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Lord of time.. with the correct color eyes.

no one knows why they're blue in the model -_-

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Every Dragon aspect has glowing eyes, but when they lost their immortality with the defeat of Deathwing, they lost this glow. We only saw Nozdormu's true eye color after this event. Also, he most likely had blue eyes in-game because he took on the form of a High elf.
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wow awesome art work you have there :love:
I really like it!!

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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. *flails wildly* My favorite Aspect! :D Much love to you for doing arts of him!
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the freakin blue light on the one side, and the rays of light. asdfghjkl
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:D hes so adoraful :O He was really fun to work on too <.<
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mamma mia I love him.
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you and apparently a ton of other folks O_o there might be a line...
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Show his timepiece.
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Early onset of *gasp* MORTALITY?!!!
Wry you used that over-used theme blizzard? Wry? The dragons were fine being uninvolved at first and immortal. *flails*

*Ahem* Oh right, art! No seriously, dat sand, and dat dargon. He translates so seamlessly into your style. Love this piece!
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Thanks :D He was really fun to work on tbh <.< I might have to do another one one day
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Took me a while to realize that the muscle hand pulling down a curtain is actually his body O_O.But my stupidity aside Great Work looks awesome.
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Whups D: that would be a good sign to me to clear things up, I actually appreciate comments like this :D
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This is beautiful, even for you Kim. I love the filigree in the background and the print ~ :)
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This is delicious D8 All of the textures and patterns and nnnn <3 Kim. My loins. The quiver. Why? D:
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I know, right??

wank inc.
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Aside from Arthas.. this guy is my boyfriend. He just doesnt know it. Beautiful job babe.
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Heck yeah!

Its good to have a healthy selection of sexies...
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