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Behemoth 2

By kimberly80
Behemoth (Russianкот Бегемот) is a character from the novel The Master and Margarita by the Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov.
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Lovely artwork! Behemoth is my favourite character in The Master and Margarita - partly because of his cat form, but there are other reasons...
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Кот Бегемот похож на манула, и ему очень идет.
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He looks like Arwen *_*
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да, хороший мальчик)
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ВааауууYoung Judy Hopps - Icon !!!!Восхищаюсь ,как написаны губы) Браво!
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Да не, чувак вообще не задался ни как(
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Зато какой Бегемот красавец!
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да ладно тебе! зацелованные губы ведь получились у Бегемотика! %В 
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Так жаль, что картинка такая маленькая и деталей не рассмотреть (((
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So beautiful!
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Behemoth? Why is'nt he a cat? Have I missed something? :)
Nonethless he has beutiful eyes, so blue, and also he looks very innocent..
I've seen you recently draw a lot characters from Master and Margarita, so I suppose we have similar taste in litreture! :)
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Yes, Behemoth Bulgakov was a page and a werewolf-cat Satan.
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No close-up this time, though? Poot!
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Do not get because)
I'm sorry if my comment didn't translate well.

I love your amazingly beautiful art, and I'm grateful you usually provide a second, higher-resolution version of your pictures for those of us who want to see all the details.

For this picture, you only posted the one small size, without linking us to a larger close-up. I didn't know whether you decided not to offer a close-up or if you forgot, but I wanted to express my regret in either case.

"Poot" is slang, representing a disappointed child pouting or sulking because s/he isn't getting an extra treat.

So my message meant, "I love your art so much that I'm disappointed you didn't give us the close-up option, just like a spoiled child is disappointed if she doesn't get an extra piece of candy or a new doll." 

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This is Behemoth from the last scene, right? When all the devils are riding/flying away and he is described as Voland's page*?

* Finding the proper English word (i.e. finding the scene in an English version online) was hard.
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Yes, that's when the whole company took a real, true form)
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Как я рада, что у вас опять начался период активного творчества! Спасибо!
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Да он вроде у меня все время активный, правда не всегда все получается)
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Ага, этот чертополох тоже читает Итиль....)
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He looks like Jaco van Den Hoven ;3 But art is beauty! 
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