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This seems to happen to me and my friends all the time. Whenever you choose Ganon or Bowser and if they do a certain grab attack near the edge of a stage, there is a garantee that you will kill yourself along with the character you grabbed. Near a ledge, Ganon will grab your face and drag you out of the stage along with himself. It might be some sort of glitch or fail(it's known as Ganoncide to some).
With Bowser, he will grab you and try to bash you down to the ground, but if it's near a stage edge, he will slam you and him both out of it instead(I personally call it Koopacide).
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Happens with Ridley's Side B all the time
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kirbycide is worse. u die a very vore-ish death considering he eats ppl. OAo oooooh i should make a comic on that!
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XDDD lol! Yeah! lol sure1 Go on, I bet it'll be awesome!
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LAWLZ! I love doing that, especially to my brother when he's with me. His expressions are priceless.
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LOL!! That's funny XDD
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lol, thats happened with me and Bowser before

fun fact* in Japan, they call Bowser, Koopa in SSBB
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Yeah, They call Jigglypuff Purin in that game too.:meow:
Oh, darn it, banned again? Darn you DA...:shakefist:
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Link's grab is so hard to do this with :[ longshot-acide haha
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Yeah, I know how you feel:D
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My brother does that on purpose to me when he choses either one. Sometimes he even does it as Kirby or DK.
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I see...It's pretty annoying.:XD:
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Yoshisides are the if you can egglay a dude off stage!
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:dummy: Don't forget bowsercides!
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What? you thought i forgot? bowser just isn't my style of fighter.
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I use Bowsercides a lot when the RANDOM button lands me with him. Then I do evil laughs every time I do one :D I think it's also possible to execute a Kirbycide and spit the dude out at the last second and recover back to the stage but it's hard :D
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Yeah I agree..:XD:
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I wanna do a collab with you
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Okay :D sure! :D What should we do? :D
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