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Long time to update! I'm sorry at the lack of activity recently. I've been trying to put in as many hours at work as I can and in my time off I've been feverishly cleaning my room/house to try to find things to sell. I was forced to take a holiday vacation since the clinic I work at was closed for 2+ weeks and now I am slowly slipping into a deeper financial hole...BOO. I was so close to climbing out of it before that, but needless to say I am selling a bunch of my stuff and trying to pimp out my commissions (both art and costumes) I really like my other journal design, but I wanted links (on the left!) so I am switching to this for the time being. (I'm sorry I change my journal so often, I get bored with a design after awhile, haha.)

Anyways, onto the things I'm selling! As far as shipping goes, if you are in the US, estimated shipping is between $8-$20 depending on your location and will be shipped Priority Mail. If you are international and want to buy something, let me know your country/zip code and I can get an estimate for you. Also, international orders will be shipped First Class International (that is the cheapest way in my experience, although it may take a bit longer than some other services)

Please be aware that if there is not a box in the picture it means that I no longer have the box.

Frankie Stein - Day at the Maul $15 SOLD
Frankie Stein - Day at the Maul by KimberBee

Frankie Stein - Dead Tired $30 SOLD
Frankie Stein - Dead Tired by KimberBee

Frankie Stein - Skull Shores B&W $10
Frankie Stein - Skull Shores BW by KimberBee

Draculaura - Original $40 SOLD
Draculaura - Original by KimberBee

Draculaura - Skull Shores $20
Draculaura - Skull Shores by KimberBee

Draculaura - Plush $40 SOLD
Draculaura - Plush by KimberBee

Clawdeen Wolf - Plush $30 SOLD
Clawdeen Wolf - Plush by KimberBee

Yoko R-Style Trading Figure 4.5" - $10
Yoko chibi 03 by KimberBee Yoko chibi 02 by KimberBee Yoko chibi 01 by KimberBee

Space Yoko R-Style TRading Figure 4.5" - $10
FutureYoko Chibi 03 by KimberBee FutureYoko Chibi 02 by KimberBee FutureYoko Chibi 01 by KimberBee

Space Yoko Gurren Lagann Figure w/ Gun 4.5" - $30
She never came with a stand although I thought that was a bit odd since she doesn't seem to stand by herself. I always had her propped up. When I looked her up she was going for $60 so I halved the price due to her not standing properly plus not having a box.
FutureYoko 03 by KimberBee FutureYoko 02 by KimberBee FutureYoko 01 by KimberBee

Darry - Gurren Lagann Figumate Kamina City Vol. 2 - $7
Darry 01 by KimberBee

Kiyal - Gurren Lagann Figumate Teppelin Capture Vol. 2 - $7
Kiyal 01 by KimberBee

Asuka - Evangelion Portraits #4, 5"- $5
She is, unfortunately, missing her stand :(
Asuka Casual 03 by KimberBee Asuka Casual 01 by KimberBee Asuka Casual 02 by KimberBee

Asuka Petite Eva R-Syle 4" - $10
Asuka Chibi 03 by KimberBee Asuka Chibi 02 by KimberBee Asuka Chibi 01 by KimberBee

Asuka - Evangelion Portraits #6, 4" (6" flower) - $7
Sadly, the flower broke during one of my moves, but with a drop of super glue it won't be noticeable. The only reason I didn't do it myself is that I don't have super glue.
Asuka Flower 03 by KimberBee Asuka Flower 02 by KimberBee Asuka Flower 01 by KimberBee

Asuka - Evangelion Portraits #8 - Yellow Polka Dot Swim Suit 4" - $10
Asuka Swim 04 by KimberBee Asuka Swim 03 by KimberBee Asuka Swim 02 by KimberBee Asuka Swim 01 by KimberBee

Rei - Evangelion Portraits #5, 5" - $10
Rei Casual 03 by KimberBee Rei Casual 02 by KimberBee Rei Casual 01 by KimberBee

Rei - Pure Baby Pearl Color 8" - $20
Rei Pjs 03 by KimberBee Rei Pjs 01 by KimberBee Rei Pjs 02 by KimberBee

Klan Klang - Half Age Girls Macross Frontier Heriones 4" - $10
KlanKlang 03 by KimberBee KlanKlang 02 by KimberBee KlanKlang 01 by KimberBee

Sheryl Nome - FW Macross Frontier Nyan Nyan Heroines - $10
She is missing a little red tag she is supposed to be holding, but I don't remember ever having it...I may have missed it when I originally opened her.
Sheryl 03 by KimberBee Sheryl by KimberBee Sheryl 02 by KimberBee

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