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Quick and Easy Cosplay Boot Cover Tutorial



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I’ve always hated doing shoe and boot covers until my friend introduced me to this method. Turns out it’s not very well known how to do it! So I decided to take some photos while I did my most recent ones and make a tutorial for others to use. This tutorial can be used for socks, shoe covers, spats, custom boots, and anything else you can think of!

I’m only covering how to make the pattern, not how to sew it because I feel like that part is pretty straight forward.

Skill level required: beginner
Time: ~1hr
-saran wrap
- tape
-paper scissors
-butcher paper
- a body
- a friend!(not required, but VERY helpful!)

I've been doing the whole "wrap your leg in fabric and, lol, good luck getting it straight & fitting properly." method that there are 10+ tutorials for out there, but this is WAY easier in my opinion!
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Quick question: do you have any pictures of boots made using this technique, and if so, where can I find them?