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Torch and Flame Tutorial

Another tutorial for a minor but still very important item in a!
I needed some time to find a good way to draw flames and since I know that many people struggle with drawing flames as well, I wanted to share my technique with you :)

Of course many art programs have different names for all the single settings or tools, but in their core they are all the might just need some time to find out where you can find the fitting tools ;) But don't worry, you can also draw flames without all the fancy tools, it is just some more work as you have to shade the flame by hand...^^;

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
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I'm still new to my current drawing program so it might be hard to find the brushes needed and the settings too, but a standard drawing program should have it. I'll try this out later :D

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I am sorry for being late with a reply here, there was a lot to do recently!

Which drawing program do you use? :) But you are right, most drawing programs have these brushes and even if you don't have the PS effects, you can still draw the effects by hand :la: (I have already tried it in another program and it worked :D )

Yet, the only program I know that isn't very useful for drawing like this, is MS Paint. But well...MS Paint is just good for creating memes and doodles in my eyes ;)

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Lol, it's okay.

I was using Krita at the time... but I've switched back to my old program, MediBang. Only difference is back then was on a phone, now on a computer. And honestly, I'm already more at home with it ^^ But yeah if I want to draw fire again I should be able to do a better job.

Well, MS Paint is for that kind of stuff X3

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Do you have a drawing tablet for computer? :) I haven't used MediBang yet, but most drawing programs are veeeeeery similar to each other.

I am totally looking forward to see your results!

Yes XD

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Well I finished mine but it was more of like a tiny addition to a larger piece as a whole so I don't think it's worth showing. It looks good though.

Yeah, I'm more familiar with Medibang. Krita was buggy. Medibang is more stable, and while it lacks some features I would have liked, it's already better.

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You are welcome :la:
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Thanks! I did try it! It never comes out exactly the same, but looks good nevertheless. :strong: Practice, practice!

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You are very welcome! :la:
Which program are you using if I may ask? :) Because the "yellow inside" of the orange flame is done by using effects, though, you can also just draw a yellow inside. (You can watch this short real-time video if you want to see how such flames work without effects. The program I have used here was FireAlpaca, which doesn't cost money :)… )
And true, practice is the most important part of learning how to draw! :la: Have a lot of fun drawing :hug:
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Hey! Thanks for such a thoughtful response, and the encouragement! :love:

I was using plain old Photoshop. here you can see my result! Didn't come out bad, just not exactly the same effect.

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You are very welcome :hug:
Ah okay, it is a great program once your understand it! :la:
It looks really good! Maybe you could have used the brightening tool on the yellow part of the flame a little bit as it would give your flame a shine :) (If you have used an effect on your flame, you must merge two layers first as Photoshop won't brighten an effect ;) The two layers should be your "flame with effect" layer and just another random layer, which doesn't even need something in it :) )
But It look great already and I hope you will have a lot of fun drawing :la:
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Ich mag das Tutorial! Danke für's machen! ♡
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wow, what a big file for my tiny screen
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Thank you for sharing your method.  Your flame is one of the best I've seen.
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You are very welcome! :D Thank you so much for your nice words! :la:
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Thank you so much! :la:
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Tolles Tutorial, vielen Dank!
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