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Padro Info Sheet - GHSS Hatada

GHSS stands for Group Horse Specific Starters. These mutation can only be founded in Group Horses. You cannot order customs of this mutation.

# 002: Hatada

status: inactive

about Hatada:

- Speckling color mimicks dun.
- Thin striping (may glow slightly)
- Hides overo, tobiano, appaloosa and dun gene.
- Speckling colored hooves required.
- Mane stripes allowed. 
- only one speckling color allowed.

- Category: Pattern/Speckling Mutation
- MRR: high
- Compatibility: medium (estimated)
- Rare Points: +10
- Genetics: nHtd HtdHtd
- Pronunciation: Hah-tah-dah

genetics of exampe: 
ee aa nCr HtdHtd minnSpk
palomino HATADA
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ohhh I might have to take part in the GH slots just for one of these :)_
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ooo I like this one :)
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Current Hatada Starters: