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Is this the real life ? Is this just fantasyyy .. 

No Kaira, I promise it's the real deal :giggle: you are not dreaming :') enjoy -pets her head- a little more story from Kaira's perspective :3 since some seemed to like it. 

Guess who's effort paid of after slaving for her boi Simon Kvark for a while :  A Groom's Dooom by Zoubstance ( not really, she actually enjoyed it a lot :3 eventhough she had many eye roll moments ) But he kept his promise and now Kaira is FINALLY able to compete Nero again ^^ albeit on contract with Sejrbank and he isn't hers. At least she gets the chance to show with him and boy, she couldn't be happier about that after all what happened. 


" You are awesome.. You are amazing. You can do this. You are the Queen. " I spoke to myself in the mirror, out loud like Kvark had told me to. This whole ritual of his should be working, or so he claimed. But still it felt so strange to me to say it. But somewhere deep down I felt something, but it needed more time. And it wasn't going to work for me today. Instead I laughed it off, as I always do. 
" He is amazing, he can do it. Nero will save me. " I decided to cling on instead, it gave me a bit more hope than trusting myself. The stallion always seemed to hold my hand whenever we had to compete, even for being so young still he had the experience and wisdom needed to be able to ride infront such a big crowd. Thousands of people, again..the though alone made me shiver. 

Now, I don't know what nerves are. But I am pretty sure this come pretty fucking close to it, if it isn't the real deal. My hands are gross and wet, I am shaking. I can't eat ( like, wtf ?? ME not eating ? )  I feel the strange urge to perform well. It's so weird..I never felt this way before. But perhaps I am taking on too much at the same time ? I always rode for myself, even on the team I was given free reins to train at my own pace until me and Mezuzah would be good enough to join the others. There was no pressure, never. But now:
I have to prove I can ride Nero just as well as Kvark, show them I am worthy of this contract. I wouldn't want to lose him again... My team is depending on my results as well, everyone is watching. So many eyes will be on me, I have never ridden a show this big. Everyone who seems to disapprove of me now will be watching as well, Annette, Sophia, Lex and my parents. And even Ramon who caught wind of me riding Nero today. They will be judging, and if I fail they will all witness it. 

It all happened so fast the moment I arrived at the competition ground, Sjoerd was the one in charge today and I was there doing my part. Nero was ready and tacked up when I arrived, his groom took care of that since we had discussed that I wasn't really feeling like myself today. But the moment I laid eyes on my big brown stud, I ..calmed down. Nero looked as if nothing was wrong, big brown calm eyes taking in everything around him. Calm and ready to go, this was the moment I felt like I had to do the same. Not for my sake or anyone's. But for his. Not only was my carreer put to a stop multiple times this year, so was his. And he didn't deserve that at all, he was meant to shine. And if it was me who was destined to let him do that, it would be an honour. 

Breathe in, and out, in, out. Calm.. I told myself before entering the big arena, so many voices, camera flashes, sounds, smells. I heard it all, he heard it all. Where Mezuzah would have already turned around and bolted Nero kept on walking, calmly but fresh. His ears flicking around and he halted on the spot. Again, I took a few deep breaths. The crowd died down, silence.. Either that or my brain just filtered it all out, focusing on him and him alone. So brave and ready to go. All teammates were already done, as a matter of fact I was the last one to compete that afternoon. And it was both terrifying and amazing. My hand raised almost by itself, something in my body was still telling me I wasn't ready. But I had to, they were waiting. 

The music came on and Nero, like the champ he is. Recognized it right away, surely I had been practicing a lot with him lately and he almost memorized it already. Still, I had to be one step ahead of him to make it seem like team work and I think I managed rather well. He felt amazing, big and powerful.. he always seemed to give a bit more when people are watching him. Piaffe, passage, pirouettes he knew it all, he mastered it all with great control. Right until the end when we saluted the judges. 

An explesion with cheers and applause happened, I don't quite recall what I did at that moment but luckily he didn't spoke. He trotted proudly to the cheers and we left for the exit. Not really realizing this cheering was even more special than it had already felt for me. The winning performance, apparently. The score appeared on the big screen and when I arrived back in the hall between warm up and the arena Sjoerd, Tinke and all others from the team were there cheering and celebrating as well. Running up to me and praising me. I .. Felt numb from that moment on. Everything that happened seemed like a dream. I could have never wished and feel more loved at that point. 

Not much later the ceremony had started, the home crowd cheering for us all big time. A party for both riders and horses. I never had dared to dream of this day, finally I am one of them. I have fought hard  for this, and with lots of bad luck on the way I finally was lucky enough to bump into the right people to make this dream come true. My dad even hugged me today, telling me he was so proud. Certainly, that was odd. But it felt so good.. I never heard him say that to me ever. Now that I am here on my own again at home I can let it sink in, what a day. I lost so much but this day, it made up for a whole lot. Let's see if Nero and I can keep this up. 


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NERO :la: Yesss so nice to see him and Kaira together again, and I love all the details in this lovely team like the little Dutch ribbons around their bell boots <3
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YASS :la:

it was greaaat to draw them again too :3 glad you are happy to see em back together ! 
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Wooow the lighting in here! spot on big arena lights/lap of honour, really love it!! the poses are so great too! <3
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thank youooo :la: glad to hear that 
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cant help but notice ... DIT IS ZO SALINERO AFSCHEID 2013 

oml sorry i didnt mean to shout <3 
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haha een beetje dezelfde sfeer ja :giggle:
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I love this picture and the slight blue hue it has to it ;; :heart: It's so so gorgeous! Also Kaira really looks like she can't believe it at all QQ You did an awesome job on her expression!!
And then the story
It makes me so happy that things are looking up for Kaira. Her and Nero just belong together in the show ring :aww:
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Thank you so much Ali ! :heart: 

naww bet she appreciates it too :3 Kai says thanks !
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Oooh yess, they're doing so well :la: lovely picture!
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Yess :D thank you !
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I love this. It reminds me of the Olympics. Looks like a Lithuanian country team won because of the colors.

What is breed are these horses? I've seen them around. I want to know how to get one. Zles... something. Is it a real breed or a made up?
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thank you ^^ it kinda does eh ? and really ? haha orange is the colour of the dutchies too :3 

These are all Dutch warmblood horses ^^ My chestnut dressage stallion is a Zlesdin but not drawn here
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THAT'S the breed. How do I go about getting one of those? I'm falling in love with HARG. I have a Padro. And I made my own Quarterhorse, but I don't want to do western, and to breed a quarterhorse I'd have to be in western groups. I Ride western so it's not the discipline that's the problem I just like how CLEAN Classical looks on art.
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you can find all you need over there ;p 
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Zomg thanks! I actually filed for two imports! What luck that they're open! It took me three years to get a padro! 
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Yaaas beb, yaaas :iconepiclaplz:  Good job to both her and Nero! (and the rest of her team mates, but these babs in particular <3 )

Ahh, this is a beautiful piece! Love the ambience it has; with the air of a busy audience and lots of stagelight and all that jazz that befits a large show ¤ u ¤  Beb fits right in. The stage light suits her and Nero fabulously :heart: It gives the whole drawing an almost ethereal, magical feel ~ 
Such a goodlooking team, btw, hurr hurr. All them kids and their horses look so snazzy :heart:  Gotta love how Sjoerd is #special and rides with a grey tailcoat, btw; he does like to stand out, doesn't he? XD 

What does it say on their... body ribbons? (what are those even called, haha XD ) : D
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thank you, it was fun to draw. poor Kaira is a bit taken by it all still.. she might get used to it eventually. 

Yeah, I think grey tailcoats look better on black horses.. he gets to stand out. 

it says "kampioen" champion
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and Sjerbank has their hands on more horses lol

Glad they get to ride again :D
KimEnLie's avatar
oh yes X) they know how to get them

me too ! :D
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Ah! It's wonderful! La la la la 
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thank you so much :heart: 
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Looks amazing! Awesome art as usual! 
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thank you :heart: ^^ 
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