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:heart: 1st place ! 1st Place Gif by SimplySilent  Star Majesty Bareback Show - ResultsJudging System -  - In case there are any questions.
Dressage Results:
First; KimenLie 
Second; EquestrianWorld 
Third; LaylineStables 

 - Effort - compared to the rest of your gallery - 20 pts. 
 - Theme - observance of the bareback theme and setting - 20pts.
 - Equipment - proper equipment that was specified - 20pts.
 - Story - optional - will earn you extra points - 16pts.
 - Dressage - How well does the music fit with your piece - 19pts. 
Total: 95pts.
I absolutely loved the background. The forest looks amazing! 

Rider : Kaira van Leeuwen

Horse : CBS Sahloknir
Discipline : Dressage
Show : Star Majesty Bareback Show 
Music : Skyrim: The song of the dragonborn

Ghost; not mine. Nero; sold. Mezuzah; occupied by my sister. What does that leave me now ? Kaira sighed, a young green horse and a couple of endurance horses. That was about it. Perhaps it was simply not meant to be, she wouldn't become what she wanted. The green youngster Prins, probably he would wind up with her sister as well. 
This trip to France was simply because she was tired. Tired of fighting every single thing that was happening right now. A horse with hardly any dressage experience was with her and it was pleasant enough not to focus on her problems for a moment. Riding bareback without any pressure of performing. It felt good again, perhaps she was just meant for training horses behind the scenes. Not the spotlight.

- Don't expect Kaira to do some mad dressage with him yet :giggle: but this was just a fun little show that came on her path. Kaira doesn't say no to competing in her normal clothes :'D the less she has to dress up the better. And without a saddle ? Even better :D 

Art and characters belong to me
no reference used 
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Congrats to first place!!! Your show entries are so madly well shaded DX 
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thankiess dear ! :heart:
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Wooo! A win :D well done!
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This is so beautiful! I just love the atmosphere and shading! Everything is so beautifully blended
and it looks so realistic! :la:
I am forever going to admire those trees in the window (and the windows themselves) because the detail is just that great! Seriously, the leaves and the branches look so perfect * __*
Sahloknir (that name is A+++ btw hehe) is incredibly gorgeous, he has such a lovely design, and I just adore
how sweet and attentive his expression is shown here. :heart:
Even in casual wear, Kaira is looking fabulous as ever~ I love all of her outfits! 
Best of luck with these two in the show! :hug:
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Thank you so so much ! :la: glad you like them details as well :eyes: I sure enjoy drawing them
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oh god, I love his name
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Now I can't get the Skyrim soundtrack out of my head xD
KimEnLie's avatar
:') good, it's supposed to be in stuck in your head
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This is amazing La la la la All the different textures look great! 
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Sahloknir looks gorgeous! Gosh this coat *-* i am in love :love:
the fluffy mane.. loooove it! :la: 

uh.. I think somethin' slipped through my fingers.. why is Ghost not Kairas? what happened? O.ô 
KimEnLie's avatar
thank you ! :heart: 

Ghost never was Kaira's horse x) he has always been Annette's. But Kaira thought she was dead until she showed up again 
EquestrianWorld's avatar
oh okay! thanks a lot for explaining ^.^
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Loving the dapples!
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Such a beautiful image :heart: Love how you made those dapples and those strands of mane >v<  #FabulousPair 

But uhh...what happened with Mez since he's occupied? Did I mez something? 
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Thank youu : )

Img 20180130 105354 by KimenLie  ehh this is in spring, so some stuff has changed x) guess I have shown it here and there but we will see. He is just occupied 
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No probbie; it turned out super gorgeous..Beb looks good on a grey *u*

Oh noooes, that flew over my head xD  ..but knowing what happens slightly later I reckon he doesn't stay occupied :') 
...No offense to Beb-sis, but the lad doesn't seem to enjoy her riding :D 
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She does kinda :') 

Hehe..well this is a few weeks after the show at home ^^; so..ehhh it doesn't change much. You will find out soon enough I guess :giggle:
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Really nice! Good luck!
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