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Smoke bomb Diptych

By KimberlySwan
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Strike and Vilmer for :iconsethsatyrus:

trolls and gobs depicted in the way blizzard does em
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I absolutely LOVE this! Trolls and gobbies are my favorite race for the Horde :D!! The colors.. textures.. forms.. dah! I'm exploding with excitement and love for it all!!:happybounce:   Beautiful work :3!
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That... is a sexy goblin..why cant the ingame models look like that...
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This is so bad ass! I like the design flare you added such as the spirals on th goblin's knuckles, and the tattoos. It's nice to see when people illustrate the characters with something to make them unique. Also super spiffy shading and linework! I love how the smoke is trailing between the goblins fingers.
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I... I recognized these guys! 8D Oh my gosh, it is so well drawn, and I am very much in love with the background textures and colors. Stunning work!
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I wish trolls and gobs would come out of the smoke for me too :<

BTW did you draw those designy things yourself? D:
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If they did, I'd be catching everything on fire. And I kinda borrowed their design from uh.. brushezy i think?
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Oh -hells- yeah. *puuuuuurr*
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Artistically speaking, this makes both of my penises hard. <3
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wtb pic of two penises
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Your wish are my commandz.
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da bomb! XD niiiice
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Gotta love 'dem tusks.
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Only you make hot gobs. Only you, dear. I'm not sure WHY you make hot obs. I just know that you do. Happy Easter. I hope your eggs are full of chocolate and money...
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it was overstuffed with chocolates, im still on a sugar high D:
I think in my mind, they are tiny trolls, and trolls are pretty hot... so by default...
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Ah! Yes. I understand. *nods nods*
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obs=gobs. Oh, and Creepy Crates eat Noblegarden bunnies. Good times....
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That's awesomesausagewithcream! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
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