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Pain from within

By kimded
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Sometimes the greatest hurt and pain in our life comes not from without but from within our own selves. It is fed by events outside our control, but its pain is rooted deep inside. If we do not deal with it the thorns of pain tighten around us, suffocating us from within.

Created in Photoshop CS5 (trial)

(EDIT: Thought you like to know this artwork was used the 4th expansion of "Cutthroat Caverns" - [link])
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fantastic work
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is there any chance you are fan of Zdislav Begsinski? :) your art has same feeling.
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Hadn't come across his work before, but I can see the similarities, going to enjoy browsing his works :)
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I am hooked! I just absolutely love each and every work of art. Set's me out there in a wonderful wicked way 
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Amazing I love faceless characters, because they're easily adaptable to everyone.
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This is very interesting, your art is very deep.
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This is deep...really impressive and kind've convicting...
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oh this is great! You are so talented and i really enjoy lookling at your creations. Your work is powerful.
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This is such a powerful image. You have an amazing style! :clap:
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Lovely piece. Great color choice and technique. I love the position of the figure, it's almost as though he (she? it?) is allowing himself to be ensnared by his own hurt. I love the way the thorns, while wrapping around the figure, are not wrapping so tightly that he cannot get away. A great commentary not only on how we create our own pain, but that we can also free ourselves from our pain.

Unless I am just totally off. In which case, beautiful work. :)
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Omg! I totally planned on drawing something like this! Very inspirational! Love this. :)
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beautiful. i love how strong the emotions are in the faceless figures. and the lines representing strength in motion. lovely:)
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Your artwork was featured here: [link]
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I see just hurt feelings in your paintings..
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Very nice, I love meaning behind it and how the thorns symbolize the pain inside. There's a lot of emotion and thought in this image, and it's expressed very clearly. :)
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Wow, that is awesome!!
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That's awesome! I love the design, execution and particularly the explanation since it is poignant to a book I am currently writing.
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Excellent work! Very dark and emotional. Extremely influenced by minimalism.
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Amazing work! The concept is frighteningly true...
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