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Umm, it's this lady, that breathes fire? I don't know why her hand is like that.
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Really nice!! Oh, and for me it looks just like Katon from Naruto:) I'm both Avatard and Narutard...;) I love the hand!
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hey i think you can get somelike copywrite on this pic im you go on and put in a song called ("crunk muzik") spell it like that and watch at about the 2min mark watch 4 10 sec's each way and you see a man do the same thing as on this pic lol..... :couthgetadimondpinkyringwiththelawsuitmo neylolcouth:
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wow...:wow: the coloring is AMAZING.
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i love this! this is one of my favorites of your made no sense...oh well. lol way to early in the morning to be thinking clearly. she does look like a firebender....and your lighting is great. your really really good...i hate you! lol jk.
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majorly awesome! I likey her hair! :D
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Awww cool! :D The coloring on her hand is really good. ^^ You did the lighting really nicely.
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Very nice...May I suggest that she is a Firebender? ( track mind.) I love the hand; those are impossible to draw at the best of times. And I like the way the simple background emphasizes the flame. You also did well with the hair covering her face. You made her ambiguous enough to be mysterious, yet visible enough to be real. Quite a feat. I eagerly await more of your work.
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