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We're a group for fans of the anime/manga series Demon Slayer (Japanese: 鬼滅の刃 Hepburn: Kimetsu no Yaiba, lit. Demon-slaying Blade).
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Breath of Love (Demon Slayer: KNY Fanfic)Ren was curious about the new visitors at the Butterfly Estate. She was informed there were four, but she had only seen three of them. She had been at the estate for a few weeks after she had successfully hunted and killed three demons. Though that was nothing to brag about, she thought. And surely, compared to those around her, only killing three demons was probably just an easy Tuesday for them. The Hashira were so strict and uptight and skilled, and even the children Ren’s age seemed to be overpowered. But she didn’t mind. It wasn’t like she was here to climb the ranks just to prove herself. When she saw the three new arrivals to the Butterfly Estate, they looked like they had been through Hell and back. One of them, the boy with yellow hair had bruises and some type of infection all over his body, plus his arms had shrunken. Ren wondered what blood demon art had caused such an effect on him. The second boy had red hair and kind eyes, and though he looked the most exhausted out of the three, he always seemed to be checking up on his friends’ wellbeing. Then there was the third, a much more muscular boy with a boar’s head mask. She had not yet seen him without the mask and wondered what he looked like. From what Aoi had told her, he couldn’t speak because his throat was severely damaged. Though Ren wished it were the yellow haired boy who couldn’t speak, because she often heard him whining and complaining rather loudly about the medicine Aoi was trying to give him to heal his infection.After Ren’s last demon encounter, she had gotten a fractured rib and several broken fingers. Both injuries had almost fully healed, her fingers only having to be bound with a wrapping to keep them in place while her rib was practically fully healed. She had been lucky as to not have any other internal injuries or ruptures. Those demons she fought had been immensely difficult and rather annoying to deal with especially when she had to fight with damaged bones. But she didn’t care about that now, as those demons had given her no help in finding her long lost friend and her bones had been mended. She wasn’t even mad at the demons in the first place for injuring her as that was normal in battle. Though her injuries looked like nothing compared to what happened to the three boys she saw. Especially the one with the mask. Aoi had told her his esophagus had been practically crushed and his upper spine and ribs were fractured. Ren felt so bad, she often visited him in the hospital wing just to check on them. She kept her distance from the yellow haired boy though, mostly because of his noise and the fact that whenever he looked at a girl he seemed to get all weirdly lovey-dovey. Ren currently sat outside under a cherry tree, studying her copper blade as she had done many times before. It was a peaceful state of meditation she often had, studying her blade underneath a tree. However that state of peace was interrupted as she noticed Aoi walking up to her in somewhat of a rush.“Here,” Aoi told her, gesturing for her to take two cups of water. “What’s this for?” Ren asked, a little caught off guard by the action. “I can’t deal with the yellow-haired boys whining any longer,” she stated. “You give him his medicine today if you want to help out. Come to think of it, you haven’t really been doing anything the past few weeks so you might as well pitch in. Check on the pig head guy too.”“I was healing,” Ren stated, raising an eyebrow at the blue-eyed girl. “I thought that would be a good enough explanation for someone with injuries such as mine to rest.” Aoi always had a way of bossing people around and was overall pretty stern all the time. “I guess,” she huffed. “Just do it. You have much more patience than I do so just give him his medicine today so I don’t punch him in the face for his complaining.” “Alright,” Ren shrugged, though truly, she didn’t want to hear any more complaining from anybody. She made her way back inside the estate toward the hospital wing, where upon peeking her head in already saw the yellow-haired boy wide awake. His head snapped toward her, and a big smile stretched across his face as if a wonderful scent had just washed over him. “Hellooooo,” he waved to her ecstatically. “Hi,” Ren greeted him, stepping into the room. She noticed the red-haired boy wasn’t there. “Have we met yet? I don’t think we have,” the yellow-haired boy grinned, leaning toward her as she sidled up to his bedside. “My name’s Zenitsu, what’s yours?”“Ren,” she replied with a smile. “Ren? That’s a pretty name,” Zenitsu complimented, eyes half closed as he wobbled back and forth slightly. “Are you a doctor here like the other girls? Though they’re kind of mean and always yell at me, you don’t look as mean as them…” “Uh, no I’m not, actually,” Ren shrugged. “But Aoi told me to give you your medicine for the day.” She sat on his bed, being as polite as possible even if his energy was completely overwhelming. No wonder Aoi had had enough of him. “Hehehehe,” he giggled. “Oh, wait, what, medicine!? That gross stuff?! Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, it’s just that stuff is so gross…” “Yeah, medicine can suck,” Ren said. “But if you take it, you’ll get better, I promise. I know it’s hard, I’ve had to take nasty medicine before too. But I managed, and you’ll never have to take it again. So just get through these next few days, or at least until your infection heals, okay?” Zenitsu was staring at her so hard with the biggest puppy eyes Ren thought he might black out.“Uh-huh,” he nodded, wiping his nose with his sleeve. “Anything for you, Ren!” He took the cup from her hand and hurriedly gulped it all down. Ren let out a relieved sigh. Zenitsu shuddered at the taste. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, what’s your friends’ names?” She asked. “Huh? Oh, the red haired one is Tanjiro,” Zenitsu wiped his mouth. “And the crazy boar head is named Inosuke.” “Thank you,” Ren said, standing up from the bed. Zenitsu grabbed onto her haori and tugged. “Wait! Where are you going?” He asked as if he were desperate. “I’m just going to check on Inosuke,” Ren told him. This poor boy was an unhealthy amount of hopeless romantic. “You should get some rest, okay? I’ll be in the same room if that helps.”“O-okay,” Zenitsu sniffed. Ren forced a smile at him again before striding over to Inosuke’s bed, where he was laying down, presumably asleep. She sat at the foot, looking over his mask. She wondered why he hadn’t taken it off. Wasn’t it hard to breath under there, especially if his throat was damaged? Suddenly, his body twitched, and he let out a low groan. “Eh…” he sat up slowly, his gaze presumably in her direction. “WAIT, WHAT THE?! WHO ARE YOU?!” His voice raised suddenly, albeit strained. It startled Ren from his sudden outburst, his body twitching with each word. “Whoa, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” she blurted, holding her hands up in defense. “Go away, don’t poke at my neck like those other- “He was cut off by his own coughing. Ren’s eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Are you okay? Here, drink this,” she held out the other cup of water she had to him. “No! I’m fine,” Inosuke forced himself to say, hands clutching at his neck. “Don’t bother, stupid water doesn’t help!”“Shh, don’t strain yourself,” Ren spoke quietly in a calming tone. “I told you he was crazy!” Zenitsu shouted from the other side of the room. “Shut up!” Inosuke yelled back but immediately heaved and coughed violently again. “Don’t hurt yourself,” Ren ushered. “Here, drink this, please. Water will soothe your throat, and it’ll make you feel better.” “I don’t… want it,” Inosuke rasped. Ren sighed. “Okay,” she said, standing up from the bed. She wouldn’t force him to drink it, and she didn’t want to see him in a ruckus over her presence.“W-wait,” Inosuke spoke suddenly, his head – rather, the boar mask – facing her directly. “O-okay, I’ll… drink it.” “Here you go,” she smiled, gently handing him the cup of water. He practically snatched it out of her hands, quickly lifting the mask up just past his lips to take a gulp then shoved the boar head back down, looking away from her. “Take your time. I was told what happened to your throat. I’m so sorry. I hope you heal soon. It is the most cleansing substance after all.” Inosuke looked back up at her. Though Ren couldn’t tell what facial expression he was making, the long stare he gave her didn’t seem out of any sort of rage or annoyance. “Say thank you!” Zenitsu called. “I was gonna already say that, you idiot!” Inosuke shouted back. Ren sighed at the boys’ exchange of words. Friends yet enemies, presumably. The boar-headed boy turned back to Ren. “Thank… thanks,” he rasped, voice low. Ren smiled. “You’re welcome,” she said. “I can get you more water if you’d like. But both of you should rest. I may be no doctor, but I know that’s what you both need.” She grinned to both of them. Zenitsu's smile stretched ear to ear as he let out a sort of satisfied whine as he shimmied underneath the blankets, falling asleep quickly. Ren gave Inosuke a thumbs up before leaving the room.~~~“Ren!” Aoi shouted, startling Ren out of her imagination as she walked down one of the many hallways. She turned on her heel to see Aoi running toward her with a frustrated expression. Oh dear. “Yes? What is it?” Ren questioned as Aoi stopped in front of her. “That stupid boar head guy isn’t listening to me or any of the other doctors anymore,” Aoi exclaimed. “He refuses to take the medicine for his throat unless you’re there!” “Huh?” Ren raised an eyebrow. “Really?” “Yes! He kept saying stuff like ‘no, I’m not drinking this crap for you anymore! Go get the brown haired one!’, and stupid stuff like that,” Aoi explained, throwing her hands in the air. “Just, come on!” She grabbed one of Ren’s hands and dragged her down the hallway. Ren silently went along with her. What was up with Inosuke? As they entered the hospital wing, they were immediately greeted by screaming from what seemed to be both Zenitsu and Inosuke, along with a few of the other little girl assistants that worked there. “Inosuke! Stop thrashing around, you’ll hit one of the girls!” Zenitsu cried. “I don’t care about that!” Inosuke interjected. “They keep tryin’ to touch my neck!”“They’re trying to help you, idiot!” Zenitsu yelled back. “Besides, you let them do it before, why not again?!” “Because!” Inosuke replied. “Just calm down!” One of the girls exclaimed. “If you keep putting off taking your medicine, your throat will get worse!” “Everyone shut the hell up!” Aoi yelled upon entering the room with Ren. Everyone went quiet, their focus on the two girls. Ren felt woozy just by listening to everyone scream at each other. “You, over there, now,” Aoi shoved Ren toward Inosuke. “You, yellow hair, don’t say anything or I’ll make you take TWO of your medicines today!” Zenitsu just nodded eagerly with a whimper, shrinking into his sleeping wear. “U-um…” Ren stammered awkwardly, eyes locked on Inosuke. He was still wearing his boar mask, but she assumed he was looking at her. She sat down at the foot of his bed and gave him a small smile. “I heard you haven’t taken your medicine, why’s that?” Inosuke seemed to be caught of guard by the question, huffing and crossing his arms. “Nothing!” He grumbled. “Just… you give it to me, okay?” “Alright,” Ren hesitantly said, picking up the cup of watered medicine from the nightstand and holding it out to him. He took it and repeated the same action he had done before, lifting his mask up to drink it hurriedly. Ren looked to Aoi for help, in which the blue-eyed girl replied with a frustrated expression and extended her hands out like she was measuring her patience going thin, that or trying to state something obvious.“Done,” Inosuke aggressively placed the cup back down and looked away from Ren, crossing his arms. “Um…” Ren’s eyebrows furrowed. “Does your throat need to be checked?” “Yes,” Aoi said from the other side of the room. “No,” Inosuke huffed at the same time. “Yes, yes it does,” Aoi reiterated, voice stern. “He won’t let us or anyone else touch it.” “Oh, okay,” Ren nodded, looking back to the boar masked boy. “Inosuke, my parents used to be doctors, and I learned a lot from their practices, though I never became a doctor myself. Do you mind if I check your throat to make sure nothing is out of alignment?” Inosuke grumbled something she couldn’t decipher.“Fine,” he said, scooting toward her but still looking away. Ren smiled, reaching her hands out toward his neck. She had to lift the boar mask up slightly to reach it, just past his chin. With her free hand, she placed two fingers against his throat, making him wince. “I won’t hurt you,” she reassured him. “Yeah, psh, you couldn’t hurt me even if you tried!” Inosuke huffed. Ren rolled her eyes and continued gently palpitating his throat muscles. Nothing seemed to be out of alignment, though she could definitely feel part of it had been dented. “I’m just going to move my fingers up a little bit, is that okay?” Ren asked. Inosuke nodded with a grunt. She delicately massaged her fingers over the rest of his throat, then up toward his jaw muscles. It was then that she noticed underneath his mask, which smelled of wild animals’ fur, his cheeks were burning red. “Oh goodness, your face,” Ren said. “Are you okay? Do you have a fever?” “What?! What’s wrong with my face?!” Inosuke blurted, shoving his boar mask down as far as he could making Ren shrink her hands away. “You got a problem with my face?!” “H-huh? No, not at all!” Ren claimed. “I was just wondering if you were okay, you looked like you were burning up!”“No! It’s fine, I’m fine!” Inosuke waved her away with one hand. “Do you have a fever?” Aoi stepped closer to them, hands on her hips. “No!” Inosuke protested. “I just… it’s nothing, I just get hot under this mask sometimes!” “Then why don’t you take the damn thing off?” Aoi sneered. “Because everyone is not worthy of seeing my face!” Inosuke growled. Well, that was an odd statement. Did his pride really mean that much to him? “Take it off, if you have a fever we need to check,” Aoi gestured with her hand for him to take off his mask. “No!” Inosuke squirmed back, kicking his feet at her. “Why, you stubborn little-!” Aoi reached forward to take off his boar head. “What if I check for you?” Ren asked before the situation could get any worse. The two of them looked at her. “Inosuke, if you have a fever, it’s important we check so you don’t get sick. Will you take your mask off for me to let me check?” “Ehhh… no!” Inosuke grumbled, looking away from her.“Take. It. Off!” Aoi shouted, reaching forward, and yanking his mask off of him before he could react. Ren’s eyes widened at the sight of his real face. He looked very feminine, thick eyelashes surrounding his large, shimmering green eyes. He had a head full of black and blue locks that were slightly frizzled from the friction taking the mask off had given them. Despite his angered expression, Ren found his features quite beautiful. His face turned bright red again as he glanced at her, however. “Give it back!” He shouted, reaching up to take the boar head out of Aoi’s hands. “No!” Aoi shouted. “I don’t care if you’re ashamed of your face, let Ren check your temperature!” She hurried away with the mask, and before he could chase after her, Ren placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. He snapped his head to look at her, more bewildered than ever. Ren couldn’t help but smile. “What? You, you think this is funny?” Inosuke blurted. “No, not at all,” Ren said. “I just wondered what you looked like under there.” “Wha-?” Inosuke drew out the “a” in his half-finished sentence. “Just let me touch your forehead, okay?” Ren said. “You look like you’re burning up.” “No, I’m not!” “You’re bright red.” “That doesn’t mean anything!”Ren sighed and placed her hand over his forehead, having to brush some of his surprisingly soft locks of hair out of the way. He was warm, very warm, and his face seemed to get even redder once she touched him. He grumbled under his breath. Despite all his shouting and overly rough demeanor, Ren couldn’t help but find his behavior cute. “Do you feel sick?” Ren asked. “No,” Inosuke crossed his arms. “I told you, I’m fine.” “Okay, I believe you,” Ren smiled to him. “May I ask, why did you want me specifically to give you your medicine and treat your neck?” Inosuke flinched, eyes shooting wide open. “I shouldn’t need to tell you my reason,” he snorted. “Fair enough,” Ren shrugged, bringing her hand away from his face. “Aoi, I don’t think he has a fever. I think he’s just embarrassed because he didn’t want to take his mask off in front of us, which is a reasonable reaction if you ask me." “What?! I’m not embarrassed!” Inosuke nearly shouted. “What the hell gave you that notion, huh?” He pointed at Ren with aggression.“Well, you’re blushing, for one,” Ren pointed out calmly. “And you’re flustered, overreacting.” “I’m not overreacting!” Inosuke insisted. Aoi made her way back over to them with a roll of her eyes, holding out the boar mask for Inosuke. He snatched it from her hands and pulled it back over his face with a huff. Ren thought it was adorable how flustered he had gotten. She stood from the bed, resting her hand on the handle of her sword.“I think my work here is done,” she said. “Yeah, yeah go on,” Aoi ushered her. “Actually, you know what? Since this idiot won’t listen anymore you come here every day from now on, you hear me? I’m not dealing with him anymore.” Ren thought for a moment. “Okay then,” she said. “You’re one to talk!” Inosuke shouted at Aoi. “It’s ME who has to put up with YOU!”"Shut your mouth!" Aoi replied. Ren sighed and left the room before she could hear any more screaming. She wondered why Inosuke refused to comply to anything unless she was the one helping him. No matter the reason, Ren felt drawn to the wild boy and couldn't wait to get to know him better.
unintentionally roommates renguko x reader,Admittedly, it was a little heartbreaking saying your goodbye's to your family as they dropped you off at campus for your first year at college. Your mom couldn't help but sob and give you the old "you were just a baby in my arms and now you're going to college" spiel. And well your dad, he was trying his hardest not to sob as he helped you unload your baggage. You kissed and hugged them before sending them back off on the road. An audible sigh of relief and smile tugged at your lips as you carried your things and headed towards your assigned dorm. It was absolutely surreal watching as students filed in and out of buildings. Most of them scrambling to get to their destinations and settle in their spaces, although you were a bit more prepared than most. You were already familiar with campus, which dorm you'd be in and even met and exchanged messages with your soon to be roommate. As you headed into the dorm building, you went straight to the elevator and hit the number 3. And as it was about to close, a hand shot right through the crevice of the elevator where the doors were about to meet. You flinched at the swiftness.How annoying. You grit your teeth. That is until you saw how captivating the person behind the platform doors were. It was like the sun had erupted when the barrier opened and you could've sworn you heard angels singing. Tresses of fiery hair and eyes to match enveloped your vision in a blazing fashion. The fact that someone could pull off hair as good as him just simply had to be a sin. "Sorry about that." He beamed. His smile was enough to spread warmth across your cheeks, yet send a shiver up your spine. Oblivious to your being moonstruck, he glanced over at the elevator buttons to get to his destination. "Oh, you're living on the same floor as me?"You could've sworn your heart stopped in that moment. "Y-yeah, you're dorming on level 3, too?"Yes, please [name]. Please choke on your words some more while you're at it.The elevator dinged and you both simultaneously stepped out. "Yeah, I'm at Room," He fished out his key card and caught a glimspe of the number. "302."ROOM 302?!He was already a short distance ahead of you and you clambered over to him as he watched the keycard do its magic, going from red to green. Your thoughts were absolutely racing as he stepped inside and dropped his bags to the floor. It couldn't be--it literally can't be."Huh?" He peeped over his shoulder to see you there gawking at him. "Oh, hey. I never got your name.""Y-you're" You uttered in disbelief. "Yup." He smiled at you again with such intense warmth, but it faltered when he saw you absolutely crumble to the ground. Yup, you definitely just passed out on the ground in front of rank S hottie. Nice one, [name].╰ ☼ ╮The sensation of mellowness hugged at your body and you felt the corners of your lips turn into a pleased expression as you opened your eyes and stretched. But were in for a rude or rather splendidly unexpected awakening."Oh, [name] you're awake."Your body completely froze in place. It couldn't be.Your head slowly rotated in the sound of the voice that you were already aware of who it belonged to. Low and behold, the glorious hottie that was seated in the bed that was, by now, completely furnished across from where you laid. Your body jolted awake, stiff to the bone as you, once again, stare stupidly and vacant at him."How do you know my name and where is my roommate?" It was more of a demand than it was a question. He chuckled at your sudden abruptness. Was it warranted? Most definitely. Was it everyday that a girl dormed with guy? Most definitely not."Well," He handed you your card and school ID. "You dropped this when you passed on the floor."Your cheeks flushed red in embarassment. You what?!"I--passed out?" Thousands of thoughts cascaded through your head as you sat there blank faced. Oh, you were a big idiot [name]. Huge idiot."B-but, you--and I--" Your brain felt like it was absolutely fried and scrambled. Distressed, you hurriedly pulled out your phone and scrolled through you emails.╔ ——————————————— ╗2 weeks ago at 2:20amfrom: vivenne freecshey [name], i know this is probablygoing to suck when i say this...╚ ——————————————— ╝You clicked the lock button on your phone. There was no need for you to read the rest because you knew what it was going to say. It wasn't a mistake. This was your dorm and he was your roommate. "Hey, are you alright?" His face was contorted with worry as he took a seat next to you. You looked up and smiled weakly at him. "Yeah, I can see now that this wasn't a mistake." "Well, yeah, it's a co-ed dormitory." "Co-ed?!" You shrieked. That was almost enough to make you pass out again. If your parents found out about this they would totally freak at you. They weren't crazy strict or anything, but living with a boy who wasn't even blood related or that you knew for that matter. Oh, yeah you were totally dead [name]. The sound of chuckling made your ears perk up and you saw the man who's name you still didn't know trying not to make light at you snickering in the palm of his hand. "I'm sorry. It's just that it was on the applications when you were signing up for what dorm you wanted to be in, so I thought every one knew." His expression just merely amused watching how you went through the five staged of grief in a span of 5 minutes. Slowly, you felt the acceptance embrace the inner corners of your brain. Your parents just might kill you if they found out that you were sleeping in the same room as another boy, but fuck it I guess. There was no turning back now. "It is what it is." You sighed, running a hand through your hair. "Well, since we're going to be roommates. I should at least know your name." His eyes twinkled as he spoke and held his hand out."Kyoujorou. Kyoujorou Renguko." You couldn't help but chuckle as you shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you, Kyoujorou."
substitute teacher | renguko kyojuro x reader,a/n: this is a pretty long read, so read at your own risk of boredom. i guess it could also b classified as a "x giyuu" but the title is just way too long and kind of throws the main focus off. might turn this into multiple parts so let me know what y'all think!❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀word count: 2,538"I literally don't know shit about history."Giyu sighed in exasperation. "You don't need to know anything about history [first name]. The teacher already has a lesson plan and you literally just need to pass out the papers. I just need you to cover for a couple of a days because one of the teachers are out sick."You groaned as you threw your head back in annoyance, pushing your feet up against the edge of your desk. Even though it didn't look it Giyu was practically begging you to substitute for one of his coworkers. And he never almost asks for favors. Giyu ran a hand through his hair. "He's super picky with his subs and everyone he's had come in hasn't come back.""So you're saying that I'm a good pick." You mused, with your head in your hands with an annoying smug look."Don't push it."You scrunched your face in disgust. "I just really, really don't want to Giyu. Middle school kids are the absolute worst. All they do is make moaning noises and forget or neglect to wear deodarant." Giyu lightly chuckled. Your eyes darted to watch his usually solemn demeanor melted away into a small smile which immediately disappeared when you caught wind of it.He cleared his throat and continued to speak like nothing happened. "Anyway, so you'll do it?"You rolled your eyes. "Yeah, whatever. I'll do it."Giyu looked pleased with himself when he heard your answer. "I mean after all, I do owe you like a million and one favors." You sarcastically mused. Which you kind of did. Giyu was your childhood best friend and always kept your out trouble in the nick of time. Whether it was you getting chased down by the neighborhood cat, or when you got gum stuck in your hair and you didn't want your parents to find out so he quickly snipped it out of your hair with everything seemingly in place like nothing happened. Yeah you could say you were a bit of troublemaker growing up, but Giyu was like the older brother that always looked after you."I'm so glad you realized." He replied cooly. "Be here by 7:30AM. Don't be late, I already have enough on my plate and I don't need you embarassing me."You used your hand to shoo him out of your office space. "Mhm, you can leave now.""I'm serious." "Yup."He squinted his eyes at you."[first name]""Ok! I got it. I'll be there 7:30 sharp." You exclaimed throwing your arms up in surrender.He smirked in satisfaction. "Good."─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───The morning air was crisp as the sun shone down on your blurred eyes. You absolutely dreaded waking up in the morning and despite that you still agreed to be here. Oh, how you hated that man."Good morning." A familiar voice muffled beside you.Speak of the devil.He was munching away at his raisin bread walking next to you in the most nonchalant manner. Typical Giyu."Shut up." You mumbled miserably. "You know, you could be a little nicer." Your eyes narrowed at him. Expression in full death stare mode, but Giyu was as cool as ever, and as always completely unfazed by your behavior. But before you could retaliate, middle and highschool girls were practically lining up to say good morning to Giyu, blushing like mad when he acknowledged them. You on the other hand, were getting the death stares and whispers instead."Must be nice to be the heart throb PE teacher." You teased, poking him with your binder.Giyu ignored you as you walked into the building, showing you to your classroom. You ignored the stares of kids burning holes through your back as you analyzed everything. Tons of inspirational historical quotes lined the walls, pictures and signatures of past and possibly current students covered one single wall. You inspected closely trying to catch a glimpse of who the teacher you were substituting for. One person in particular caught your eye, and he was hot. With a capital H. But before you could look at the other pictures to confirm Giyu called you over."Miss [last name], can you come up to the front and introduce yourself." You sighed as you approached the front of the classroom and watched as the students all stood up. As their whispers got louder, you had to resist the urge to roll your eyes."Good morning class. I'm going to be your substitute teacher for the day as Mr.--"You glanced over at the desk and moved the plaque in your direction. "--Renguko is out sick today."As the class bowed in respect getting their good morning greetings, some of the children could't help but show their disappointment. You noticed most of them girls."I'll leave them to you." Giyu stated, and then looked at the class. "And be good to your substitute. I don't want to hear anyone misbehaving."They bowed as he exited the room and now all eyes were on you. You sighed to yourself.I really gotta learn to say no sometimes.─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───To say you were exhausted was an understatement. It’s not that you hated kids or anything, but they always just see to have so much energy and well, you didn’t. Not even a cup of coffee could save you right now. You watched as the clock above your desk ticked and felt yourself getting more and more sleepier by the moment. Your consciousness fleeting as you lie under your warm blankets.The image of that fiery haired man popped into your head and your eyes shot open.You totally forgot to ask Giyu about that hot guy!You let out a loud groan, knowing that your timing was off because now he would most definitely be suspicious if you asked him tomorrow. The curiosity of knowing that man itched at your skin. You absolutely had to know who he was.What if he was a high school student, or worse a middle school student who looked very grown.You outwardly icked at the thought, closing your eyes and scrunching your face in disgusted.No way. He definitely had to be an adult. Maybe even a teacher.“The math teacher!” You exclaimed out loud, shooting your whole body up.It had to be him. You smiled victoriously to yourself, mentally patting yourself in the back.And you had the perfect plan set up to find out.─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───You had to have looked in the mirror for about three hours to make sure you looked absolutely stunning. Hair curled to frame your face perfectly, and make up subtle but very much enhancing your natural features. You rubbed your lips one more time in the mirror before smacking your hands to your face to wake yourself up. Giyu was not going to be happy.The morning bells chimed and you were seated at the desk welcoming students as they walked in. You discreetly checked your make up in your compact mirror under the desk to make sure nothing was running and not a hair was out of place.“Perfect.” You whispered to yourself, running a hand through your blow out. All this work for a man that probably wasn’t even a teacher here.“Miss [last name], what are you doing here.”You froze at the voice. Nothing could prepare you for the icy glare that Giyu shot down at you. It sent a shiver down your spine. But his glare melted right off of you as you glanced over to the man next to him. Your mystery man finally come true!“Oh hello, Mr. Tomioka. It’s pleasure seeing you.” You smiled, standing up. You looked right over to the handsome man right next to him. His hair like rays of sunlight with eyes to match. You could barely contain your excitement. “And you must be Mr. Renguko.”His smile as big as the sun. Scratch that. He was the sun.Bright, beautiful and fiery. He physically made you warmer just being in his very presence. You could’ve sworn you heard simultaneous female sighs in admiration, but you were way too distracted by how utterly gorgeous he was.“Yes, I am.” He cheerfully stated. “And you must be the substitute that was in for me yesterday.”He took your hand in his and you could’ve sworn you melted at his touch. Finely calloused hands, indicating that he worked with his hands a lot. Not that his physique couldn’t already tell you how absolutely fit he was.“Yes, I am. Your class was wonderful. I didn’t have any problems with them whatsoever.” You couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. This really was the man and it took every ounce of you not to pinch yourself to see if you were awake or not.“So are you going to tell me why exactly you’re here today.” Giyu chimed in. This time his icy glare had no effect.“Oh yes, I thought I was still scheduled for today. I never heard anything back from Mr.Tomioka so I assumed that I would head back in.” You lied right through your teeth and Giyu could see right through it.He narrowed his eyes at you. “And I remember emailing you last night confirming that Mr. Renguko was fully recovered and ready to work again.”You couldn’t see it but Giyu was totally spitting out venom with every single word he spoke. It was almost terrifying, but you were way too distracted by the glow of the man that was the literal sun right beside you.As if the smile on your face couldn’t get any bigger.“That’s odd. I don’t remember getting an email.” You innocently put a finger to your lip, and looked upward as if you were searching your head for the memory of the email confirmation that you definitely recall getting.Giyu’s went from you to Mr.Renguko. And then it finally clicked for him. His shoulder dropped in defeat. He did not have the strength required to dealing with your shenanigans today. He turned around heading out the classroom, raising a hand to dismissively.“Just don’t burn the place down.”You gave him two big thumbs up. “You got it!”"So would you like to observe the class since you're already here?" Mr.Renguko interjected. He motioned to the empty seat right beside his desk and chair. You beamed at him. "Only if that's okay with your class, of course.""Oh trust me, they are more than okay with that." He grinned at the students. Most of them smiled and blushed looking away from your direction. You sat there in confusion, but before you could inquire about what he said, he shot out of his seat and grabbed the stack of papers on his desk."Alright, class we are going to go over your classwork from yesterday and finish the rest of chapter six."☆彡It seemed like forever until Mr.Renguko had settled into his seat while he let his students work together on their classwork. "I can see why my students are such big fans of you." He mused. You looked up from your phone and saw him warmly grinning at your face. This time you didn't fight the blood rushing to the surface of your cheeks."What do you mean by that?""Well," He pulled out a stack of notecards and began shuffling through them. "I always have my students write their own evaluations of my substitutes and yours were outstanding. Lots of compliments about your appearance and how you carried the class."Evaluation? Appearance?Your jaw went slightly aslack at his words. The only thing that left your lips: "Evaluations...?"His grin grew. Mr.Rengoku knew that this had caught you off guard but he continued. "Yes, I like to know what substitutes are doing their job and keeping my students in line and comfortable."You were almost speechless. "Wow, you must really care about your students."He smiled softly this time, and fondly looked over at his students working diligently and quietly together. "Yes, I do. They're kind of like my own kids. I want the very best for them."Just when you thought you couldn't admire him anymore that you already did. Hot and caring? It had to be too good to be true. You pointed to the best teacher of the year awards on his desk. "I guess you didn't get those just based off your looks alone then."He visibly blushed and chuckled at you statement as he rubbed the back of his head. "Nah, I don't think so."You raised an eyebrow at him and pointed at the wall of photos and signatures that lined his wall. "That wall definitely says otherwise."He laughed a hearty laugh this time. "I don't really think that's the case. Like I said I just look after my students like their my own. They really are my pride and joy."It really was incredibly hard to not let yourself melt into a puddle in his presence alone. But before you could collect your thoughts, the lunch bell rang and students filed out to their homeroom's and handing in their assignments on their way out. Most of the girls shot you dirty looks before heading out as a way of showing their contempt towards you before the smiled at Mr.Rengoku who was collecting papers at the doorway. At this point, you literally couldn't blame them. Their teacher was a total hottie and you were practically stealing him right under their noses.As the last student handed in their assignment, Mr. Rengoku closed the door behind them and approached his desk to set aside the stack of papers. He pulled put a box of tissues, picking one out and sneezed rather loudly into it. Cheeks were now a hue of vermillion and he slighted groaned while holding his head."You don't look so good, Mr. Renguko." You stated worriedly. He waved you off. "Nonsense, I'm fine. And you can drop the formalities when were not in front of students. Call me Kyojuro."You sighed as you fumbled through your bag handing him some cold and flu pills and a packet of vitamin c. "Ok, Kyojuro. You can call me [first name], but I'm going to need you to take these for me and get on home."He blew loudly into his tissue before tossing into the trash revealing his very red nose. "I-I'm fine, Miss [last name]-- I mean [first name]. Really, I'm ok." He stuttered as he tried to collect himself and get up. Unfortunately, he couldn't hold himself up for more than ten seconds before collapsing and luckily you were there to catch him. He seemed to have been mumbled incoherent words as he laid heavily in your arms. You sighed as you slowly laid him down on the ground and reached for your cellphone to dial the one person you knew could handle this situation the best."You didn't actually burn the place down did you?" You rolled your eyes. "No, idiot. Teacher down.""Ah, fuck."

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