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Ash into Tea Pt. 2

By Kimbawest
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This is part two :icon455510: commissioned from :iconlocofuria: which completes the transformation process from Ash to Tea.

The original line drawing can be found here:

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Is this character from Initial D anime?
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Atem: so much for being the best aye ashy or should I say tea
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Oh man... I want to turn into Tea from Yugioh...

She looks so cute!!! >/////<
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Tea is a character from Yugioh.

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At first I didn't recognize the character, and thought it said Ash into Tea(As in tee, like that which you drink). Didn't make much sense until I realized about a month later that's actually how the character's name is spelt...
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Tea's name does not appear to come up a lot during the series, why I am not really sure. I know I really was not aware of her name. I merely used the same title the line drawing of this had and added the word colored to it.

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what does ash
do to deserve this?
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Usually Ash finds a shoe on the road and decides for some strange reason to put it on which causes him to turn into a female anime character. Here though, he seems to have spontaneously changed into Tea for no apparent reason. Perhaps he was thinking about the importance of friendship. :squee:

Oh, the shoe thing is not made up. Here is a link where Ash picked up a shoe where he became Katara:

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ooo i see

you work is like :iconsorawolf7: SoraWolf7

[link] [link] [link] [link]

by chance did you adapt something from SoraWolf7

or did he he adapt from you?
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At the moment I only really color what other people draw (with their permission). SoraWolf7 isn't an artist I have approached to color any of his work. Sometimes I come across a commissioned work that I'd like to color and I am not aware of who the artist was, but usually the person who commissioned the piece will let me know who it was. As far as I can tell I have never colored anything from SoraWolf7
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Will there be a fic for this?
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455510 (the one who commissioned this art) more or less has comic strips done of Ash turning into various female characters. I don't think he ever wrote a fic for this or any of the other strips, but you can always ask him if you like. Here is his link:
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somehow this totally inspires me to make fanfictions..*o* that, and rp with friends by making people transform like envy from FMA. or kirby.

you did some great colouring its adorable lolzy x)
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Magical transformations are always fun. Writing fanfiction gives you the power to create anything you wish. You are only limited by your imagination. Have fun transforming your world.

Thank you for your comments.
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o great now he'll only care about friend ship how its so inportent o wait
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I don't know what you mean, friendship is the most important thing. I'm not just saying that because I’ve been infected with the Tea Virus. :handshake:
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o then im gonna have to put you down click click
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This what happens when you talk about friendship too much.
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wow this is awesome!
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