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Comis Info by kimgabydesu

Hi, Everyone. Me and Youme Project are opening Live 2D Commission

Live2d comis by kimgabydesu

Violet by kimgabydesu


Bust Up $100
Waist Up $200

Chibi $100

You will get :

- 10 second animation in GIF with 3 expressions, and 1 video in MP4 format + PNG still images of your character with 3 expressions

- Only for personal use
- If you want to make a live wallpaper app using your Live 2D Character, contact us at

:yes: I CAN DO::yes: 

- Ocs
- Fanart
- Female and Male characters for Chibi
- Female only character for Anime Style (Bust Up and Waist Up)
- Real life person
- Simple animal / pet (or adding tail and 

No, I disagree! I CAN'T DO :No, I disagree! 

- R18+ Ecchi, Hentai
- Yaoi drawings
- Furry, Mecha, gore


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see more drawings : My instagram

Terms by kimgabydesu

1. I only accept Live 2D commission via email
2. Please give detailed references and explanation about your commission
3. Payment via Paypal only
4. Only accept full payment before work started
5. The commission is for PERSONAL use only

Worktemlen by kimgabydesu

The Live 2D commission will took for about 1 month to finish :

1. After the payment, I will start sketching. It will took around 3-4 days.
2. I will send the sketch for you to be reviewed and probably revised
3. After being reviewed, I will start making it into Live 2D assets and it will took for about 2 weeks.
4. The animation process will be done for about 1-1.5 weeks after the illustration finish.

5. We will send the final version to your email.

Comisorder by kimgabydesu
You can email : info@youme-project 
with the title LIVE 2D COMMISSION and you can fill the form :

Name :
Character details :
Reference Images :
Additional character / info (personality, etc.) :

Thank you and have a nice day~

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Hi, I'd like to be friends with you, and now I have a new twitter account. Let's be friends and share things about art.  Follow my twitter account @kkimgaby
Thanks 😆
I feel so old, *sipping the green tea*
I've been so lazy to work out, although I know work out is very very very important for people who sit for almost a whole day like meh,
and now my back hurts, I have usual stomach problems and my teeth hurts because the last tooth grows and I can't eat properly..
I think I should take a rest and work out little by little...burn some calories..
uuuggh my back.... >_<!
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It's already 2014!
It's been a year that I enjoy myself as an Illustrator.
2013 was fun, and I want 2014 to be more fun and awesome!
I want to improve my Illustration skill so I can make my own doujinshi artbooks and be famous of course!

Happy new year everyone, happy holiday and enjoy your holiday before the busy daily schedule start in a new year~
So Last week until this week, I created some fanart to motivate myself to draw again and practice coloring and painting with some tools.
And I will end The Fanart Project week today, Ima made arigatou gozaimashita! 
I know I still far away from good ^^" But I will always practice harder and harder everyday, so please watch me and support me everyone! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! Mohon bantuannya!
Every single appreciation from you will make me happy and motivate me to practive more and more! So, thank you very much again for you people~

I will start making original character start from tomorrow, so I will set an "OC Project Week" for about one week from now on!

Yoroshiku, minna! Arigatou Gozaimaaaashita ^^ 
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I feel bad with my past account : mishimaaiyuki to be closed.
Silly me.
Because I think the name is soooo long and weird so I decided to make a new one.

And I just update a new art for deviant ID only. After 2 years.
2 years before I just so hype to make art.
Nah. College interrupt me. Start from kolokium and friends, then the last "Final Project" that almost killing me. Softly...


Now I'm graduating from college. And choosing the path of future.
I had made a resolution for my life. I want to be what I wanted to (of course..)

I want to be an illustrator.

I thought that I'll forget and lost my interest with anime, manga, comics or whatever it was when I grow up. But the fact said the opposite.

I became more interested with ALL of that.
I love drawing. It's my hobby. But I gotta make my hobby become a money for my life :D

Welcome back to myself. Hi Deviant Art.
Nice to meet you, Again.
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