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Older Hiro and Kisa

FB-Hirisa as Teenagers then as Adults

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Hiro and Kisa

FB-Hirisa in Zodiac Animal Forms

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AC22 Day07 - Hiro Sohma

FB-Hiro Sohma

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AC22 Day16 - Isuzu Sohma

FB-Isuzu 'Rin' Sohma

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AC22 Day12 - Kagura Sohma

FB-Kagura Sohma

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AC22 Day01 - Kakeru Manabe

FB-Kakeru Manabe

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AC22 Day03 - Kazuma Sohma

FB-Kazuma Sohma

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AC22 Day14 - Kisa Sohma

FB-Kisa Sohma

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AC22 Day09 - Kureno Sohma

FB-Kureno Sohma

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You're Beautiful


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Just Thinking About What-Ifs

FB-Kyohru as Cats, Other Animals and as Children

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Protect me from what i want...

FB-Kyohru Banners and Art Murals

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Otakuthon 2019 VS 108

FB-Kyohru Cosplay and Dolls in Photographs

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FB-Kyohru Displays of Affection

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kyo x tohru summer time  AI VERSION

FB-Kyohru Flowers

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Tohru And Kyo's White Day

FB-Kyohru Holidays

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Tohru x kyo

FB-Kyohru in 'Beauty and the Beast'

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Kyo and Tohru

FB-Kyohru in 'Kyo's Endless String of Competitors'

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Tohru and Kyo Disney

FB-Kyohru in 3-D and Other Popular Media Styles

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I ship Kyo x Tohru

FB-Kyohru Motivational Memes and Screenshots

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Shopping and Plushies

FB-Kyohru on Vacations

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Fruits basket (Kyo x Tohru)

FB-Kyohru's Red Thread of Fate and Rainbow Colors

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Tohru x Kyo

FB-Kyohru Screenshots and Collages

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Kyo and Tohru

FB-Kyohru Sketches

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Kyo and Tohru

FB-Kyohru Stamps and GIFs

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Kyo and Tohru

FB-Kyohru Wedding Artwork

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Hajime Soma

FB-Kyohru's Children and Granddaughter

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AC22 Day23 - Kyo Sohma

FB-Kyo Sohma

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Sohma Kyo

FB-Kyo Sohma Cosplay Photos

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AC22 Day18 - Kyoko Honda

FB-Kyoko Honda

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AC22 Day04 - Machi Kuragi

FB-Machi Kuragi

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AC22 Day15 - Momiji Sohma

FB-Momiji Sohma

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AC22 Day05 - Ritsu Sohma

FB-Ritsu Sohma and His Honey, Mitsuru

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AC22 Day20 - Saki Hanajima

FB-Saki Hanajima

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AC22 Day19 - Shigure Sohma

FB-Shigure Sohma

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AC22 Day24 - Tohru Honda

FB-Tohru Honda

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FB-Tohru Honda Cosplay Photos

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Yuki x Machi

FB-Yukachi Rainbow-Colored Manga

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AC22 Day21 - Yuki Sohma

FB-Yuki Sohma

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Kyo and Tohru

FB Comics

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Tohru and Kyo

I see your tear stained face in the moonlight   I look at you and I grip your hand You shrug me off, not saying a word You look at me as if you want to say something, but then you look back at the moon It's just you and I alone in the stillness, on top of our roof You wipe your face with your hand I turn away from your face and look up at the sky The pink and orange sun comes up slowly, dragging the moon down I wish I could understand your pain I wish I could make up for all the hurt you must have endured I try again, wanting to hug you but knowing I can't I look at you and grasp your hand You look at me with lonely eye

FB Fan Fictions

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Falling Up Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Surprised It was a Tuesday around 3:20. Kyo and Yuki were having their normal after school fight. At the moment Kyo was holding on to Yuki's arm in an attempt to defend himself from any more punches. "Would you like anything to eat Haru-kun?" Tohru asked, smiling up at the white and black haired boy. Hatsuharu stood up suddenly. "Be my girlfriend Tohru!" he said, surprising everyone in the room. Haru's cousins seemed unable to speak, let alone move. "Ah! Okay," Tohru was still shocked, and at the time she hadn't realized what she'd just said. This grabbed Kyo and Yuki's attention. "Hell no," Kyo said, leaping in front of her,

FB Fan Fiction-Falling Up

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KyoXTohru: Strangest Months of Our Lives Ch. 1

Kyo woke to see his beloved wife sleeping in his arms and couldn't help but smile lovingly at her. Her long, silky brown hair pooled around her shoulders, behind her, and some even in front of her. He gently brushed some of it from her shoulder to behind her, planting a tender kiss on her cheek before getting to his feet and dressing in his annual routine for his day at the dojo. He didn't wish to wake Tohru so he made himself some rice balls, leaving a few out for her when she decided to get up and left, heading for his daily job as head of his retired adoptive father's dojo. A sigh came from Tohru as she sat up and pulled her knees to her c

FB Fan Fiction-Our Strangest Months and Years

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Tender Moments. KyoxTohru

A girl runs up the stairs in a smooth manner. Trying to keep her balance and composure the same as if she was walking. "Kyo-Kun!" She yelled it once she made it to the top stair, her big brown eyes searching for his orange ones. Nothing, the hall was empty and cold. The walls looked huge, and oppressive. She takes a slow step towards the first door on the right. When she comes face to face with the wooden blockage. She freezes. Her hand hovering over the knob. Her small, sleek fingers barely touching it. Will It be rude for me to, just walk in? She thought over this idea for a few moments and slowly but surely she turned the knob. To no a

FB Fan Fiction-Chapter Fan Fictions

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New Beginnings ch. 1

Tohru looked out the window of the bus nervously on their way to the train. Kyo had talked about moving to a distant land- she hadn't realized it would be clear on the other side of Japan… She wondered how the others would do without her- she would be so worried about them. "Hey- don't look so depressed." Kyo touched her shoulder softly to get her attention, and ran a hand through her hair slightly, the strands whispering through his fingers. "Everything will be alright. It will be a rough start on our own, but things will turn out, I promise." "I know, I'm just worried about the others. What about Momiji? He looked so sad to see us

FB Fan Fiction-New Beginnings

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AC22 Day24 - Tohru Honda

FB Characters-Mandalas

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