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Padro Info Sheet - GHSS Caon

GHSS stands for Group Horse Specific Starters. These mutation can only be founded in Group Horses. You cannot order customs of this mutation.

#001: Caon

status: inactive


about Caon:

- black and speckling colored marking, similar to harlequins.
- Can have two color speckling. The marking will have a Cervus effect in that case.
- Must have black spots on base coat.
- Pain and appaloosa patterns are allowed and go under mutation marking.
- Must have black hooves. 
- Mane stripes are not allowed. 

- Category: Speckling Mutation
- MRR: high
- Compatibility: medium
- Rare Points: +15
- Genetics: nCao or CaoCao
- Pronunciation: Cah-onn

genetics of example horse:

Ee aa nO CaoCao minnSpk
black overo CAON
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If only the black stripes could be white too D: Would look epic on light horses
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Gdi, I need one of these D: lol
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current CAON Starters:
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All these new mutations are beautiful 
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