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N5038 NGS Flexivel

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Basic Info

Official Name: NGS Flexivel N5038
Barn Name: Flex
ID Number: N5038
Age: 19 years
Breed: Pure Padro
Gender: stallion
Height: 160 cm
Build: medium
Type: Extinct Mutation
Class: rare
Bloodline: starter

Personality: mysterious and humorless
Registered: yes
Extra Mutation: no
Original Design:
N5038 Padro Import by PadroHorseDesigns by PhobusDirus

Color: grey on sooty buckskin BIO-HAZARD + unnatural tail and Horn (tobiano carrier)
Genotype: EE AA nCr nG nSty nT ntl nH nRab mednSpk
Eye Color: BH
Rare Points:
EE AA: +1
cream: +2
grey: +6
sooty: +4
tobiano: +2
tail: +5
Horn: +5
BH: +20

total: 45


Lineage: starter

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Breeding Spots: 11
breeding: :bulletgreen: open :bulletgreen:
(free to claim breeding slots must be used within 30 days. Maximal 5 total per person at a time - 1 per horse. First register the foals before claiming more slots.)
I'll accept any random Padro for a slot trade.

1. Takai-Yubikiri - used to N3537 Orca (ID N7084)
2. CynderfireForever - used to 5750 NGS Eenyu (ID N7525)
3. KaitlyNicole - unused
4. KimboKah - to Grievous Offense N8076
5. KimboKah - to 1178 NGS Warra
6. KimboKah - to N2503 Tir na Nog
7. KimboKah - to K764 NGS Senanca
8. KimboKah - to K2254 NGS So Dark
9. KimboKah - to K711 NGS Jalila
10. KimboKah - to N4571 Champagne Supernova
11. KimboKah - to 5730 NGS Ferocity

Padro Points

Total: 15 points

as a starter: +7
on this ref: +8

headshots: +0
shaded headshots: +0
fullbody: +0
shaded fullbody: +0
chibi: +0
shaded chibi: +0

simple background: +0
detailed background: +0

training/competition: +0
halter: +0
animation: +0
memes: +0

Rank: breedable


- healing: 1
- poison: 10
- mind: 1
- speed: 1
- fire: 1
- nature: 1
- water and ice: 1
- electricity and weather: 1
- light manipulation: 1
- telekinesis: 1
- transformation: 1
- stealth: 1
Image details
Image size
1840x1279px 1.67 MB
© 2019 - 2021 KimboKah
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Could I get that slot trade slot?

KaitlyNicole's avatar
Thank you for the slot <3
using to;
N4178 Glowbug by KaitlyNicole
KaitlyNicole's avatar
May I have a slot trade please?
KimboKah's avatar

please link a random slot and I'll mark you down ^^
KaitlyNicole's avatar
KimboKah's avatar
thanks, added you to the slotlist ^^
Takai-Yubikiri's avatar
Could I claim a free slot to this bean~? :heart:
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you have until 12/16 to use the slot by sending a breeding note to the group
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OoO Kimbo.... YOU NEED MORE OF THESE HORSES.... They look absolutely EPIC in your style of referencing O.O :heart:
KimboKah's avatar
aww, that's so nice of you, thanks!
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dayum you lucky person!!
KimboKah's avatar
haha, thank you :D
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KaitlyNicole's avatar
Oooooo slot trade please?
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Just wanna point out you replied to Icy and didn’t comment for kim lol
KaitlyNicole's avatar
Oh gosh I'm so sorry XD
Not my first comment mistake on this darn phone. Thank you for pointing it out!
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I adore this man's tail, so much :iconlainloveplz:
KimboKah's avatar
haha, thanks ^^
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