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Astarian, who finally hit 90 like 2 weeks ago, lives on feathermoon. Always looking for shady goblins and even shadier trolls to purchase less then ethical goods from n_n
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I'm really liking the cool character you got here, it gives you a feeling that this guy is super charismatic and has a strong personality and attitude! Also amazing details and color work. I hope your art becomes more popular because it's becoming a favorite of mine!
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Aww thank you! He's a character that is near and dear to me n_n 
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your art is so sexy wtf 
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Ungh if only this facial hair option was open to belves =o=
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Smoke weed everyday ©
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I love the wrinkle in his brow.
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Absolutely beautiful work as ever! ;)
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Sensei astarian is not amused it seems :D (Big Grin) 
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Heee-llooo gorgeous.
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wow, this is very good!!!!
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Beautiful work as usual! <3
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Got to say, this Sin'dorei has taken to Pandaria like a fish to water. The robes, the hair style, the facial hair.... it looks like he was born there.

Gotta say, if he isn't a regular member of Madam Goya's clientele, I should be very much surprised.

It is lovely to see the amount of Asian themed wow drawings that have come out of this explanion, and yours is one of the best I have seen for the non-Pandarian races. I especially like how the eyes are done, and the clasp of the headpiece.

The pipe, on the other hand, doesn't seem as quite as real as the rest of the picture, but is the only minor flaw in what is otherwise a stunning piece.

The way the smoke moves though the painting is masterfully done, as it looks rather realistic, and is done it such a way that it doesn't block any other part of the art.
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His eyes...oh gosh they're pretty o3o;
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less than ethical goods you say??? and he is smoking a something?

is it troll crack?
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awesome work <3
I really love all those details on his clothes.. his eyes... <3
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Absolutely stunning! I love the way you detailed the eyes.

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Fumanchu's on blood elves. Blizz make it so.
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Very well done. Love your bloodelf <3 Personally I prefer alliance :P
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And furthermore, that is the best rendition of glowy blef eyes I've ever seen.
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Uh. Belf. But you knew that.
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