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Ash into Katara Color

By Kimbawest
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Oh Ash! Now you're gonna be all motherly and caring toward your Pokemon, even more so than Misty. And you're probably gonna be haunted by Aang in spirit form. If that happens, just realize that Momo and Appa are not Pokemon.

:iconlabylaby: Did the artwork

:icon455510: Commissioned

The original:
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Katara is from a show called "Avatar The Last Airbender" She is a water bender that is pretty powerful. I would recomend the animated series along with "The Lengend Of Korra" which is the sequel to Airbender. ook them up on ook them up on outube if your curious

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avatar,that's an american show. there's no reaosn to turn an anime character into an avatar character.
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I am just the one who colored this comic. Don't complain to me about it, unless you did not like the colors I chose.


Also, this is fanart. there are no rules.. Point of fact, most of the art I color involves crossovers of characters from different shows. Many artists do this and this is very popular. You certainly do not have to like it, but you can hardly stop it cause it has been going on for some time.


My advice, move on with other art that fits your tastes.

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What the heck? That's cool!
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Totally awesome!!!  Will there be a comic of Ash turning to Azula?
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Well, :icon455510: has commissioned quite a few of these types of comics where Ash gets turned into all sorts of anime girls. I have colored a few of them so I do know it is a favorite hobby of his. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he did have Ash turn into Azula. If he has not done so then perhaps you could suggest it to him.
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...Wish that actually took place in the series!
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Lol, pretty cool.
Btw, my brain imploded, so thanks for that.
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o.e disturbed..... so disturbed o.e
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Just think how Aang must feel.:w00t:
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455510 doesn't do his own artwork. I thought the whole 'TG community' knew that.
He just commissioned it. Look, you can see the signature in the bottom-left.
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I stand corrected.
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Its always 1 shoe... who leaves 1 shoe! let alone try just one on...
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I personally think that Ash wants to get tricked into these things. He probably spotted the shoe and thought, 'Hey, that shoe looks like it might belong to Katara! Boy! I sure hope I turn into Katara so I can do all that water bendy stuff.' ^^
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love it though :)
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Yeah, I know what you mean; any sensible person would go to a shoe store to try on new shoes! ^^
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Careful what you submit to the female transformation groups i got alot of stick for submitting TG :/
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