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Padro Info Sheet - GHSS Norreca

last set of mutations for a while, because we don't want everything to go extinct, do we?
GHSS stands for Group Horse Specific Starters. These mutation can only be founded in Group Horses. You cannot order customs of this mutation.

# 005: Norecca

status: inactive


about Norecca

- A.k.a. the 'InkSplotch' mutation
- Black 'Ink' stain with white and speckling color spots.
- Cannot have eyes. (completely blind)
- White markings are allowed
- Related to Jinx and Batu

- Category: Base Coat Class 1 mutation
- MRR: high
- Compatibility: medium (estimated)
- Rare Points: +10
- Genetics: mNrc or NrcNrc
- Pronunciation: Norr-ee-kah

genetics of example:
Ee Aa nRb NrcNrc minnSpk
bay rabicano NORECCA
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DaretoDream0's avatar
I'm curious, would the Hallow mutation go under or above this mutation?
KimboKah's avatar
under :) Hallow is considered a white/paint marking, and white markings go under Norreca 
theMadFurball's avatar
Is this mutation actually compatible with udams? o_o

Cause that would look pretty cool xD
theMadFurball's avatar
:la: Time to figure out which mare to use then

<sub<Not like they don't both roll into buckskins -.. ._. lol </sub>
theliondemon-kaimra's avatar
oooo this one is really cool
WickedConfession's avatar
No eyes = Awesome! ;u;
DestinedFuture's avatar
oh gosh, I will be looking for these guys :o
theMadFurball's avatar
So tempting.. but no eyes. Dx
WickedConfession's avatar
Oh my...I need one. ;u;
buckuroo's avatar
I need one. *-*
TheElvenJedi's avatar
this one aaaghghh :heart:
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