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Hey guys, since the last time I had them open, they all went insane fast (like less then 8 hours fast) Im opening up another round of portraits similar to: Astarnian by KimberlySwan and  Rahkir by KimberlySwan at the awesome price of $30 (which is cheaper then normal, but im trying to be fair and let everyone get one that wants one) <.< Im not entirely sure how many slots I will be opening, i guess it all depends on the response (since 10 last time was def not enough anbd I had to turn some folks away)
To get one, you need to send me an email with references, and you will be added to the que when paypay comes through. The email for both is I look forward to seeing all your loverly characters n________n

All other types of commissions will be open too, for information on them, check out: 
Commission info! by KimberlySwan

My average que wait is between 1-4 weeks, and I try super hard not to go longer then that n_n
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I want to commission yooooou. Are you still open?
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Yes! I must have another! EEEE!
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Im still open if youre still interested <.<
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I would LOVE to, but it'll have to wait. My heart jumped a mile when I saw that you were open, but with my wedding coming up... it's just not in the works. I hope you open up again sometime early next year though! <3
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sure thing, feel free to email me with the details n____n
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I know finally, right? Im so slow D:
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