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TADEYSP #19 (FNaF Fanfiction)
Deliah sat on the floor, knitting on her own personal Bonnie when Mickey and Springtrap finally made a reappearance. Springtrap was dismayed to see that that boy was sitting with her.
“Did you have a nice talk?” She asked. They both muttered a little but didn’t admit to much.
“Why is there a boy in the house?” Mickey asked, more curious than angry. Deliah smiled.
“This is Harry, he’s my second best friend. After Springtrap of course.” She said brightly and Mickey gave his father a bit of a look. Springtrap shrugged.
“I’m good with kids… mostly.” He said and Mickey rubbed his temples.
“Great…” He muttered. “Okay, well no hanky panky. Nothing I wouldn’t do.”
“That doesn’t exclude anything.” Springtrap said and Mickey coughed.
“Anyway, let’s watch a movie or something.” He said, sitting back on the couch. Vixen was sniffing around the now e
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 12 7
TADEYSP #18 (FNaF Fanfiction)
Mickey sat on the couch, holding his head while Springtrap brewed a pot of tea in the kitchen. He toyed with a cigarette in his fingers but didn’t light it out of respect for Nick’s house and Deliah’s presence. Vixen seemed unaffected by the previous fifteen minutes and was eating treats out of Deliah’s hand, pausing between them to lick her new friend.
“Wow… so you don't seem all that dead.” He commented.
“Looks are deceiving. I have no explanation for what I have become. And while I love you, you will not be ruining my new life.” He said in a low growl. Mickey nodded, rolling his eyes at his father’s dramatics.
“I know Dad. I’m not gonna bring up old stuff. Just… does Violet know?”
“No… I didn't realize who she was at first.” He admitted, pacing. His weight brought light creaks from the floor beneath his feet. “I’ll tell her, give me some time.” He said.
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 20 7
TADEYSP #17 (FNaF Fanfiction)
It was about thirty minutes after Nick left that there was finally a knock on the door. Deliah opened the door and Mickey walked in, holding an ice pack to his cheek. She stared and he gave a weak smile.
“Hey kiddo. Sorry, I was on day shift but the new guy was late so it took a bit longer to get him set up in the office.” He explained. “I'm just gonna be real honest with you, I am somewhat drunk and so my reaction times are gonna suck. So maybe don't set yourself on fire or anything.” He said, carefully sitting down in the living room. Deliah laughed, then thought of something.
“Umm… did you drive drunk?” She asked. He laughed.
“Hell no. Actually my sister and I are sharing a car until my truck gets out of the shop and she forgot to leave me the keys. I walked home. You'd think that would sober me up, but my flask says otherwise.” He said, slightly waving a metal hip flask. Deliah nodded, satisfied with the answer.
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 20 51
Moments #2 - Chara
Day 5 in The Underground
The Queen My new mother, she gave me a journal. It still hurts to write, but it's getting harder not to speak and I am not sure what I can say.
They’re very kind to me here. They haven’t yet realized what trouble I am. Asriel has been showing me how to play a leaf from the flowers like a flute. It's kind of fun. I am not good at it.
New Father has been asking me if I am feeling alright. I’m not quite sure what to say. I never do. I never feel alright, I feel like an imposter, an intruder. But… They really seem to be happy to have me. I don't know why yet. I’m going to be whatever they want me to be. They want me to be happy, I think I know how to act like that.
I will smile more.
I will smile more.
I will smile more.
I will smile MORE.
They like when I smile. I want to make them happy. Maybe I’ll learn how to be happy too? Can I do that? I don't think I deserve to.
Father’s hands are so big. If he hit me, i think somet
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 4 4
Christmas With Nick and Deliah 3
Violet stood up, staring. “That’s… That’s one of the springsuits, how. Is someone inside?” She babbled. Mickey had stood quickly and was putting his arm around his sister protectively. Springtrap seemed to be weighing options, and Luke… well Luke was sleeping. As babies commonly were found to do.
“Yes Lettie, it's a spring suit and i would explain but I’m fairly sure you can figure it out. Don’t spoil the plot twists, Dearie.” Springtrap said slowly and Violet sank onto the couch.
“Daddy?” She said slowly. She was trembling on the couch and Nick quickly rushed over, musing on the irony that he had been too nervous to “save” her from his sister in law, yet was fully willing to get between her and the mysterious rabbit creature that lived in his house.
“Yes Lettie… it's…. Been awhile.” Springtrap said slowly, sounding a bit awkward.
“Awhile?” Michael said. “Seriou
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 24 15
TADEYSP #16 (FNaF Fanfiction)
Violet brushed out her hair, thinking over her date that night. She was feeling very anxious at the idea, all of their other interactions she felt like could be passed as friendship only, something casual and friendly. But this… this seemed to be a date. And she was experiencing the duel emotion of looking forward to it more than any event in at least a decade, and wanting to call it off so she could hide under her blankets and watch bad monster movies with her brother.
Mickey looked sympathetically from the bed, putting on socks.
“Still have butterflies in your stomach?”
“More like huge battling scorpions.” She said and pinned her hair back with a barette, looked at it in the mirror for a moment, then removed it again. Mickey walked over and took the brush from her, smoothing her hair with a hand as he brushed.
“It's okay you know. I’m kinda proud of you just for managing to do this. I haven’t dated since High School… it's just too
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 10 15
Moments #1 - Toriel
Life is a series of moments, some you never want to forget, and some you wish you wouldn't remember so vividly when all you really want is to sleep. But all of it combines to make a life, and that is a beautiful thing. Please excuse my rambling, but if you are reading this, then you have no room to speak, either you are intruding on a lady’s diary, or I am long gone.
Being a mother… how do I even begin to explain? Well, I suppose begin at the beginning, isn’t that what they say? I am… was. I was a queen. And a wife. And a mother. Being a mother is probably the thing I was best at… and even so I am unsure how competent I am at the task.
My son, my first son, Asriel was the light in the dark. He was conceived on the surface, in the sun. And even after we were forced underground he was somehow born full of light and hope. I’m not sure whether I should explain too far, after all if you my reader are a monster, then you understand already the sorrow of be
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 5 2
Christmas With Nick and Deliah 2
Nick came out when the doorbell rang again, stumbling a little. Violet had convinced him to take a few shots with her, and while she was as poised as ever, he was feeling a bit clumsy. He opened the door and gave a smile.
“Tom! Carol!” He said brightly and threw his arms over his brother, who in like fashion attempted to bear hug the air out of his ribs. Deliah ran over to the door.
“Aunt Carol! Where’s Luke?” She asked, looking around.
“Oh, he’s in the carrier under my coat.” She explained. She came inside and set a large cardboard box of wrapped gifts on the coffee table. Mickey quickly snatched the glass snowflakes out of the way before they were crushed in a sugary glass dust. Carol did not seem to notice.
“Did you zip him into your coat just to walk inside?” Mickey asked curiously.
“Oh he rides in the car like that. It's so much safer than those hard plastic seats.” Carol said with a hand wave and Violet slid
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 21 27
Christmas With Nick and Deliah
Nick could not catch a break. He was musing this thought as he vacuumed the living room. His brother and his wife (and new baby, Nick was greatly looking forward to seeing his new nephew) were coming for Christmas and his attempts to convince Springtrap he might like to spend the day in the basement had failed greatly. The house looked good, he hated to give the rotten rabbit any credit, but the house was delightfully decorated with holly garlands and candles scented like a roaring pine fire. Springtrap had done the decorating during Deliah’s school days, proving that the result of boredom sometimes was interior decorating. But the house seemed grungy to nick’s panicked mind so he cleaned the carpet, despite it having been professionally cleaned the day before.
Springtrap himself was lounging on the couch, watching Nick’s last minute cleaning spree. He flipped boredly through channels while Deliah was trying to assemble a fake tree in the corner. She was in a dress, g
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 28 20
Take A Drink Every Time You See Pancakes Ch.15
“So, what’s this one?” Deliah asked, holding up a fleece blanket with the odd ballerina on it. “I didn't catch her name at the dance…”
“That’s Ballora.” Mickey said with a smile. “She encourages a good balance between eating and fitness.” He explained. “She’s kinda curvy, ya know. Because not all girls are skinny and tiny, and that’s a healthy thing. Unless you’re my sister, who is like a 30 something year old 14 year old with boobs.”
“Not a word of that description was accurate.” Violet complained, taking a drink of her coffee. Her brother just smirked.
“Every word, every last word Violet.” He said and she made an attempt at tackling him, but only managed to knock a stack of empty boxes onto herself. Mickey snickered and ducked a tossed pink notebook.
“So cute Vi.” He teased, then looked down. “Hey, wanna randomize the knit kits?”
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 18 17
Take A Drink Every Time You See Pancakes Ch.14
Nick stared at the bunny, then realized he had instinctively pushed Deliah behind him, to the teenager’s great confusion. He inched closer to the bunny, but it didn’t move. Its head lolled to the side, even uglier in full light than the night he first saw it. He cautiously picked it up and moved it all the way down to the end of the couch.
Deliah stared at him, but said nothing about his visible fear of a stuffed animal. She carefully sat down and Nick sat between her and the strange toy.
Violet walked in with paper plates and a huge stack of pancakes on a platter. Mickey walked out wearing a black t shirt with the collar cut away and a flannel over shirt. His hair was damp for an attempt to make it behave in honor of children being present.
“C’mon Vi, let’s get this stuff tested.” Mickey said, grabbing a pancake onto his plate and rolling it into around a sausage before taking a bite. Violet nodded, setting down a pump thermos.
“That’s c
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 15 8
The Bean by Kimbleeisintheshower The Bean :iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 16 33
Take A Drink Every Time You See Pancakes Ch.13
Nick went home, feeling amazing. Violet did not have a boyfriend, her brother had admitted that while she was still filling out order forms, he had a new steady customer and was fairly sure he wouldn't mind dealing with their needs, and he had been offered a chance to show off his new molds, which he was not even going to shame himself about. It was okay to have small pleasures in life and his antique candy making collection was a point of pride.
Maybe Violet would agree to a date and he could show her the hard candy rollers he had. He had a feeling she would enjoy that, she said she loved old things and he thought his rollers were pretty fascinating. He came in the door and his good mood could not be spoilt by even the hell-rabbit in his living room. Nick patted deliah on the head, she was sprawled across a armchair, streaked with colorful icing and powdered sugar. Springtrap was somewhat better, standing in the kitchen using a hand held vacuum cleaner to clean the flour out of his su
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 20 25
Who Are You?
Who are you?
Frisk tried to get a better look into the surrounding shadows. A figure was sitting nearby, their head resting on their arms.
A ghost.
The reply seemed to be more a feeling, like a breeze, than a sound. Frisk crawled forward, the plants beneath their hands cool and damp from dew. The shadowy figure never came into focus, but Frisk noticed it seemed like their own shadow, speaking to them.
You're the one who spoke to me... the one who told me how to reset...
The figure's head bowed low, at an angle impossible for flesh and bone to achieve. There was a chill in the air as Frisk heard the reply.
Yes. I'm always with you.
The shadow seemed to change slightly, smaller? Then larger. But it seemed to settle back into Frisk's silhouette each time.
You're... Chara.
A slash of white appeared in the shadows, shining but illuminating nothing, as if the surrounding darkness ate all of its light before it could go any further.
Yes. I was
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 5 11
Take A Drink Every Time You See Pancakes Ch.12
Deliah frosted cupcakes carefully under Springtrap’s instruction. He had put aside his hatred for the witch across the street in favor of keeping Deliah with him all day to make the cupcakes. They were for a bake sale her school was having and Nick had already brought home various small gummy candies to decorate them with so the kitchen was a scene of culinary chaos.
“So… are you gonna tell me anything?” Deliah asked Springtrap. Who pretended not to know what she was talking about.
“Sure, grab more blue icing, there is a bowl in the fridge.” He said. Violet gave him a look and he sighed. “Look, no matter what I think of the neighbor, she didn’t deserve to deal with that ballerina. I… I worked with that one.” He said, choosing his words carefully. “It was always malfunctioning. If that woman were smart, she wouldn’t even bother with that generation, it brought nothing but trouble from the start.” He said and h
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 17 10
Take A Drink Every Time You See Pancakes Ch.11
Nick returned to Violet, handing her the duffel bag. She went into a bathroom and returned as a different woman. Her face was cleaned of blood and make up and her long hair was in a tight ponytail. A white button down shirt under a purple blazer topped a pair of black slacks and she wore a pair of stylish heeled boots that slightly helped her chronic short little girl syndrome.
“Nice transformation.” Nick joked and she laughed, her humor having returned.
“Yeah. Fazbear Power Make Up.” She quipped and walked towards the Pirate’s Cove. At least fifteen people stood around the room, looking displeased with their night. Nick wondered if they would have liked to trade missing a few shows and some video games for wrestling that six foot metal ballerina.
But Violet was in top form, and in less than two hours she had placated all angry customers with vouchers for more free food, tickets for their next visit to the prize counter and a few cute plushies handed to un
:iconkimbleeisintheshower:Kimbleeisintheshower 16 24


Holy potato wedges, ArtistKid! You are an amazement. I love that first panel, Springtrap looming frighteningly high and Harry looking s...

OMG! That last frame is just amazing, seriously. As always, I love your style, your color choices and your expressions. ESPECIALLY your...

Springtrap looks badass first of all, his sly smirk and side eye are just perfect. They give him the look of knowing exactly how freake...

I love this, its very cute and fits into the comic perfectly, plus I love Chica's deranged joy at stealing a hat. Has an almost "Notice...


Woozy by CrispyCh0colate
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I like writing, fiber arts, taking pictures of my pets and drooling over people with actual artistic talent.

I also like making polls.... and appreciate people who click the buttons in my polls.

I've been getting back into Pokemon lately, and was exposed to the Pokemon LIVE! musical... would anyone be interested in reading a novelization fic of it? 

3 deviants said Yes
2 deviants said Only if its made intentionally cheesy, just like the real thing.
1 deviant said No


Short Fics for Sale!
Am now accepting commissions to write a fic featuring the character(s) of your choice from these fandoms:

* Five Nights at Freddy's
* Undertale
* Teen Titans

If there is another fandom you'd like and don't see, send me a message about it. It might be one of the ones I write for and just haven't uploaded about.

Send me:

Fandom Desired:
Characters You Want Written About:
Any vague idea what you'd like to read?:

Fics will be:

* AT LEAST 750 words long.
* Tailored to your ships if wanted
* Clearly dedicated to the person who purchases it.

Fics will NOT:

* Be over rating R. I really don't write a lot of explicit content, and not for 350 points!
* Involve children in anything beyond puppy romance, even if they go further in the canon.
* Be Half-Assed, I will give my best attempt to give you a piece you can enjoy and be happy to read.
* Involve someone else's OCs or fanon unless I have their permission or the creator of the work is the one to commission it.

Fics may:

* Involve humor even in otherwise serious situations.
* Involve my own OCs, although if you request that they not I will respect that.


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I'd like core membership, you can donate if you want. Absolutely no pressure, I'm not gonna beg or be upset if the link never gets clicked.

Have a nice day and thanks for looking at my profile no matter what your choices are. ^.^

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I've been getting back into Pokemon lately, and was exposed to the Pokemon LIVE! musical... would anyone be interested in reading a novelization fic of it?
3 deviants said Yes
2 deviants said Only if its made intentionally cheesy, just like the real thing.
1 deviant said No
So I'm not all that satisfied with my Pancakes series... should I take it down and resubmit it after I fix it? (GraWolfQuinn gets two votes, its her characters.)
well, you know. I'm trying to curb my vulgar mouth lately but we all know what it is.

I've been too depressed to write, haven't been commenting much, and its only today that I've managed to knit again. I am seriously blue lately, its really hard to deal with alone, and really embarassing to admit to, which is why I'll just write about it here. Because none of you know me IRL so its less embarassing.


That's about it. Unless someone wants to chat about something.
Okay, so I am sick. Dunno what's up but I'm tired and gonna sleep off tomorrow.

12 days of christmas will still have 12 days... but they're gonna be delayed. Promise I'll get the rest done, but I may need until the end of Christmas (Januray 6th) to get it done.

Also, does anyone know why January 6th is the end of Christmas? My grandpa used to say that and give us all a candy stocking for 1/6, but he never explained why. So anyone who can explain it gets a gold star.



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