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Rennali Commission

By KimberlySwan
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for :iconrennali:

whew I picked at this thing for a long time, and i think its.. kinda done?

Btw! Grats on your hubby coming home!
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The whole art nouveaux style is breathtakingly done. From the colours and the textures to the besutiful lineart! A very impressing piece! And it reminds me a bit of John Fitzpatrick... :)
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Beautiful style and coloring here. The pose is also great!
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I really like your style, it feels a bit like I have seen this style before but not at the same time, very interesting.
That is inspired by World of Warcraft is not something I could tell just looking at it first, I do see that it is elves but thats pretty much where the relation ends, I think you have taken that inspiration and kicked it up to a whole new level, a mix between the new and the very old, I really like it.
Great work.
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Thanks :) I do admit to being influenced by a lot of art noveu (and a ton of other things) :)
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You´re welcome.
I think that is a very nice direction you have taken, it´s quite original the combination you have put out here.
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Wow, truly incredible, everything about this piece makes it stand out, the color, expressions, style, detail, everything! Insta-fav.
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thanks :D It was really fun to work on :)
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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You're welcome.
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Brilliant would be an understatement!
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aww thanks :) It was really fun to work on, granted it took me forever O_o
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SERIOUSLY stop taking my breath away! This can be pretty dangerous! :I
I don't even know the words to describe what I like the most. Is it the detail? The fragile glass look? The soft shading of their skin? I hate belfs in common because they are too gay (meaning colourful, pretty and elegant) to be credible. But this there picture, it makes me honor all belves.
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Yup, but I really try to bring em down a notch... and then to the left.. and then backwards a bit, either way, I agree, and I do enjoy portraying them a little less then perfect sometimes ^_^

( In game, I have a fat belf, because thats the way i roll)
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Hahaaa, the fat belf. You are my hero. :D
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