under his breath, and subtly looked round. Having established that, no, no one had been around to see his idiocy he gave up the attempts to use the um
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Autumn Leaves
Autumn leaves
The autumn leaves are falling,
Dancing deftly all around;
Once high on lofty treetops,
Now swirling swiftly on the ground.
A cacophony of colour,
A symphony of sound;
Stimulation and sensation,
For everybody can be found.
Orange, amber, ochre, umber;
Yellow, red, brown, gold and green;
A myriad of shapes and shades,
Floating down for all to see.
Death, decay, dirt and detritus,
Is what most see as they sweep;
But it’s simply Winter stirring,
Rising from its slumber deep.
Soon the snow and ice will follow,
Letting mother nature rest;
In creation’s form of buffering,
For Spring and Summer at their best.
So enjoy the leaves a-tumbling,
Flitting freely on the breeze.
Autumn’s splendour is upon us,
Preparing us for Winter’s freeze.
:iconkimgardarkwolf:kimgardarkwolf 0 0
The sky is blue, the grass is Green
The sky is blue, the grass is green
That’s the way it’s always been.
But what if this was not the case?
And all life’s colours just changed place?
Imagine then a bright pink tree,
(A crazy sight to you and me.)
A sea of gold, or amethyst
An azure sun, a turquoise mist.
The deepest black, now brightest white
A place of gloom now one of light.
Where shadows once bred doom and fear,
They beckon all from far and near.
Yellow clouds in violet skies
An emerald glow that marks sun’s rise.
Greens are stops and reds are go’s,
In umber streets and roads of rose.
Ochre grasses on the hills
And parks that grow black daffodils.
The classic rainbow, now obscene
Without a hint of red or green.
Purple peaches, blue bananas,
Ruby lemons, mauve sultanas;
Duck Egg grapes and silver berries
Scarlet nuts and off-white cherries.
The sky is blue, the grass is green
Just the way it’s always been,
But think of what the world might be,
If that wasn't
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Nano'leven, synopsis.. of sorts
Yeah. Not much idea really, so this'll do for now...
Not much plot. But what I do have so far (being far more Dr Who based than planned):
Boy meets girl
Boy saves girl's life
Girl falls for boy (literally and figuratively)
Boy and girl go back to Boy's house.
Boy discovers a major family secret, and is ultimately revealed to be descended directly from a popular Comic/TV Sci-fi show's main character.
Boy and girl together find out a little more about the Boy's history, as boy acquires familiar tools used in the 'family trade' as it were.
Strange, wonderful, timey~wimey things happen.
Adventure, danger, fun, frolics, pop culture references, and so on.
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Nano'leven, pt 4
Tim wondered what was happening.  Last thing he remembered he had jumped onto a bed in his new TARDIS with Lucy.  Next thing he knows he is in the middle of nowhere.  At least nowhere he knew.
"Odd" he mused.  Looking around, he saw no signs of Lucy.  Though he did see a flying banana and three crazy unicorns – one blue, one pink and one rather bemused grey one.
"Right.  I guess I'm dreaming then…" he said aloud, hoping he was in fact dreaming and not having some sort of mental breakdown. Shrugging his shoulders, he decided to wander over to the unicorns.  They seemed vaguely familiar.  Something from a silly but once popular video on the internet or something.  However, as he got nearer, he was abruptly stopped.  Rubbing his head as he had banged it on something… glass? And very large.  Putting up his hands, he realised as he felt the surface that he had been lo
:iconkimgardarkwolf:kimgardarkwolf 0 0
Nano'leven, pt 3
Lucy was awestruck.  A most beautiful, unique and random gift. And the way Tim ahd seemingly picked random pieces to make the necklace appear just so.  At least, it looked like he chose random pieces, but she liked to think he knew what he was taking and using. Only in a 'mad scientist running about in organised chaos' kind of style.  Which made the gift all the more special.  It was like 'the' doctor had done it, since it was almost like watching the shows where he runs round the TARDIs console, flicking seemingly random switches, and twiddling dial. Though he knew exactly what he was doing, it just looked so comical and chaotic. Then again, Tim did have a bit of the the Doctor inside him, so it wasn't entirely surprising that he would act at least a little bit like him too. Tim was her 'doctor'. Or at least her part-timelord.  She doubted she could likely go for anyone else, now she knew about Tim's heritage. She had liked him for a w
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Nano'leven, pt 2
"So, any plans for tonight? I mean, I don't think you'll be working for a few days, until they can arrange you to work shifts elsewhere, or something else." Tim asked, genuinely innocent.
"Why are you so keen to know? You want to ask me out on a date, ending up at yours or mine or something?" she jested. As Timothy started to blush and get a little flustered, trying to stutter about not meaning it like that, she burst into a short laugh.
"Kidding!. Actually I didn't have anything planned. And If you wanna hang and do stuff, that sounds cool to me. I mean, you only saved my life and all, so I guess it could be a 'reward' or something…" she added, blushing at the end, though even she didn't quite know why.
"Oh. Cool. So… any movies you wanna go see, or something?" Tim added, now trying desperatly not to be as flustered and nervous as he was. Now the events of the day were several hours behind them, and the shock and stuff had worn off, this was now just a date. The first date T
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"Hi-diddle deedle deedl-ai dum"
OK. I think it's clear to say that someone is bored. Very Bored. Who is this someone? Well this'll only take a minute, just sit right there and I'll tell you all the story of…
Nah. Let's not go there. Let's be a bit more sensible. The bored guy? He's going to be a main character. No, really. Once we get going, and a plot materialises, he'll be at least one of the main protagonists. He might be lucky enough to not be amongst the ones that die. Who knows where the deranged and unravelling mind of this author will lead? But enough fourth wall breaking. For now at least.
Tim sat bored. Listlessly he let his left leg hang down from the tree branch he was using as his seat. It was a nice day, and he was hiding from the sun in the leafy hidey-hole that he regularly used. If he wanted to be alone, for whatever reason, he tended to retreat to the relative comfort of his shady cell. And if the rain came on, it was only a quick sprint to the b
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Kimi/Craig/Pirate Timelord
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Leicester
Happy New Year (when it comes to those it hasn't arrived yet for...)

Wow. Managed to not write a single journal entry in 2016...


Whilst I don't set 'New Year Resolutions' per-say (Pie-crust promises - easily made, easily broken), I'm hoping to get a few things done this year:

*Finally learn to drive/ pass my test (Since work also want this of me, as it'll lead to promotion, as they want me out and about training up other units. To the point the execs have agreed to pay for a portion of the lessons/etc.)

*Lose some weight/ get into doing some form of regular exercise. Or at least try and shrink my gut and ass a bit.  Mainly trying to get into a regular routine of some sort, since that's what's gone wrong last few years.

*Try and do some form of regular/semi-regular writing.  Possibly do some drawing. Targets still need working out so it's achievable but still a challenge (otherwise it's not really worth the effort/time)

And to be honest, the biggest one - *Try and work up enough confidence/ work through my own issues enough that I can try and go out for the occasional night out solo (since currently I literally do what I can to avoid going out, unless there are friends, since I'm terrified at social interaction with strangers).

Not that there's many people going to read this, but that's fine. This is more for me than anything else. :)
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