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Looking for your first Padro?But have no idea how to get one?
Admitted, imports are usually snatched very quickly. But there are other ways.
Get a free breeding with two of my horses!
How? Very simple. Go through these folders: and and look for a horse that has 'free to claim' slots left (almost all of them, don't worry)
Slots are absolutely free, the only condition is that you use the slot by sending a breeding note to the group within 30 days, and to give me a slot to the future foal.
Make sure to read the group's breeding rules before claiming a slot:

Have fun!
  Never Gone Stables: Wall of HonorTime to make sense of the rankings spread among our horses! There's such a huge gap between Brian and... everybody.
ultimate blood:
885 NGS B-Rok Brian********  at 397 PP
quality blood
5 NGS Wedding Day****** at 75 PP (new breeding spots opened!)
283 NGS Dulce Melos*****
  Breeding to NGS HorsesAs you may or may not know, NGS has a lot of breedable horses. 
Here are some simple and straightforward rules to make breeding to any of those horses easier.
1. Asking for a breeding slot.
Preferably on the horse's ref. Just leave a comment with what kind of slot you want. There are various slots available and breeding is almost always opened. 
2. Kind of slots.
There are usually a few kind of slots:
- free to claim slots
- pay through points slots
- PP slots
- reserved slots
- personal slots (marked as 'mine')
* free to claim are the most simple. With Padros, just ask for a slot and then send a breeding note to the group.
* pay through points slots. Just ask for the slot, pay the points and repeat the same procedure as for the free to claim spot.
* breeding picture slots. These slots are the only ones that require a breeding picture. Once the picture is finished, show it to me and repeat the same procedure as for the free to claim spot.
* reserved

Random Padro Imports - CLOSED:new: :new:
Now for a short period also possible extinct/recovery and GHSS mutations. No guarantees though.
now maximal 3 per person please.
for just 60 :points:
comment if interested.
Imports will be completely randomly made by me. 
Rare Points will vary between 3 and 50 (zero, one or two mutations)
Mutations are possible, of course.
*one breeding spot of each design goes to designer*
maximal 3 per person
-note: I do not allow deceasing of my designs-
   etc, etc. 
  Draw My Padros, Get a Random Import - CLOSED

:new: :new:
When I assign a horse for you to draw, it does NOT BY ANY MEANS mean that that horse is now yours. I AM NOT giving that horse to you. I feel like I need to say this out loud, because it's not understood by people. 
This is, in a nutshell, how this challenge works.
1. You get to draw one of my horses that I will assign to you when you comment here.
2. You draw the horse.
3. You wait for me to reply on the drawing with your new import. (usually within a month after you've finished the drawing)
4. You register the import
5. Repeat the process if wanted.
please mention that the drawing is for this challenge in the description, thank you. 
I have way too many Padros that need attention, and I can't give them that all by myself.
soooooooo (I guess you can already tell by the title of this journal...)
- you will be randomly assigned to draw one of the Padros from this folder: 

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theMadFurball's avatar
Your wall of honor seems a taaad outdated XD
KimboKah's avatar
husssh, it's the thought that counts
theMadFurball's avatar
Lol xD

Wahtcha think about having a general padro hall of fame btw? I think it's a pretty neat idea o,o
KimboKah's avatar
that's an idea I've been playing with, but where to begin?
theMadFurball's avatar
The way I thought we only list the actual rank, aka 70 upwards. And people would have to apply on the journal with a link to their last rank confirmation o,o
Skypeoplephoenix732's avatar
^^I like :) this would also encourage members to draw their padros more
theMadFurball's avatar
Hmh that's a good point o,o
KimboKah's avatar

you are welcome to try. Though ranks below 70 are important as well (for twin chances etc.)
theMadFurball's avatar
Yea, but then where do you draw the line? ._. Would also be a pain cause I'd actually have to confirm lower ranks too xD
KimboKah's avatar
well, every rank higher than breedable already has to be approved, so yeah ^^
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