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Padro Info Sheet - GHSS Jadat

last set of mutations for a while (we don't want everything to go extinct, do we?)
GHSS stands for Group Horse Specific Starters. These mutation can only be founded in Group Horses. You cannot order customs of this mutation.

# 018: Jadat

status: newly discovered


about Jadat:

A.k.a. the Mosaic Tobiano mutation
- related to Qular, Triballo and Sinara
- Markings must have a tobiano pattern
- Speckling can be one or two colors. (Cervus effect if two color speckling)
- Must have mane stripes
- Must have speckling colored hooves.
- White patterns are allowed, go under mutation.
- Preferably has blue eyes (green and grey are accepted as well. No brown or pink)

- Category: Speckling Mutation
- MRR: undetermined
- Compatibility: high
- Rare Points: +15
- Genetics: nJdt or JdtJdt
- Pronunciation: Yah-daht

genetics of example:
ee aa nCh nSb JdtJdt mednSpk
gold champagne sabino JADAT
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which mutation will this be replacing?
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none, GHSS do not replace mutations
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Oohh thisone is nice! :la:

I knew the mosaic idea would look good ;P