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Lesson preparations

By KimEnLie
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remember thiss : Betcha never :dummy: guess who managed to win the bet ! so .. Kaira took her new steed Nero to Zdarloch stables to get some lessons from Connor :la: oh yes she is so excited to learn from such a pro ! but who was she to deny his wish : 'D he wanted to meet Ghost. And she didn't want to leave him all alone at home anymore so..why not take him with her ? And he seemed to like Connor very much aswell... so she offered him a ride. well..more like.. using him as a comfy chair while teaching :'D ( secretly trying out if Ghost finally accepts a "stranger" on his back.. luckely he did ! XD ) 


Kaira made her way to the Zdarloch riding hall, both her stallions next to her. Ghost was of course roaming freely and had already had a meeting with Connor. At first being quite the nervous wreck he always is around strange men, but eventually he seemed to like him. Even trust a little bit. Of course the apple he gave him did help since that's one of his all time favorite snacks ! Nero was probably just wondering why the white mini horse was loose but he certainly felt like there was some work coming up for him. It got him all excited too. But before they would start, Kaira offered Connor to sit on Ghost. Curious to see his reaction, but also trusting him and Ghost well enough that it might work. Ghost was still recovering but just sitting on him sure wouldn't harm him. She made sure he had something to hold on to, tying the lead rope she used for Nero around his neck before helping Connor get on him. Since jumping on him alone might spook him away immediatly. Once he was on him Ghost raised his head and twitched his ears curiously..Seeing his rider infront of him but feeling someone on his back confused him a little bit. But once he noticed it was Connor..and he was just sitting there without doing anything that might seem deadly to him. He lowered his head. Accepting the way things are at that moment. And Kaira could only pray it would stay that way. But she trusted him to keep Connor save. " Allright, there is your chair. I will be getting on Nero now. Just be calm and soft.. And you will be fine. " God. Now ...This man was brave alright. No one ever wanted to sit on Ghost.. But he ? NO problem.. She admired his bravery very much. Giving him a last smile before removing Nero's Blanket and getting on him to start the lesson. 


Art,Nero,Ghost and Kaira belong to me
Connor belongs to Zoubstance x3
no reference used
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Oh wooow! The lighting in this piece is just incredible, and the shading looks really nice ;o; Great job!!
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thank youuu :glomp: ( and thanks for the watch x3 ) 
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I can't believe I haven't seen this yet o; I love this, and the story just makes it! An awesome piece :D
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aww thanks ! :heart: 
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you make connor look glorious 
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glad to hear that : D thank you kindly!
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Such lovely warm colors! :la: 
I really love the way you shade and color! also the horses expressions.. :heart: 
such cute soft faces! :"o 
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SO FUZZY I absolutely adore this and it amazes me every time how people like yourself can draw so good without references;; <3 
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thank you so much ! :D haha well..17 years of drawing them aaaall the time might do the trick xD
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I'm only 3 years in, oh god
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aahhhh I was hoping for this : DD
Ghost looks so fluffy in his winter fur indeed T.T how can anyone resist cuddling him?? (despite the risk of getting kicked in the face XD) I can't even tell what it is, but Connor's face looks so much connor XD heh I love kaira's admiring expression x3 the soft light and the dust flying around really creates such a warm atmosphere T.T love them colours!
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that risk might be why.yes :') thehe glad to hear Connor looks like himself xD #goals! thankyouuu x3
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damnit!! XDD
he sure does x3
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QQ this is like.. one of the adorablest (word? XD) moment I'v seen :la: I love how soft and innocent it is! And I second Cursy! SO FLUFFHE!!!
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haha IT'S SO FLUFFYYYY *violently shakes ghost *  thank youuuu mendo ! :heart: 
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Hahaha :XD: And you're most welcome darling!
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Fluffy Ghost!! :la: Seriously tho, this is gorgeous! I love how Kaira and Connor are interacting, and the entire composition! <3
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