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N8874 Padro Random Import for Plants-And-Tattoos

registration deadline: January 7th 2022

Get yourself one:
Free Random Imports!In order to kick this group back into acceptable gear, we offer free random imports for anyone that comments below. Free? Huh? Nothing is ever freeCorrect, of course. The only requirement you need in order to receive a free import is to tag someone you think might also be interested in a free random import. It is of no matter if that person is already a member or not. Why?Because with the current state of deviantart, group journals tend to disappear entirely under everything else and because of that, we can't reach as many people as we would like to. So in order to make sure we reach people that might be interested in this offer, we ask your help. Thanks in advance!Free Random Imports!Random imports are completely random, as the name suggests. They can have either a natural coat (a Padro without mutations), 1 mutation, or 2 mutations. The great thing about random imports is that they can also have mutations that have gone extinct over the years, or have mutations that are otherwise not available through customs.Examples:,,,Keeping your importIn order to keep your import, it is necessary that you register the horse within the given time limit (30 days). After 30 days, it runs the risk of getting reclaimed by the group. Currently that risk is very low, because we are still very very busy in catching up with backlog when it comes to registration, but it's still a risk, so we would advice strongly to register within the given period, thank you!Breeding slot to designerSince these are free imports, we ask you to give one of the import's breeding slots to the designer that uploaded the import. Breeding slots are always randomized from 8-14. Trading breeding slots with other members or using them yourself stimulates community growth and interaction, yay!In any case, thank you for reading and for your continued support in times of low group activity, I appreciate all of you a lot!KimboKah

Owner: Plants-And-Tattoos
ID: N8874
Official Name: up to owner
Breed: Pure Padro
Gender: mare
Lineage: starter
Color: flaxen pangare liver chestnut tobiano INOEK NUITE
Genotype: ee Ata nf nP nT nInk NtNt mednSpk
Eyes: Nuite
Rare Points:
ee Ata: +4
flaxen: +2
pangare: +4
tobiano: +2
Inoek: +10
Nuite: +10

total: 32

Registered: not yet, up to owner
Breeding Spots: 14
Class: uncommon II
Build: medium
Padro Points: 7

-note: I do not allow deceasing and/or transferring of my designs to other breeds-

*this picture cannot be used as a reference and may not be reuploaded*
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