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Hello everyone! Hunters of the Moon is basically part 2 to Crescent's story! Crescent's story was to try and explain his-..well..STORY OF COURSE. But to also explain the story of those around him. This takes place a few months after the issue that occurred with the hunters trying to sell the animals rare to the world in this story. If you do not understand completely, here's the first two chapters to Crescent's story, if you're interested..three, four, and five are simple to find in my "Journals" or may even be listed in the suggested section:

Crescent's story Part 1Hello everyone! I've seen many people make stories for their characters, and I've role played many times- so I thought I'd make a story about one of my characters; Crescent, his real name is Bade, but a lot of people refer to him as Astennu, he's a blue wolf based off of a Crescent Moon tower in Dubai (Lol it's a real thing.) If you would like to see what he looks's some examples:

If you'd like to see what the tower looks like, I HIGHLY advise you look it up!!! It is beautiful!! However, you will see 3D models and incomplete versions because the tower is still being built, since 2008 they've attempted to build it. They are very close to finishing too! But anyways, let's get to the story shall we? Now this can include some slight violence from time to time but it shouldn't be TOO bad. And I am probably too lazy to correct my comas and where they should actually be put so--xD
Crescent's story Part 2So we start from last time. If you haven't read the first chapter to this story, here it is:
If you have already, let us continue, shall we? This story will start to be told through first person seeing as to how we have the intro complete. DISCLAIMER: THERE IS A LITTLE BIT OF ABUSE TO SOME ANIMALS, SUCH AS WHIPPING AND JUST BEING RUDE TO THE ANIMALS IN GENERAL. But don't worry, the abusers always get it back to them c:
The sun had rose above the town, shining brightly...brighter than it had. El and Amalia had worked things out finally, it took a friend that always was there to help them to finally calm the two down. Mohammed, was his name. However, El would have to deal with the prime minister now..
Crescent stood next to the crowd, watching silently as the prime minister figured if El should be put into prison or not. From how long they all knew him, the prime minister let him go. This was a dream com

It was an early morning, everyone was asleep and would never expect what was going to happen this morning. Bernice was asleep on the couch next to Crescent. When suddenly...there was a sudden sound of whimpering. This, of course, caused El and Amalia to wake up. The two went downstairs to see what was the matter. Crescent woke up surprised. When everyone realized...IT was time. Amalia quickly turned on the light and went to help Bernice. Crescent immediately got worried and spoke, though El and Amalia couldn't understand, " it really time?" She nodded. There was a lot of whimpering for the next hour. But died out. Within time, there was three new lives. Crescent came up to the three pups and smiled a little, "...So how do you feel?" Bernice looked up at him, "..I feel amazing..." Crescent nudged her a little. She smiled, " do YOU feel?" She asked. He started laughing nervously, " came to my surprise..I'm a little nervous...I never pictured becoming a father really.." She nudged him back, "It's fine...we're gonna get through this together." Amalia sighed, "...Well..that takes care of that..El..I'm so tired right now..." El pat her on the back, "Just go back to bed...I'll take care of them.." He said. "Are you sure?" She asked. He shortly replied after, "Of've been trying to help a wolf in labor for an hour..."

A few hours passed and everyone had went back to rest. By morning, Bernice and Crescent were trying to think about what names they could have. "...Well...I like Luna...what do you think?" Bernice said. Crescent sighed a little, "..To be honest..I really like about..Astennu? I used to be called by that name almost a year died out when my reputation was created." She nodded, "I like that too...Astennu..Luna and..." Crescent smiled, "Bade." Bernice's ears popped up, "BADE? BUT WAIT..WASN'T THAT YOUR NAME BEFORE YOU EARNED THE CRESCENT MARKINGS??" He nodded, " was..but...everyone really refers to me as Crescent or IC now-a-days..soo......why not? Also...look at his back..." Bernice looked down at the pup that would now be named Bade, on his back...there was a crescent marking just like Crescent's. Her eyes widened, "...." He started laughing, "You did expect this to happen, right??" She started laughing too, "Kinda...not really." Luna had a cross over her left eye and three other Celtic looking cross symbols down her back...Astennu on the other hand..had starts on his paws and back..INCLUDING his tail. "They all look so adorable and beautiful.." Bernice said. "...Just like you." Crescent replied. She smiled to that statement. El and Amalia came downstairs. Crescent immediately walked up to them..he wanted to try and tell them the names of the three pups since the two had made up their mind. He tried everything that he could to show them...pointing to the crescent markings..pointing to the word "name" on a newspaper. He did multiple things..and within about fifteen minutes they finally caught on. El sighed, "These two are a lot smarter than the town is believing.." Amalia agreed.

For the next few days the three pups were bonding and playing around with their parents..everything seemed fine again. Crescent was back, Bernice was alright...for awhile..everything was sunshine, especially to the three. But....somewhere near Cairo, Egypt..there was a familiar black wolf with ruby red eyes..he stayed hidden in the shadows. He was trying to find something..he had been trying to find this...SOMETHING for days..months....until finally..he found what it was. He was peering out of a dark area shrouded by a very thick bush. Staring at something...he found it. Majestica..he suddenly jumped out and grabbed the bird. This stunned her and she had no first or second was too sudden. She looked up at the black wolf, "..You...No...NO..NOT YOU!" Rudy growled, "SHUT want you to tell me something..and don't you DARE lie to red eyes can see a liar..and if I figure out that you're lying..I WILL kill you..." She growled back, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" He started laughing, "Only a simple answer. Where. Is. Crescent?" Majestica shook her head and refused to tell him, "WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW??" His claws sharpened a little, "...It is none of your business..NOW TELL ME." She still refused. He suddenly clawed her plum across the face- kind of blinding her. She tried to fly away- but to no avail. He suddenly barked aggressively and yelled, "NOW..TELL ME!!" He was about ready to bite down onto her with his menacingly sharp fangs. She was still refusing, "I WON'T TELL YOU..I WON'T...I KNOW WHAT YOU DID...YOU LEFT US FOR DEAD..YOU NEVER CARED...YOU PRETENDED TO BE HIS FRIEND..WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW? TO KILL HIM? JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE! LEAVE ME ALONE." He growled, "You really haven't figured it out have you? That something..something rare that the whole world wishes to see..and keep for them self..oh and..another thing..that...female wolf he has with him she's exactly like him..except.....there's something different..something unique...she holds light...and life." Majestica tried to fly away again..still no avail. He readied his fangs, "NOW...TELL ME." She whimpered a little, "FINE..FINE....Crescent lives in Kuwait...Bernice is with him..." Rudy started laughing evilly, "...Excellent. Thought that wolf would be smart enough to go back with her owner to America." He suddenly let Majestica go- but forcefully. She winced and stood up- flying away.

Rudy turned away..he had one objective on his mind at this point. Find. Crescent. Time passed..about..a few weeks. And as for the family on the other hand, things were fine. Astennu was jumping around and playing with Bade. Luna sighed, watching the two. Bernice nudged Luna, "What's the matter?" She looked up at her mother's worried eyes, "Nothing..I just...don't feel right.." Bernice shook her head, "Do not worry my dear...I have this feeling all the time. It's called Discernment.." She sat down next to Luna. Luna was of course curious, "What's Discernment?" Bernice smiled down at her, "It's a powerful gift..given by the god...for another's..."PSYCHIC." helps you know if something bad is going to happen..if there are bad people around you and all that.." Luna smiled, "That's so cool.." Crescent came outside, Astennu barked, "HEY DAD HEY DAD!! WATCH WHAT I CAN DO!" Crescent nodded, "Alright?" Astennu suddenly jumped up onto Bade and started twinkling like the stars. Obviously because of the stars he had on himself. "ISN'T IT COOL?!" Astennu said. "Yes.." Crescent replied, "But are you sure you should be on your brother like that?" Bade started laughing, "DON'T WORRY PAPA IT'S FINE!" Suddenly- their was a screech coming from the sky..the small group looked up and saw Majestica, she landed, panicking, "CRESCENT..CRESCENT YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL! RUDY IS COMING..I DON'T KNOW WHAT HE WANTS BUT I KNOW HE HAS BAD INTENTIONS!" Crescent's eyes widened, "...What...WHAT?!" He charged up to her, "WHEN? WHERE?!" She sighed, "A few weeks ago he attacked me and threatened me...he left not long after I did..he's coming here...HERE. You and Bernice aren't safe her-" She noticed the three pups, ".....Since when was this a thing?" Crescent laughed, "'s...a long story really.." Majestica sighed, "..He might go after them too.." She mumbled, "LISTEN..YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE NOT SAFE HERE..YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE-" Crescent suddenly interrupted her, "I can't just do that..this is my home..El and Amalia would be worried sick if I left....I'll keep a close eye out during the night and I'll make sure the house is locked up.." Majestica shook her head and sighed again, "....Whatever you believe is best.." She expanded her wings and flew off. Bade spoke, "Papa..who was that bird?" He looked at Bade, "..An old friend of mine..I'll tell you the story later on down the road..come on..we need to go inside.." Bade and Astennu whined, "AWWW.." Bernice didn't know what to think...Luna, spoke, "Well...I know why I felt like that now..whoever Rudy is..he sounds evil.." Bernice suddenly nudged Luna, "Come on..let's get inside..." Crescent, Bernice..and the three pups went inside the house...two...ruby red eyes...watching them from the darkness as dusk crept near. Rudy...was already here.

If this story seems at all..RUSHED- I apologize for that! It was rather late when I typed this out and I seem to get to the chase of the story pretty quickly. I'll be making art of Astennu, Bade and Luna soon! More than likely Majestica and Rudy too seeing how they are main character's to the story. As for El and Amalia, I'll probably end up doing the same thing. I'll be making the next chapter to this story soon so watch out for that!

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Well..I made a journal last month but I'm gonna make another one to update some things, lol.
There have been a few issues in real life if you've been active and seen my status it's gonna add onto my list of things I want.
- Art of my cat Sylvester
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- Llama and Cake badges
- Just a happy birthday coming from you guys will count as something special to me right now.
- Selling some of my left over characters
- Prayers for my mom (We're hoping she didn't get sick from Sylvester-)

This is the journal to my unsold characters: CHARACTER PURGE!I have 7584574857487584 characters...oh god- and I've grown distant from a lot of these characters. I accept points and art. Art may come as an add-on depending on the character. If any owners of these designs do not want me to sell them, let me know. And I apologize if I didn't link your account, I had issues finding all of them. Once something is purchased, I will send the picture(s) to the seller, and they will be removed from my Toyhouse and my computer, that includes my so you only have one chance to save them..I recently removed 627 items from my computer, and wish to remove half of the stuff on here. Characters will more than likely be added!
I also have adopts that I would like to be sold..
As for drawing my characters, you can find some of the characters I've bought over the year in my gallery. Send me a note if you're interested in drawing any of my characters from my gallery or if you want to draw one that isn't listed on DA.
And lastly, this is the status to Sylvester's photos:…

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EHH decided to make this a journal instead--soo-

Welllll- my birthday's in 5 days, so I might as well do this. If you guys remember I asked if birthday wish lists on here were a thing like Christmas wish lists- ehh lol I decided to go ahead and do things I'm looking forward to getting:

- Points
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ehh..I don't want to ask too much of you guys, but here's a few things. >v>

Soon, the story on both ends had been brought together and everyone understood, Ray looked at Bernice and Crescent. "I love her..but...I think she finally found a wolf that she should be with." She smiled. "Besides, I plan on staying here..I'm starting my job here." She looked at the three, "Oh, I see......yeah...I knew this day would come." El laughed. "What are you working for?" Amalia asked, "If you don't mind me asking..." Crescent and Bernice walked outside. "Well, I'm working as-.." Crescent and Bernice stared up, the sun was setting. "It's been a long and unfortunate journey..but in the end, we prevailed.." She smiled and looked at Crescent, "Yeah, you're right." He smiled back, "I'm glad we can finally rest...but I'm wondering about the other animals." He looked around. "Same here, same here...." She stared off into the distance. "...All of's going to take some getting used to." The voices of the three could be heard as Mohammed opened the door, grabbing his things. The two wolves stared back at the door which was now open. Amalia and El then looked at him, "'re heading off now?" Amalia asked. "Yeah, my shows here are done..but these aren't the last, so I'm headed back to Iraq." El stood up and shook Mohammed's hand, "It was a pleasure to see you again, I look forward to our next meeting." Mohammed agreed, "..Mohammed, here, I'll help you.." Amalia stood up too. "...Yeah...thanks." The two made their way outside. Crescent whimpered a little as he recognized this...the only time Mohammed had all of his things was when he was leaving. Once Amalia and him got everything situated, he opened his car door, just before seeing Crescent. He sighed and walked over to him, kneeling down and petting him, "Don't worry buddy...I'll be back before you know it..." He smiled and looked at Bernice, then back at Crescent. "Take care of her, you're starting a new thing in your life." He stood up and walked back to the car. He got into the car and started it up, putting on his sunglasses..just as Crescent charged towards the car and stood up on his hind legs- whimpering again. "......Crescent, come on...we do this every time, it's gonna be okay..." El and Amalia came outside and called for Crescent, "COME ON BOY..." He looked at the two, then back at Mohammed. "...I know you don't understand me, but I will wait for you for when you come back. See you again soon my teacher." Said Crescent, he then charged back to Amalia and El. Mohammed then left after that.

A little while later, Ray had left as well to get things ready for her first day at work a few days from then. Bernice and Crescent remained outside and stared up at the sky, the sun was almost completely gone..and only a little light remained, and it was soon going to rain. The two looked at each other, Crescent speaking... " do you feel about all of this..?" He blinked..waiting for Bernice to respond, "Honestly....extremely happy, I'm so glad I know you..and I'm glad I can..." She stopped there, and looked away. "...You can....what?...........Call me yours? If so, you're right." He smiled, Bernice looking back at him, "...Wait...what...really..?" She began to tear up a little. "Yes, really, I would rather spend my life with you rather than any other wolf." Bernice...slowly began to cry...then rubbing her head against Crescent, "....Well........I love you Crescent..." She smiled and closed her eyes. "...I love you too Bernice.." It began to rain, and the moon soon began to shine upon the two. Strange how the moon remained out while it was raining. Later...around early morning, Crescent was staring out into the now rising sun. Speaking, "And no matter what....I'll be there by your side...during the sun..and the rain. I will be there to help you as best as I ever can, I will fight for you..protect you..and be there till the end..before today, I never knew I'd find someone like you. You changed the way my life used to be. I never thought a wolf like me and you could be together this way, but today, this moment, you have proven me wrong, being kidnapped was the best thing that has ever happened to me. If it wasn't for that...we would've never known each other, and I would never be where I am now." Crescent looked at El and Amalia who were asleep on the couch, before he looked down at Bernice...who was now going to be the bringer of a few little lives.
Unknown by kimberlyrav Art by Lavi_Jr30203 (Someone off DA)

Yeah, I know this was a short story. But I came up with all of this as I went on. Some of the characters were based off of people I know in real life, and I wonder if anyone of you can figure out what I mean by 'who was now going to be the bringer of a few little lives' '0'! If you do, no, not right now. Nothing has happened yet, but I'm thinking about it. And this isn't the end of the entire story, I'm planning on making plenty of other stories with lol, don't worry about it. 
The sun had slowly hit the horizon, introducing the due on the palm tree rare. Crescent slowly opened his eyes to see some of the animals already awake. He noticed Bernice was talking to many of the younger animals. Crescent and Bernice were around almost a year old. He slowly stood up and looked around..noticing the sun rise..calling out, "ALRIGHT, EVERYONE. GET UP...WE NEED TO START PLANNING." Some of the animals groaned and sighed..but Bernice spoke to this action, "Come on you guys, I know you're tired but we need to do this for our lives." She smiled and looked at Crescent...he felt something he usually didn't, it was rare..some kind of feeling in his heart. He had it before, but not this strong..and not too often. He smiled back, and looked at all of the animals staring at the two. "Well...first, we need to know each and every place you all are from." He gazed up at a squirrel and asked it, "Can you find us a pencil and some paper?" The creature nodded, and took off quickly. He looked back at the animals. "Once we know, we can start to map out a way for all of you to get back safe to your homes." He smiled at the animals, and felt that feeling in his heart more than before...a feeling of happiness that he could do so much. He then spoke again "ALRIGHT, EVERYONE..STAND IN A LINE..TELL ME WHERE YOU'RE FROM." The animals did just that, some were from other places in the middle east...some were from places like Britain, Australia..The squirrel soon came back with the pencil and it to the wolf...the wolf picked up the pencil with his mouth and began to write things down. Eventually, he knew the places of each and every animal. He then started to think...sighing. Saying to himself in his mind, "How are we going to get ALL of these animals back...?" He looked up and stared into the sky. Bernice came to his side, "Don't worry....we'll find a way....." She knew what he was thinking by his reactions. He looked over and smiled, "Yeah, you're right." Bernice smiled back. Majestica, stared at the two. Then she heard a plane fly over, soon looking up at it. "Us birds can fly back home..but you need some help to get back to where you're from, maybe we can...take a boat for over-sea animals?" She looked at the two. Before a snake hissed and spoke, "Yeah, animals taking a boat.....I'm from Spain, so I hope I can eventually get back." Bernice looked at the snake and replied, "Anything's possible...we need to try anything and everything."

The snake sighed and climbed down the tree, "Whatever you believe is possible, I'll believe." Crescent began to think, what could they do? He then called out to the birds, "Do you all think you could fly around and see if there is even a boat port nearby? Any type of transportation that is private and off grid to where we aren't seen?" The birds nodded, and flew off. He looked at Bernice, "...Are you sure about all of this..?" He asked. "Yes, I'm sure." She put her head against his, "Don't believe too, don't you?" Crescent sighed "Yeah, I do." That was weird to him, he had never been around another wolf, well..mainly a female, it caused that feeling in his heart to grow more, causing him to feel it..whatever it was..stronger for Bernice. He decided to ask, " you know what it is when you have that feeling in your heart? I don't know the English word..but in our dialect we call it "hubun." (حب) She had to think for a second, he knew what he meant but she wanted him to know the word..she then recognized it. "OH! It"s called "Love" feel it for a lot of things, others, items, music...don't think too much of it, I have it too..we all do." She had the feeling too, the two already had a deep care for each other. And it seemed, that every hour, they became closer friends. Crescent replied, ", I'm sorry I still have a lot of understanding to-...understand." He laughed again, so did she. "It's fine, it's fine." The two smiled at each other. The birds returned, and Majestica spoke "Okay, we looked as fast as possible! There IS a boat port, but it's really far. There's also a few paths that can lead you to certain areas some of these animals are from." Crescent nodded, "Thank you." He then stood up, "ALRIGHT, ALL OF YOU, LISTEN UP!" He looked at Bernice and whispered a little, "You can take the animals from over-seas to the boat port since you're from America, and I can take the animals from here to their destinations...if that's..what you want to do?" He asked. "I agree!" Bernice said, "We'll need four birds for each group if we get lost!" So therefore, four birds went with Bernice, and four went with Crescent.

The animals prepared, it would be a long journey. Bernice looked at Crescent, " was nice talking to you think this is it..?" Bernice asked. "...I'm not could be..." He said. She frowned, "Crescent..I don't want to go back, I miss my owner..but...I love being here, I love being here with you...and I know that seems weird by how early it is...but." The two then spoke at the same time, "I feel like we've known each other for years..?" It shocked both..surprising them. Crescent then spoke "Well, maybe we'll meet again...." He smiled, "Don't worry, even when I'm not there visibly...I am always there..." Bernice and Crescent rubbed their heads together and eventually parted for their long journey's..Bernice looked back at Crescent and his group, he was guiding them responsibly just like a leader. She frowned and walked off, remembering..she has to be strong for her group, and be a leader too. The birds took the groups to their was no over-night process either, it was a few days..but they kept going. Bernice kept the group believing and strong no matter what they went through, then...the night that they found the boat port...they rejoiced. They could finally head home. That's when a thunder storm started and rain poured onto the ground heavily. Bernice began to pull a large boat's rope with all her strength....but..her ears lowered, as she remembered how easy it would be if Crescent was with her. She looked down with the rope in her mouth, but some of the animals began to help surprised her. She then remembered.. "I am always there..." His voice echo'd through her head and gave her strength, as they pulled the boat to the dock.
"Alright, come on you guys!" She began to let the animals onto the boat..but then...Rudy slashed the rope- letting the boat go, causing the animals to panic. "Where do you think you're going young lady?" His red eyes pierced right through her frightened her. "Leave us alone Rudy!" She growled and backed away. "I don't think know Crescent?" He rolled around a strange moon looking orb, which began to glow and showed Crescent and his group being attacked by the guys who originally captured them.

"..N-..." Bernice growled... "YOU....YOU DID ALL OF THIS!" She charged and attacked Rudy. He barked and attacked Bernice-..clawing her side and biting her leg causing her to whimper. The animals got furious and towered over Rudy, causing him to leave rather quickly. Bernice laid down and looked at her wounds, all of the animals paying attention to her and nothing else. "You..guys! GET THE BOAT IT'S DRIFTING AWAY!" Some of the birds flew and picked up the rope- slowing it down, a buck getting into the water and helping. But it didn't stop, it just slowed down. Meanwhile, with Crescent and his group, they were a little unfortunate too. The men were chaining the animals up-..Crescent barked and growled aggressively, attacking the men as best as he could, before they put a strap over his muzzle keeping him from being able to do anything. A young woman, which seemed to be American was there for only a little while..and she seemed like she had lost something dear to her, when she saw the animals. Due to her protective side...she called out, "What are you doing?" She recognized these guys, she had seen them before. The men looked at her, and one spoke, "Business. Nothing to be concerned about...Move along." This made her a little angry, it seemed she had a group with her-...and they began to argue with the men, buying the animals time to try and escape...Crescent began to break his chains and unchained the animals that were chained as well. And meanwhile....back in Kuwait, El and Amalia were worried sick for Crescent and had heard about the other disappearing animals. El was outside talking to Mohammed, "I...It was my fault in a way, we tried calling for him...we heard him barking..but that was the last we ever heard from him." He sighed and looked down. Mohammed then spoke, "Don't think to much about it..I'm sure we'll find him eventually..." Amalia then called for the two, "....YOU TWO! I KNOW WHERE HE IS.." The two rushed back into the house and looked at her. "There......" Crescent was on the news, a long with all of the other animals. The men were being arrested for doing something like this. "...Oh..IT'S CRESCENT..." She tried to hold back tears, happy to know he was okay. El smiled, "Well I'll be darn.....Mohammed you were right." He looked at him. "...See, what did I tell you two?" Eventually, they found the other group with Bernice in it. Some of the animals were from actual people, and had tags so their homes could be found quicker. "...We need to go get Crescent.." Amalia stood up quickly. "Agreed." Said El and Mohammed. The three left the house to get Crescent...

The birds flew back to where they were from, and people were already finding the homes that the other animals came from. Bernice limped back, away from the group being saved. How would she ever get back in time? She forced herself to run faster..she conquered her pain, and ran faster than she ever a REAL wolf should. She began to sniff the ground to find Crescent and the other group. Soon...a day passed, and most animals were back to their homes. Except for Crescent and a few others. Then...Bernice quickly passed the young lady who came from America..she recognized the wolf and called, "BERNICE..?!" She quickly raced after the wolf. On the other part of the story El, Amalia and Mohammed had found Crescent..Amalia rejoiced and called for him, "CRESCENT?!...COME HERE BOY.." She teared up as Crescent barked and ran towards the three..jumping into Amalia's arms, "Oh you've gotten so big and heavy too." She smiled and laughed. Crescent barked, but then his ears moved around as he heard something. He looked around and saw Bernice in the far distance- he took off towards her causing Amalia to have confusion, "Crescent?" She stood back up to see the two wolves run towards each other, the young lady from America stopped and smiled as she realized what had happened here. El sighed and laughed, "I knew he would find another wolf." Crescent and Bernice met each other once more, "I MISSED YOU CRESCENT.." She wrapped her neck around his..a type of hugging for dogs. "I missed you too Bernice.." She then quickly asked, "Are you okay?..." Crescent nodded, and noticed her wounds, "What...happened?" Bernice looked over to remember about them, the pain returning. "Rudy...that's what happened." Crescent growled, "Not him again.." Then the American girl called, "Bernice....who's this?" She pet Bernice.. " owner.." She licked the young lady's face and whimpered happy to see her again. Ray stood up and looked at the three, "Little..unexpected, am I righ-..." Her eyes widened a little as she saw Mohammed. "......Mohammed..? Al-" She stopped there, but he didn't recognize her, but she recognized him. "...Sorry, I was a huge fan of you growing up.." She smiled and rubbed her head a little, "Oh...I understand..if anyone it should be me that's sorry." He laughed a little. Bernice and Crescent stared at each other..they were happy to be reunited. " about a little..explaining?" Ray said. The three agreed for sure, this was some strange and unusual months for sure.
The next thing he knew, was yet another cage door closing on him and all of the other animals. He desperately looked around, to not only gain sight of his surroundings, but to see if he could find some way out. The black wolf, Rudy, looked at him and shook his head in disapproval, before making a statement, "Do not try it Bade...They lock these cages up tight, and any type of disturbance could possibly shock you or they'll just straight up come in here." The wolf sighed. Crescent gazed over at Rudy and replied, "How do you know all this huh? You seem to know quite a lot for a prisoner like me." Then someone came in the room, and looked at every animal in the room. He then marked something down onto a clip board..before calling for someone else. Another person entered the room and looked at the clip board. One of the beautiful birds in the room, understood their dialect perfectly due to the bird being from Cairo. Once the people left, the bird called out, "THEY'RE PLANNING TO AUCTION US OFF TO HUNTERS!" The whole room gasped in fright. Birds tweeted loudly, dogs barked, cats meowed..but the bird called out again, "CALM DOWN, WE DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO HAPPEN....COME ON, WE GOTTA TO DO SOMETHING. We can't just sit here and let them do something like that, we need to come up with a plan." Said the bird, an orange cat with purple and red markings and ruby eyes replied to this remark, "But how? We're animals..we can't simply break out of here..we don't have hands, heck, we aren't even as capable as humans." Said the cat. All the animals looked at one another, before the bird replied to that, "Oh trust me, we're perfectly capable...we just have to anyone have any ideas, at all?" The room remained silent. Crescent gazed around the room more, to try and soak in the surroundings like a..sponge. He then noticed the keys on the small thumb tack, and how close the bird cage was to them. He then quickly called out, "I HAVE AN IDEA!" All eyes looking at him immediately.

The bird looked at Crescent and spoke "...Okay, what's your name?" The bird asked, Crescent responding, " can call me IC or Crescent." Just as the bird spoke once more, "Interesting...Majestica. Now tell us, what is this "Idea" of yours?" The wolf smiled and responded, "Well..the keys next to the cage! Try to swing towards them and grab them! You can then use them to unlock your cage door and let the rest of us out!" The whole room looked at each other, did no one think of it before? Majestica looked at the keys, "It seems your right!" The bird almost immediately spread it's wings as best as it could and started moving the cage, attempting over and over. Till finally, the bird grabbed the keys and stopped moving it, quickly unlocking the cage, using it's beak to unlock the door. The door swung open, and the bird flied out...before Rudy called out, "LET ME OUT FIRST! I CAN HELP YOU GET IT DONE QUICKLY." And so, that's what the bird did. But...when the bird unlocked the cage, the wolf quickly charged out and grabbed the keys from Majestica. Then turned towards the room "...None of you all are escaping, you will stay here. Thank you for being such a dear friend and setting me free Majestica." Rudy quickly grabbed Majestica by the wing and threw her back into the cage, closing the door and locking it- the animals couldn't believe it and screeched in anger. Before Crescent spoke, "RUDY, WAIT..WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I THOUGHT WE WERE TOGETHER IN THIS. DON'T DO THIS TO US." Rudy stopped as he made his way down the hall, he listened to Crescent and stared at the ground. "...RUDY PLEASE, DON'T DO THIS...THINK ABOUT THIS FOR ONE SECOND, WHAT YOUR DOING IS WRONG. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF SOMEONE DID THIS TO YOU?" Rudy called back, "SHUT IT CRESCENT! No one has done anything like this, because the one you're talking to, is the one who did all of this in the first place." He entered the room with an evil glare.. "I did this, I caused all of those people to hunt for animals like us. I'm getting what I deserve, freedom, respect, and to rule..and know the power that most will never know." He slammed the door and skidded down the hallway. People desperately tried to catch him, but in the end he busted out the window of the door and took off....they eventually had no choice but to lose him, but that wouldn't stop them.

As the night approached, the animals remained quiet...not one peep came out....most of the animals mourned, afraid of death. But Crescent, remained strong and paced back and forward in his cage...sometimes speaking, "This isn't right...there's gotta be something else we can do....." He kept looking for ways out as the hours passed, one hour passed, then two, then three. No succession was made. He eventually wore himself out, and laid close his eyes to a darkness. About three hours after most of the animals were resting, the moon had shone into the room as the door slowly creaked open. This disturbed Crescent's rest, as he slowly looked at the opening door. And within non-belief, a young female wolf..stepped inside slowly, looking at the animals. She was a dusk blue wolf, with black ears, yellow eyes, a yellow paws, and in a way looked like Crescent except with crosses, and not crescents. She then softly spoke, "Come on, everyone..wake up...I'm here to help." The animals had awoken, and looked at the wolf. How did she get here? The wolf had a pair of keys around her neck, she used them to unlock the cages. The last cage she unlocked was Crescent's, their yellow eyes caught each other...Crescent's eyes had blue stripes in them, hers' were pure yellow. "....Hi..." Crescent said. The wolf unlocked his cage and responded "...Hi......." It was weird, Crescent had never heard her accent before..nor could he barely understand her. "..You..speak differently..." Crescent said, just as she responded, "I'm English....I'm from America." Oh, so that's why! He sometimes heard Arabic people speak this language, so he understood it to a degree.. "...American? What are you doing here in Egypt?" He asked. "It's a long story.." The wolf replied, "I'm Bernice, by the way...and you're Crescent, I saw your name on the lists of imprisoned animals..." Crescent was surprised, before he asked, "How'd you get in?" Before a loud noise came from all the way down the hall, "I have come on everyone, we don't have all the time in the world! They're starting this auction in a few minutes...come on!" She opened the door all the way, and the animals followed her.

It was like an army..they had at least fifty animals in those cages. But out of all of them, Crescent and Bernice were special..when suddenly someone came out of a room with a gun. The animals slightly panicked, but her crosses glowed bright...a holy white that caused the man's eyes to temporarily be blind. That should've bought them enough time to escape, "Now..go everyone, go!" The animals took off towards the doors. She made sure every animal got out, when she heard a young voice call..a young owl. She quickly ran back for the owl who called for help, and picked it up. Quickly following the huge group. Unfortunately, the doors were locked tight..and they had already fixed the window that was broken hours ago. The animals panicked more, but Crescent didn't give up. He remember he saw Mohammed do something once, it gave him an idea. Crescent quickly ran, jumped up, flipped off the wall and kicked the door with a hard force..knocking it open. The animals quickly ran out. Crescent called for Bernice, "BERNICE!" He heard the young wolf bark loudly and whimper. He ran back and stared down the stairs to see the man no longer blinded, holding her in a way which kept her from moving. "CRESCENT! GO WITHOUT ME." Crescent called back "NO! I WON'T LET EVEN ONE ANIMAL BEHIND." He jumped down and attacked the man..Bernice ran with the baby gave Crescent enough time to catch up. When something sharp hit his back he whimpered loudly. He forced himself to go, to stay strong and protect anyone he had to. Bernice, the baby owl, and Crescent escaped. He called out for the animals with a powerful voice he had also known from Mohammed, he learned a lot from this guy. "WAIT!!!!! YOU GUYS WE CAN'T JUST ESCAPE AND SPLIT UP, WE HAVE TO STAY TOGETHER AND ESCAPE..NOT TO MENTION RUDY IS SOMEWHERE OUT THERE, HE COULD VERY WELL DO SOMETHING..." The animals stopped, and looked around. "Come on you guys! I know a safe place we can stay till we figure something out!" Crescent had never been to Cairo but he knew of many places in Cairo. The animals agreed, and followed him. They walked by many new things..but they remained as hidden as possible.

The animals reaching their destination by midnight. It was a small forest of palm one would think to go there, so they could rest up till they came up with something. Dogs, cats, birds, snakes, and many other things rested still. However, Crescent was awake, staring up at the full moon. Bernice coming to his side and speaking, "Hey......what you did back there was extremely brave of saved me and all of those other animals." She smiled, Crescent smiled back. "You're welcome....I honestly always wanted to try something like that, I thank someone special back at home for teaching me things. Things most dogs wouldn't know...but..I'm a wolf, so, but still." He laughed a little. The young wolf spoke, "Where are you from...? I recognize your dialect and accent.." He looked at her surprised, "Really? I'm from Kuwait....Oh..speaking of- who taught me those things....he won't be staying long in Kuwait...he's from..Iraq, and I rarely get to see him anymore." He sighed and spoke again, "Of course...the time he comes back it turns out I'm kidnapped.." He closed his eyes. Before Bernice looked down, and looked back at him....replying, "Don't worry...all of us were stripped from our lives, how do you think we feel? That baby owl was taking from it's family. Those animals are from homes and families..." She looked at the moon too. Crescent looked at her once more, "'re right, but...what about you?" He asked. "....I was part of a family, my owner wanted to come here for years...and will be soon..and I only imagine how heart broken she is with me being gone." She sighed too. He put his paw on Bernice's head, "Don't worry. have you resemble something?...I recognize them." Bernice nodded to that, but she didn't want to get to into it, "I'm guessing you do too..?" Crescent also agreed. Silence was between the two for a few moments..a friendship was immediately bonded between these two, and it was extremely strong. Bernice then spoke, "We better get's really late, and we need to get up early for this planning..." Crescent nodded and the two headed back to the small forest.

To all of you that do not know what Bernice or Crescent look like, here are the two. And yes, I drew out the scene at the end of the chapter..:

The compassion we share - Bernice and IC by kimberlyrav 


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 10, 2018, 3:07 PM
I have 7584574857487584 characters...oh god- and I've grown distant from a lot of these characters. I accept points and art. Art may come as an add-on depending on the character. If any owners of these designs do not want me to sell them, let me know. And I apologize if I didn't link your account, I had issues finding all of them. Once something is purchased, I will send the picture(s) to the seller, and they will be removed from my Toyhouse and my computer, that includes my so you only have one chance to save them..I recently removed 627 items from my computer, and wish to remove half of the stuff on here. Characters will more than likely be added!…

I also have adopts that I would like to be sold..…

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My friend is holding a cool raffle!! And offers some neat things!! ;0;

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The results are in!!! Here are the winners!!!!:




4TH WINNER!!: (Add-on because of 21 entries)

1ST Winner has won: 100 :points: and can choose from 2 head shots, a half body, a custom or a full body! And can get all four!

2ND Winner has won: 50 :points: and can choose from 2 head shots, a half body, a custom or a full body! And can choose three of the four!

3RD Winner has won: 20 :points: and can choose from 2 head shots, a half body, a custom or a full body! And can choose two of the four!

4TH Winner has won: 5 :points: and can choose from 2 head shots, a half body, a custom or a full body! And can choose one of the four!

I WOULD HAVE TRIED TO HAVE MORE THAN 100 POINTS, MAYBE ABOUT 300 TO GIVE ALL OF YOU MORE- AND IF I COULD I WOULD GIVE EVERYONE WATCHER 1000+ POINTS...Thank you everyone who participated! This week will not hold any adopts, YCH's or any personal art..I'm gonna be very busy on the art for this raffle and an art trade. I will also be very stressed at school- I'm a little nervous about some things. So don't expect much activity except for with this stuff ><

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In need-

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Hey everyone! I have enough points for the raffle, but I don't have enough for a friend...there's something I wanted to do for her on her birthday- but I couldn't at the time..and yet, I still can't. I'm gonna maybe try to make some adoptables or something to earn more points for it- but if anyone has a few points they can spare, it would be very goal is around 80 points-- ;v;

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The painnnn

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Alright, I had my ears pierced almost 5 years ago- and I was in some pain that day.. xD unfortunately, my ears hurt so bad I took the ear rings out and told my mom I don't want them pierced anymore...well, yesterday, I wanted them pierced again- the right side had healed over, but the left side still had an opening..for almost 3 hours we've been trying to force it through- but with me being the person I am, I was in pain the whole time..and only recently finally got it through, I feel so horrible and tired-...I might take a day or two away from art- (Might not be that long, but still. x3) So it's just the left side that's re-pierced-...we didn't use one of those guns-....soooo- I suffered longer, I didn't want to have to use one anyways. I'm never doing it to the other side, that's for sure.. xDD

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School Shooting in Florida

Thu Feb 15, 2018, 9:49 AM

Dang..did ya'll hear what happened in Florida? That was horrible..I watched Trump live when they were streaming the other day. The video showing the kids was horrifying....I am praying, for all of the family's that lost their children...17 were lost..and 14 were injured..I think we should all take the time to think about this, these parents sent their kids off that day, and didn't know that'd be the last time they'd see them alive. It happened at 2:30, just before the school day was about to end. I pray to god that never happens where I am...and I pray that it won't remain like this forever..


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A thank you to everyone who has showed interest in my art! I have closed all YCH's except for the GORE and the ones I made today (of course). I loved making the GORE YCH the most- so I'll keep the last 2 slots open, then once those are gone they'll probably be gone for good, lol. If you're interested in it, you can find it on my profile page. We've made it a long way from where we came! It seems like I joined DA yesterday, and now my profile says '6 months.' Jeez...time really does fly.
And only 2 days and a half remain until the raffle is over! This is your last chance to join it if you haven't! Thank you guys, you've really helped support me. x3!!!


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Hello everyone, happy Valentines day! I hope you all have had a good one, and if you're single- don't worry about it! You can spend it with friends and eat all the chocolate you want without someone judging you!! xDD But anyways, this is the last call for my YCH's! I am re-opening ALL of the Valentine's ones, adding slots and possibly reducing prices! I also have one last YCH coming in a few minutes, watch out for that! That one will be open for a few days after today since I started it late. ALL of my VDay YCH's will close at 12 AM Eastern time! SO IF YOU WANT A SLOT, CLAIM IT NOW! And since it's Valentines Day...if you don't have the points I'll accept art but only as an add on to cover for the rest of the points you need! :heart:

Valentines Wolf YCH (3) (CLOSED) by kimberlyrav
Valentines Wolf YCH |(CLOSED) by kimberlyrav
GORE Valentines Wolf YCH | (REMAINING OPEN) by kimberlyrav
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Rip Lol

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Lol, kind of broke while I was organizing my folders, rip. Something about a gateway error, I think it's 502, and should pass in no time. I am a little bored, so I was doing that for something to do. I have 2 YCH's to work on tomorrow, but I have to get some things ready for tonight since we're coming up on the next day.

(tbh my friends kinda died so if you want to talk I'm here lol)

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Tue Feb 13, 2018, 4:49 PM

Hello everyone! One of my fellow friends on DA has reached 50+ watchers and is holding a raffle for it! They have a beautiful art style!! Check it out if you wish, and have the time to!


Sun Feb 11, 2018, 8:02 PM

Thank you everyone that did this!! I have told her about it, and she is grateful! Here's everyone that helped and all of the pictures! quinniejuniffer4 

54dabacb 9a61 45fa 9b91 Ea36bef819f7 By Sillychick by kimberlyrav - SillyChicken66
Commision For Kimberlyrav By Skyrocketier76131-dc2 by kimberlyrav - Skyrocketier76131
Jennifer Quinn by kimberlyrav - Mine
Jenifer Quinn Shaded By Dancingcreates-dc2s84y by kimberlyrav - R3ALlTY
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It has come to my attention that someone is having a hard time in real life..I was reading a journal today and came across some very sad things. I wanted to help support these two, and I want you to do the same! Please, this is out for all that is good! Make a journal about this and explain it to your watchers, encourage them to do the same and help support @/SportacusEleven!

I NEED REAL HELP. #SAVESPORTACUS11 (update.)The ones who believe they don't deserve gentle kindness are the ones who need it the most.
My fiancee, SportacusEleven, has gone through life treated as if she wasn't supposed to exist.
And now, there's a possibility that she might stop existing.
Born from a one-night-stand, she was basically kidnapped by her grandparents, taken from her single mother because they didn't see her fit to raise a child. From birth, she was told she was different. She was born with bowel problems and a hair-pulling disorder, but they treated her like she should've been put in a straitjacket. Her grandparents were both verbally and emotionally abusive, screaming and telling her off for the things she did but never trying to help or make any effort to stop her. Child protective services even got involved, and upon seeing an alcoholic grandfather and an emotionally abusive grandmother, they closed the case and did nothing about it. She grew up being taught that life was war and that she should'

People who owe me (UPDATED)

Sat Feb 10, 2018, 1:08 PM

People that owe me or have things on hold from me. This also includes things such as YCH's and commissions I'm waiting for. It's just to keep me on track. x3
This is just a reminder to me and to others that may forget or just so they don't forget!

People who owe me for adoptables, Ota's, Etc...
koshmar-the-nightmar: Owes art of my character || Not yet paid
koshmar-the-nightmar: Owes points for the Christmas YCH || Not yet paid

Expecting commissions and/or YCH's from:
FussyPaws   || Awaiting YCH
viiisa         || Awaiting YCH
LioRedRosia || Awaiting Commission
PinatagutZ  || Awaiting Commission
SkittyFurb || Awaiting Commissions 2/3
SassyCatzz  || Awaiting Commission

HopefulAdopts || Awaiting Custom
Illeagle-Adopts || Awaiting Art Trade
BlackRoseGardenOfBel || Awaiting Requests 2/4
StarletKei || Awaiting Request
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IF YOU HAVE BEEN LISTED HERE: Do not feel rushed, this is just a simple reminder. Take your time if you have to!


A few questions I wished to ask.

Fri Feb 9, 2018, 5:19 PM

Hello everyone! I was a little bored, and decided I would ask a small question before going back to work, what is your favorite adoptable theme? Or YCH theme? Doesn't matter what it is.. what type of YCH would you like to see from me for the last Valentines YCH?
Or do you want adopts?