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SimpleDOCK for Rainmeter

- Easy to change dock and icons.
- Very simple concept.

Comes with Ares HD by *Raadius
- 11.02.11: Re-packaged the skin into the .rmskin format


Website: Color Me Android
More Rainmeter skins: xClock | SimpleCLOCK
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How do i change color because i change the #color1# to #color2# it turns white and any other number past 2 is still white and i am refreshing the skins

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Guys, can you help me... how to change icon images? cannot find icons\ folder.
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I don't know if it's been answered, but how do I add an application like Google Chrome to the dock? What exactly would I put in the slot:
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["C:\..."] 
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Chrome installs by default to your %appdata% folder under \Local\Google\Chrome - For instance, on my machine that would be:

[Unless it's installed somewhere else. On Windows 7/8 %appdata% is where it installs by default (you can type that into explorer btw) but on Windows 10 it defaults to Program Files.]

Your document should look something like this:
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["C:\Users\zhhk\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\chrome.exe"]
Give me plz other skin (clock, music).
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"This submission has been deleted" -…
Sorry. I haven't used that skin in 3 years time, don't have it stored.
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Cool! I can change the paths of these icon to my apps~
Huuuh how do i download it?!
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Says "Download File" on the right-hand side of the page.
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I recommended this skin on my blog [link] Thanks :D
Thx you. I love that
How do i change so the clock also shows the song name? I use spotify but wont show up, i mean the supercolossal
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This is a dock-skin.
Supercolossal is it's own skin.
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Thank you Kimbo, you gave me an idea --> [link]
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HEY btw, I have a qestion. You know, I have seen this cute bar that every mac has it, the icon bar at the center in which you pass the cursor and the icons expand and move like a worm you know if there is any special procedure to install it on windows 7? it's just that I saw it on a cyber cafe and I have curiosity on it.....would you help me?
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Try RocketDock. It's kind of the same thing.
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thanks, I'tll try it! :D
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awesome walpaper is awesome!
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how to add more icon ?
because your glass dock too short so i cant make more icon .
could you tell me how to make chrome open twitter when i click the twitter icon ? i can't get it working? thanks in advance
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LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["C:\..."]

"["C:\..."]" being where Chrome is installed.
I think that would be in AppData.
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