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Icon pack 4: 2PM couples

I think I'm getting addicted to making icons. LOL. I made these icons initially for Wild2Day members. Just thought I could post them here too. Hope you like them. ^-^

Couples included in this icon pack:

So, which is your favourite 2PM couple? :heart:
I love Khunyoung. They look so real~! Oh, I love the Junbros too!

Ps. If you'd like to download individual icons, you may do so by clicking here --> [link]
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kawaiinightblossom's avatar
So many junho face O_O
still i like it.
jkillersmile's avatar
like like like like like !!!! XDD
my fav the most is .... KHUNWOO :heart:
and chanho :heart: LOL love all of them~
hey, can y make TaecSu for me ? :P
kimbopeep's avatar
Awww.. thanks so much~ :tighthug:
Lately, I've been shipping TaecSu more! :heart: I probably will make more of them in the near future. Just wait for it. ^__^
jkillersmile's avatar
hahaha I'll wait for TaecSu ^^
kimbopeep's avatar
The icons will be up soon, I hope. ^_^
cydoniaandthezetas's avatar
yaaaaaaaaay Khunyoung!!! <3 Thx!!*_*
kimbopeep's avatar
You're welcome. <3 I love Khunyoung too~ :aww:
NinjaGaloo's avatar
so cute :D i like the junbross ♥
kimbopeep's avatar
Yay! *high-fives* ^-^
RozaChan's avatar
So Beautiful :aww:
I love Taec/JunSu :heart:
kimbopeep's avatar
Thank you~! ^-^
TecSu is cute too! :aww:
The-Diva's avatar
wow :love:
i love it i like khunwoo better
i thinks i read it once junho doesn't like junbro hehe do know why
i think they cute :heart: thanks for the i cons so adorable
kimbopeep's avatar
Yeah, I think Khunwoo/Khunyoung has amazing chemistry between them. Lol. ^-^
Oh, really? But I'd still love the Junbros though. :heart:
And you're welcome.. I love making icons these days. :XD:
skyla-ai's avatar
haha, these are so cute :3
I gotta agree with you, love khunyoung :love:
kimbopeep's avatar
Thank you~! ^-^
They look cute together. :nod:
skyla-ai's avatar
Again8Again's avatar
No doubt @ TaecJayyyy!!!! /loves+downloads
kimbopeep's avatar
I knew you would choose TaecJay! ^-^ Should have made more Taecjay but I couldn't find the right pictures. =/
Again8Again's avatar
>w< I'm so predictableeee <3 But all the icons are super cute!
kimbopeep's avatar
Haha.. =P
Thank you~! 2PM and their cute moments! Gotta love that. :heart:
darkscarygothicotaku's avatar
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TwinkleArts's avatar
like this! esp channie of coz hahaa
kimbopeep's avatar
Thank you! :aww:
Haha. You're too obsessed with Chanana! :P
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