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watercolour practice

By kimchicake
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Looks like Marceline kinda but it isn't ._. 

I've been practicing a lot of watercolour for my school art examination, so watercolour has been my preferred choice of medium lately. I don't like the watercolour technique here since I majorly rushed it in between some paintings for my coursework boards, but I liked how the face turned out kinda so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
...and it's not like I'm going to show this anywhere else hahah

I don't have a good scanner atm so bad phone quality, sorry :c
My next upload will be a proper painting i think. i hope

Thanks for viewing! c:

oh wow no one saw me accidentally submit this to the wrong group. #digitalhabits
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This ia amazing.. I'm also practising with watercolor but i'm horrible at it... and i always rush it because of stress(school) uwahhh.....but wow this is amazing..i wish i could be more like you or be like you in the future...
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aww it's really nice of you to say that, thanks! c:

don't worry, practice makes perfect! my first couple of watercolour attempts didn't even look like watercolour at all, i had no idea how to use the media at all so all my paintings turned out really thick and flat-looking.
There's this quote that i think is pretty inspiring; "Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20". i think it's pretty cool cos it made me realise that i was only at the start of my "journey" so to speak and that there's so much time to develop my skills.

But yeah i know the feels with rushing work :c From my experience, i'd say that whenever i rushed a painting, it always turned out really mucky and i had to redo it, so try to take your time so that you can really practice and refine your skills each time you create a new painting.
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If i could, I would fave this comment :/  but thanks anyway... the reason i rush it is usually because if i dont, i might mess up at the end.. what i mean is like... i did take my time but it was just a waste of time since the outcome didnt look good... do you get me??? I have to pratice patience Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely Wink) [V3] 
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hahah yeah i totally get you don't worry : p  it's kind of the same thing for me with my paintings for school, I end up just doing paintings for the sake up filling up space sometimes ;;
art is hard :v
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Ooooo!  I like it.
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aw thank you! (:
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