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Because there has been some confusion when it comes to shading in the Padro Group, here are some examples as to what is accepted as shading and what is not.

1. Flatcolor, no shading visible. Counted as flatcolor.

2. Minimal shading: only very few parts of the horse are shaded and it is hard to make out: counted as flatcolor. When in doubt, Admin's choice must be respected. 

3. Minimal amount of shading to get accepted as shaded: All or most parts of the horse are shaded (mane and tail do not neccesarily have to be shaded) counted as shaded. Try to get some depth in the picture when you shade it, it'll guarantee shading points.

4. Fully shaded and highlighted: counted as shaded.
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you have to be talented XD
anywho this is a great example of what i can't do
i can try to do it