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In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.

Not a nasty hole with worms and oozy smells, this was a hobbit hole. Which means, good food, a warm heart, and all the comforts of home.
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your watercolor work is amazing.. I aspire to be at your level one day.. I'd love to see step by step tutorial
of how you do your work.. maybe one day? Keep on going.. it's so beautiful! <3
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I love the Shire. It's like houses built right in the Earth itself. 
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Gorgeous coloring! I love the ambience of this scene. So quiet!! Congrats!
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OMG simply pure perfection :) These are dusk colors I think?
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oh my too perfect too perfect
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огонечки - чудо. Светятся просто изумительно)
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Да, идея была нарисовать именно их)
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wow, simply beautiful
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This is so beautiful!
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Absolutely incredible atmosphere here my friend! Clap May I ask what paper you use?
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Yes, thank you, my friend)
I always use the same paper all the time, although I tried different things, but I still come back to it
This is CANSON Fontenay, torchon 300gr
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Lovely and idyllic, I love the mists lying over the ground. And the warm lantern light in the window. It's so welcoming, seems like a difficult place to leave to go on a journey to the depths of Mordor. Makes you appreciate Frodo all the more.
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I think everyone who tasted at least a little bit of rural life understand what this landscape is about)
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This has a beautiful atmosphere! I want to be there...
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Really beautiful. The greens and blues here are just mesmerizing. :heart:
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Это прекрасно ♥
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